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Monday December 16th 2019


Dear Readers,

Our site  services  are listed as follows:-

Career Coaching

You can now email us to request for career counselling. A career coach will be provided free of charge to answer your enquiries face to face.

Readers  need to email us at and I will forward your request accordingly to our volunteer career coaches.


Please email if you need to access our popular  counsselling service.  This service can be provided either online or face to face. Terms and conditions apply here.

Support group

Second  session series s will  start soon in Aug 09. The first series were conducted in May – June 09. Please register accordingly when the news are out on the site.

Networking session with business people

This is held randomly  and allows people to network with invited business people.


We also conduct workshops and seminars for companies who need our services. Please allow us two weeks’ advance notice.  Most of our talks will be free of charge.

Do allow us at least three working days to get back you.

Thanks and take care.

Gilbert Goh



Registrar of Society (ROS) number: T09SS0079H since 2009

Transitioning – Unemployment Support Service  (TUSS)

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Reader Feedback

63 Responses to “Services”

  1. sireesha says:

    Dear Gilbert sir,
    I have red your comment’s on Facebook there I found your website , when I went through its really appreciable and made me to write this to you.

    I am an Indian girl , stayed in Singapore last 4 months tried for job in all ways, I am unlucky to say this I didn’t get job.still I have hope n trying my best.

    • Sean says:

      Hi Sireesha,
      Do you have dream to set up your own business? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then we shall meet to discuss further. Otherwise, good luck and best wishes!
      Thank you,

    • Kelvin Chew says:

      Hi Sireesha

      Is it your wish to work for someone for your whole life ?
      I have a opportunity here for you to be your own boss. The income is massive if you are willing to find time. I have a demo on this business if you would like to know more about this opportunity. No worries, you don’t need a shop space nor a lot of money to do this business. Give your self a chance to come to this demo as you have nothing to lose but might gain something out.

      This is a global business meaning if you migrate to any country, you can continue the business there. There is no disruption.

      whatsapp me at 98279815

  2. Aayushi says:

    Hi, Can someone help me to explain why is this so difficult to get a job opportunity for a dependent Pass like me? I came to Singapore in March 2016 and ever since I have applied to around 1000 job openings but I have got only 3 responses.It is 2017 now and sadly I have lost hope to land a job here. Are there any chances of modification of employment rules for DP holders in future?

  3. Loyalty says:

    Dear Aayushi,

    Why should we explain to you our own internal affairs? Just because we allow you to stay here doesn’t mean we must force our businesses to employ you.

    If you want to blame someone, blame it on our government for being too protective of citizens.

  4. Carl says:

    I am a Filipino male holding an LTVP. My employer does not need to have a quota and does not need to pay any tax when they hire me.
    I hold a Bachorla Degree Certificate, looking for an indoor office job in Singapore so that I can stay with my Singaporean wife and our kid and support them here.

    Please assist.