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Friday November 22nd 2019


Dear Readers,

Our site  services  are listed as follows:-

Career Coaching

You can now email us to request for career counselling. A career coach will be provided free of charge to answer your enquiries face to face.

Readers  need to email us at and I will forward your request accordingly to our volunteer career coaches.


Please email if you need to access our popular  counsselling service.  This service can be provided either online or face to face. Terms and conditions apply here.

Support group

Second  session series s will  start soon in Aug 09. The first series were conducted in May – June 09. Please register accordingly when the news are out on the site.

Networking session with business people

This is held randomly  and allows people to network with invited business people.


We also conduct workshops and seminars for companies who need our services. Please allow us two weeks’ advance notice.  Most of our talks will be free of charge.

Do allow us at least three working days to get back you.

Thanks and take care.

Gilbert Goh



Registrar of Society (ROS) number: T09SS0079H since 2009

Transitioning – Unemployment Support Service  (TUSS)

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Reader Feedback

63 Responses to “Services”

  1. andy chay kok huan says:

    Hi I lost my job. I have 2 son.
    I now 39year old. Me need a job.

  2. Caleb says:

    Wonderful article, incredible web page layout, maintain the good work

  3. Sekar says:

    I am a Singaporean who is currently unemployed and I have tried posting my resume to various companies but I have got no replies. Need a job urgently. Thanks.

  4. ezza says:

    hi i want to get short admin course.. where n who do i look for?

  5. Lawrence Chua says:

    Hi all,

    I’m seeking part time room rental co-ordinator to provide rooms or whole units for rent for tenants.

    FREE training will be provided.No course fee to pay

    Anyone seeks to rent /buy /sell real estate property can call me too.

    Call Lawrence @ 94559590

    Email –

  6. Lucia Genovia says:

    I lost my job I have 2 young brother and sister are continuing her studying I need to support in here financial problem.

    I need job urgently

    Call: Lucia Genovia@09488511767

    Reply plzzzz

  7. GET LOANS says:

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    We Provide funding, flexible terms and quick disburse email for proceedings on:

  8. lucy says:

    I think this site is mainly for Singaporean and not for foreigners.

    Foreigners should not be seeking employment here.

  9. Stephanie says:

    hi i put myself in real debt….moneylenders are bugging me…i don’t know what to do…

  10. john paul says:

    I’m John Paul from the Philippines i need a job. i’m trained as EMT-B

  11. Robert says:

    I am Looking for a job, I have workplace safety and health experience and have done courses. I have been a materials controller cum storekeeper too. I am married with 2 kids. I need assistance in getting a job to help pat my rental and bills and school expenses. Thank You
    tel: 91323570

  12. C B Chiu says:

    Dear Sir,

    if you have people who are still jobless and do not mind hard work please drop me a mail at

    Job available for waiter/waiteress, driver, warehouse assistant, driver and delivery assistance.

    C B Chiu

  13. jj says:

    Waiter/waiteress, driver, warehouse assistant, driver and delivery assistance, security guard, retail assistant, steerman, factory operator, cooks, cleaner ………more

    These are the low pay blue collar jobs which S’porean normally dislike. Yes, it is hard work. You can find these jobs on the newsapapers daily.

    E2i, CDC, WDA got many of these vacancies on their list.

  14. Gwendolen says:

    Hi! Our company is looking for waiter/waitress, bartender, Kitchen helpers. The gross salary is between S$1600; excluding overtime and incentives. Those who are interested please contact me at 91510877.

  15. Gwendolen says:

    The above positions are only open to Singaporeans.

  16. Md Alfian says:

    Looking for Electrical Draftman.
    Qualificatio ITE in relevant trade.
    Send resume at

  17. Aston Chiam says:

    Hi Gilbert

    This is to share my negative experience in job application thru e2i for a Resort World Sentosa position.

    I was called on 14 feb this week by RWS to go for a swim test on at Queenstown swimming complex the following day morning. There was no email follow up on this swim test. When I arrived, I realize all candiates have to pay for their own entry into the pool and locker rental. After the test we were informed that we should go for an interview at Kallang CC either the next day (friday) or Saturday. I was told to report for interview after 9 am for my Friday slot, period. There was also no email follow up on this interview nor more information on the interview.

    When I arrived for the interview at 8.45am on friday,I was told that interview only starts at 10.30am. Furthermore it’s more than an interview. Its a job fair. There were presentations by e2i and RWS staff. There were more than 100 other candidates in this job fair. As I had only taken a 1 hour time off from work, I was not able to do the interview.

    The entire experience was time wasting & I felt RWS did not plan the entire interview process well.

    • Yeong Hwee Heng says:

      Hi Aston

      I was at the RWS-e2i job fair last year. I found the presentation useful. For example the Human Resource lady told us the progression levels at RWS operations. Crew -> Lead -> Team Manager -> Area Manager -> Manager -> Senior Manager -> Assistant Director -> Director.

      However my friends and I found the their replies lacking. We applied and went for first interview for Marine Life Park positions. For example the RWS interviewers were able to provide us with the pay range for the various levels, when the Park will be complete so that we know when we can start work, etc.

      Maybe because they are processing tons of applications that they can’t pay more attention to the applicants.

      Also to share that they will ask applicants to fill up a questionaire (yes/no) to check if applicants can work shifts, work long, work in the sun, take pay cut, etc. My guess is that if you fill in a No, they RWS is unlikely to shortlist you for the next interview stage.

      There seems to be a lot of jobs available but from what I gather, the top jobs were taken up by non-sporeans. E.g. the park operations director is a malaysian, the dive managers and curators are from Australia.

      Hope the info helps. All the best everyone!

  18. [...] there a lot of vaccancies have opened up recently at RWS, especially at their Marine Life Park. Support Site for The Unemployed & Underemployed| Services Looking at managerial level positions; I love working outdoors. Seeking fellow bros opionion on [...]

  19. jj says:

    There are Malaysias, Singapore, Pinoys, US, Europe etc.
    Many people resigned due to culture differences & stressful working condition.

  20. HH says:

    Agree with JJ that it is stressful working environment. At least RWS was upfront with it. The chief vet is from Philipines. Imagine Singaporeans in Singapore reporting to all these foreign bosses!

    The reason I am upset with all these foreign bosses is that they are recruting their own kind! For diver manager positions, they state your must be PADI (cos PADI regional HQ is based in Australia hence it is the most common qualification there) and Australia Dive standards qualified. Why can’t they put dive manager must have internationally accepted dive qualifications (NAUI, SSI, PADI, BSAC, etc) and IMCA equivalent (an international commercial dive standard) instead?

    10 days annual leave for more junior staff, 18 days for senior staff. The human resource lady said that expect OT and work on weekends.

  21. jj says:

    Jobs which have no or few takers or high turnover rate, the employers will sometime co-operate with e2i, wda, caliberlink & CDC, hoping to ease the manpower shortage.

    SDC, e2i, wda, caliberlink & CDC they don’t care whether the jobs are stressful, low pay, long working hour, culture differences, discrimination etc. They only care about how many got employed & how many sign up WSQ courses.

  22. Ben says:

    I agree with Aston above. I applied for the Lifeguard post & went for the swim test in December 2011 at Queenstown Swimming Pool. As I was interviewed before by RWS, there’s no need for me to go for another interview. After completing the swim test, I asked when they will get back to me. I was only told that the Marine Life Park would only be starting in the 2nd or 3rd quarter 2012. Now, it is Feb 2012, so I can assume that I was unsuccessful. There was no notification of any kind. With such a big organization, I would expect them to get back to shortlisted applicants.

    The presentation given by the RWS female staff is basically a well polished sales talk. The impression you get from her is that RWS is very receptive towards Singaporean applicants, especially from the way she talked about the benefits. The requirements for the jobs are also very vague. It’s only when you go for the interview that you realize it’s very tough.

    RWS have been conducting a few job fairs for the same kind of posts during the last 1 year. If they are willing to provide further training for qualified locals, why are they still advertizing? Especially with so many jobless locals around.

    I too, have given up on RWS, or e2i, for that matter. Why e2i? Because their objective is to get locals employed….jobs like security guards, gardeners, waiters, cleaners, etc. They only care about creating beautiful statistics for the Government. For most of us, what we really want is meaningful jobs with reasonable pay. Not jobs with salaries of around $1100. Yes, security guards can earn up to $1800 a month but their working hours is 72 hours per week. Calculate the rate per hour, it’s really pathetic. At 72 hours per week, you just have enough time for travelling & sleeping. What kind of life is that?

  23. Chloe says:

    Hi Ben

    I agree they are very reluctant to disclose the pay range. My interviewer will only say the pay will depend on my experience & qualification. I applied for a technician/engineering position. I pointed out that all my info incl my last drawn salary was stated in my resume & cv. Why couldn’t he give me a salary range? Also as what you have said there is no info also when i will get to start work if I am successful. The interviewer issac only said they will contact me if I am shorlisted. My last qn to him was will there be more interviews & if so how many. He did not gave me a reply.

    Btw I had gone for swim test too also. I failed the tread water but passed the four laps swim. I queried issac & another tester why non lifeguards applicants have to do swim test, specifically tread water with hands above water, both can’t answer too.

    How are the applicants supposed to make a career decisions based on above uncertainty? Will e2i really speak to Rws on our feedback?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hi just to share. I am a regular swimmer at clementi swim pool for last many decades. I am close friends with a few current & former lifeguards at ssc.

    Rws could have formally rent a few lanes at private or club pool but I think they wanted to save cost. Except for swimming classes by swim coaches registered with the respective ssc managed public pools or school swimming competitions private organizations cannot rent the pool or part use of the pool. Hence in Ashton’s case the two testers are probably from resort world but cannot wear resort world attire & discreetly conducted the swim tests, w permission or not from the pool mgmt I don’t know, at queenstown complex in an early weekday morning when there are less users. As this most probably a discreet arrangement they obviously can’t email the applicants or have large groups of applicants on same morning.

    But I agree that Rws should have disclosed the test requirements & reason for these test requirements for that particular position you are applying.

    For the actions & nonactions above, it certainly does not reflect well on Rws as a world class organization.

    Lastly the 25 dolphins that they mentioned, are Rws aware that statistically a few will die during transport & first month of acclimatization at their new sentosa enclosure? It’ll be lots of stress for the dolphins and equally more stress for the staff managing them.


  25. jj says:

    Not only just the respective department & HR from RWS are lousy,so is MBS too.

    MBS had conducted interviews by partnering with e2i & wda. When people went interview for the security guard positions, the interviewers would ask the interviewees some situational questions such as “What would you do when a drunked man was disturbing a female customer in the casino?” Interviewees who attended the WSQ security courses will answered the question that they will inform the control room & ask for backup, ask the drunked man to leave or use minimum forces to make the man leave.

    But interviewers told the interviewees that they should use wrestling skills to pin down the drunked man! One of the interviewers even demonstrated the kind of wrestling skills to be use. These interviewers must have thought that the security guards are US police officers or Rambo. I don’t the interviewers are WSQ security trained or have any security working experience.

  26. Ben says:

    With reference to what jj said above…when MBS or RWS conduct recruitment exercises, normally e2i will provide screeners to filter the applicants first before refering them to the relevent company. From my experience (after attending numerous interviews with them), I found most of the screeners to be inexperienced. They certainly do not impress me.

    I have also attended the WSQ Security Course & from what we were taught, we’re supposed to call for backup first. We are not supposed to use excessive force. The backup can also prevent any possibilities of false accusation against us. The idea is not to act alone.

    Like I said, if the interviewers are not competent, how are they to get the right people for the job?

  27. IRA says:

    I am employed as office staff for 5 years., pls. help me to find a new job in Singapore.
    Thanks and God Bless..

    - thanks

  28. jj says:

    Not every time when there is a recruitment exercise, e2i will provide screeners to filter the applicants first before refering them to the relevent company.

    Likewise I also feel most of the screeners to be inexperienced.

  29. Success says:


    We are seeking for 20 cleaners in RWS .Bag handlers working in Terminal 1.Interested can sms me at 91805166.thx

  30. Arbi says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have a question? there is a job fair at E2i on the 22nd for healthcare. my brother who is a foreigner from philippines is going here to singapore. can he apply at E2i or its just strictly for foreigners?

  31. jj says:

    CDC, E2i & CDAC send a lot of people to attend the course but didn’t tell them that the course is not easy. Many assume this type of security course is easy to pass cos security guard job is basically a low class & low pay job for the old & low educated people to do. So the course should be easy. But they didn’t know that the course developers are highly educated govt officals from various departments (e.g. NSCS & wda) which don’t work as security guard before.

    Certain situational role play scenario is also not practical e.g. a security officer noticed a CCTV camera was covered by a plastic bag & he inform the control room & the control room acknowledge it. But how come the control room staff fail to notice that the CCTV camera was covered by a plastic bag whereby the the CCTV camera is link to the screen in the control room?

    The basic WSQ security course contained too much information, the course duration is also too short, the requirement to pass has set too high. It is basically a crash course. Many middle aged or old folks who attended the courses failed.

  32. Mike says:

    Wanted to share a word of encouragement…

    Better job lobang

    After a few years in the forces, many of us army regulars will start thinking if grass is greener outside, and we need to consider moving to private sector.

    After too long in the army, we do get worried about our skills not relevant outside anymore, and too old hard to find job, but really need a lot of courage to leave familiar place, work and people.

    That’s why I feel inspired by my buddy’s story and want to share.

    Thomas has a Diploma in Mechanics and signed on with RSAF as aircraft technician when he was 20 years old. After 11 years, he wanted to see if can make it in the private sector, but don’t really know how to start. One of our buddies suggested he try out this place called e2i (Employment and Employability Institute), somewhere at Ang Sua (Redhill).

    So he went, and met a career Coach. We give a lot of instructions in the army, but this young lady coach is now giving advice to Thomas. But what to do, no harm listening. The coach advised him to go for a class for Executives.

    I said abit sian right, still must go back to school. I thought find job just need to go employment agencies or look in papers. But he determined to try, and even though no need to pay, have to take 2 days leave.

    But you know what, he said it was very useful. Kept talking about the trainer being very encouraging, the classmates shared their stories and then you will realise you are not so cham actually. So from no idea of the current job market, he learnt about different types of jobs available. And from there you got to pick your target and take your aim. From never go interview before, he learnt how to present himself at interviews, like proper handshakes and show confidence. He learnt how to do small talk in the elevator. After the class, everyone has a CV prepared.

    Also important to have positive attitude. If you send a lot of letters with no replies, then try other ways like asking friends to recommend, find vacancies online, attend job fairs. Can be more flexible to consider working further from home, work during weekends, go for training to learn new skills, don’t be scared to use new technology, maybe go into service line, etc. Finding a job is like finding a girlfriend, if both sides are very fussy, it is difficult to happen.

    After that he threw away the outdated resume from Ah Kuan and wrote a solid one at the class.. This resume helped him to get 2 interviews in 2 weeks, and he found a job in an aviation company within one month.

    Happy for him, so lucky. So there’s hope for new job, man!


    • jj@39 says:

      Thomas was only 31-32 when he left to look for a job outside RSAF. 31-32 years young is consider his prime years. He also has a diploma in mechanics and 11 years of experience as aircraft technician. These should be the true reasons why he managed to get a job in a aviation company. Thomas’s experience & knowledge are appreciated by aviation industry but maybe not in another industry.

      I don’t think the class for executive which taught him how to write CV & interviewing skill is the reason that help him got the job. Some of us here had attended these types of CV writing & interviewing skill classes before. It didn’t help at all.

  33. shannmugam says:

    Hi Sir
    Nice wed site works and have result

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  36. Yeo Sin Teck says:

    1. Read your comments on ST dated 15/11/2012.
    2. The Tripartite Centre for Fair Employment (dated 8/7/2009) said they are not a tribunal.
    3. The Ministry of Manpower (dated 18/9/2009) said “”We apologize for the error in the headline of our reply. It should bear the same headline as your letter “Job, Unfair Employment Arise from Amakudari’s Corruption, Comercial Fraud, Crime Involving Moral Turpitude, Nuisane and Late letter”"
    4. The lawyer said the tribunal at High Court may not help.
    5. I lost my job as well as parachute. Any suggestion?

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  38. dr. gregory mason says:

    DO you seek for a cure for HIV/AIDS? reach us through email:

  39. Blowfish bar says:

    I am posting this but will not reply anyone back. We are looking for a female cashier and 3 waitresses for our bar/club. Must have experience and knows alcoholic beverage knowledge to a certain degree. Interview 6pm-9pm on 18th Feb & 20th Feb (No interview on 19th). This job requires you to be able to work till 4am daily. Only Singaporeans and PR’s or long term pass holders. Apply at… 360 Orchard Road #B1-00 International Building, Singapore 238875

  40. Gerome Goh says:

    With reference to foreigner taking away our jobs, the Malaysian who are our neighbor is an obvious example.

    There is a Malaysian bus that ferry them from Johor to Boon Lay Way pick-up-point and back home. At this pick-up-point,
    companies offered free shuttle bus service to bring them into their Tuas’s factories.

    This has been going on for a long time. This bus service started as a tourist bus for Malaysian to shop in Jurong Point Shopping Center and IMM. But now, it is officially used as a workers’ bus service.

    From the long queue before and after work shift you will be able to tell how many jobs Singaporean lost.

    Also, with the 2.5x exchange rate between Singapore dollar and Malaysian ringgit, it is a powerful magnet attracting all Malaysian to move down to Johor so that they can come over through this bus service daily. Best of all, this Singapore salary is more than enough to support their low cost of living in Malaysia and not surprising that they are owners of private property there.

    • fairworkplace says:

      why you only say Malaysian?why not not others foreigners country workers.your comment is totally racist.

      • fairworkplace says:

        why don’t comment about wrongdoing about EP PASS..make false declaration on their salary to get them work..declare as manager,salary sd5000 but only get sd1500,work as waiter..because easy to approve,because M.O.M cannot trace..their boss well maintain their audit.all my philipino frens they apply Epass with this way..

  41. Lim says:


    Looking for a Receptionist/Admin Clerk (SG/PR only)
    Working location around Kaki bukit

    Interested parties pls email me at


  42. vj says:

    do you have jobs for LTVP holders?

  43. [...] after earning only $2400 over 9 years with company Dear Gilbert, I just came across your site (Support Site for The Unemployed & Underemployed*|* Services) and desperately seek your assistance as I am currently unemployed for more than a month despite [...]

  44. dear mr gilbert goh sir i just want to ask if do you have an employer needing an waiter or an food and beverage services i am willing to work there in singapore hope you can help me thank you sir i have already an experience in hotel and othere restaurant here in the philippines thank you sir.

  45. mohan .t says:

    Dear Gilbert. I am singaporean 53 years old. Last year i upgraded myself and took up WSH Safety coordinator course. I completed the couse in December 2013. Till date i am struggling to find a job as a safety coordinator. I have send more than 100 application and attended 5 interviews. I was rejected as i cant speak mandarin or due to my age. I have 17 years experience in construction but employer tend to employ foreigner as they are tied down for long term and cheap. Please if you have any contact in safety coordinator job will be much appreciated.

    • Truth about Singapore says:

      You need to understand, Your name is Mohan, that’s make you subhuman in eyes of government forget about you being able to speak Mandarin, You are not PRC not even locally born Chinese, therefore you will be always discriminated. Its sad but Truth, I am caucasian Singapore citizen, I am also being discriminated except some sleazy goldiggers who thinks all white men are rich.

    • fairworkplace says:

      Nowdays many employers prefer Epass holders.easy to quota.the important is,this EPpass salary is not pay as stated in contract,they get 40% from their declarations with m.o.m.the balance they return to boss next day after payday.mostly this employee is related to each others.coz they cant run away or make report to authority once they get pay.

  46. fairworkplace says:

    Mr.Gilbert,many E.P holders make a false declaration.they pay is not much as stated.they will return back the extra after bank in to their bank account.thats why many Service line prefer EP holder than WP holder coz WP holder need this call fair employment I know EP holder no need quota is it.what happen is all my workplace workers is filipino holding EP pass.because my boss cant hired local know why?because this EP holder scare lost their job once Singaporeans is hired,so they will make a hard day for this local,until they no Singaporeans thats mean no WP pass holders.this is what happening now on me.since my 1st day until now…hopefully m.o.m will act soon.

  47. gal says:

    Dear gilbert,I’m 31 lady Singaporean Chinese hope you can help me to find office jobs.After I graduate from sec SCH,I have been doing retail which is not suitable for me.after that I work production operator job which is lower than my n level cert.I’m introverted and quiet person.I’m slow in learning but I will learn faster if given chances to do admin jobs.I have difficulty in finding jobs.please help me

  48. BK Foo says:

    Tripartite alliance: what employers look for? Can they open up and tell to the world what they expect of local work force truthfully and allow my fellow Singaporeans to meet that requirements!I can see changes going on and if your organization is being questioned why there are more employees of your country men, you better have the appropriate answers. Employment is a simple transaction of getting things done in the most efficient way in return for pay. That’s it, what more is required?If emoloyers need the correct skills set, we have the resources. Are employers ready to send back FTs and replace them with my fellow Singaporeans who are willing to take the pay cut ? Singaporeans are mostly trained to multi task waiting for the correct influence to tap the best out of them.What the world can achieve, Singaporeans can also achieve.Well it takes 1 good talent to bring in more talent to make a nation or organization prosper. I have looked around across many industries and have my conclusion for this statement. Those who value Singaporeans, usually are prosperous.

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