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Thursday October 27th 2016


Dear Readers,

Our site  services  are listed as follows:-

Career Coaching

You can now email us to request for career counselling. A career coach will be provided free of charge to answer your enquiries face to face.

Readers  need to email us at and I will forward your request accordingly to our volunteer career coaches.


Please email if you need to access our popular  counsselling service.  This service can be provided either online or face to face. Terms and conditions apply here.

Support group

Second  session series s will  start soon in Aug 09. The first series were conducted in May – June 09. Please register accordingly when the news are out on the site.

Networking session with business people

This is held randomly  and allows people to network with invited business people.


We also conduct workshops and seminars for companies who need our services. Please allow us two weeks’ advance notice.  Most of our talks will be free of charge.

Do allow us at least three working days to get back you.

Thanks and take care.

Gilbert Goh



Registrar of Society (ROS) number: T09SS0079H since 2009

Transitioning – Unemployment Support Service  (TUSS)

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  1. [...] after earning only $2400 over 9 years with company Dear Gilbert, I just came across your site (Support Site for The Unemployed & Underemployed*|* Services) and desperately seek your assistance as I am currently unemployed for more than a month despite [...]

  2. dear mr gilbert goh sir i just want to ask if do you have an employer needing an waiter or an food and beverage services i am willing to work there in singapore hope you can help me thank you sir i have already an experience in hotel and othere restaurant here in the philippines thank you sir.

  3. mohan .t says:

    Dear Gilbert. I am singaporean 53 years old. Last year i upgraded myself and took up WSH Safety coordinator course. I completed the couse in December 2013. Till date i am struggling to find a job as a safety coordinator. I have send more than 100 application and attended 5 interviews. I was rejected as i cant speak mandarin or due to my age. I have 17 years experience in construction but employer tend to employ foreigner as they are tied down for long term and cheap. Please if you have any contact in safety coordinator job will be much appreciated.

    • Truth about Singapore says:

      You need to understand, Your name is Mohan, that’s make you subhuman in eyes of government forget about you being able to speak Mandarin, You are not PRC not even locally born Chinese, therefore you will be always discriminated. Its sad but Truth, I am caucasian Singapore citizen, I am also being discriminated except some sleazy goldiggers who thinks all white men are rich.

    • fairworkplace says:

      Nowdays many employers prefer Epass holders.easy to quota.the important is,this EPpass salary is not pay as stated in contract,they get 40% from their declarations with m.o.m.the balance they return to boss next day after payday.mostly this employee is related to each others.coz they cant run away or make report to authority once they get pay.

  4. fairworkplace says:

    Mr.Gilbert,many E.P holders make a false declaration.they pay is not much as stated.they will return back the extra after bank in to their bank account.thats why many Service line prefer EP holder than WP holder coz WP holder need this call fair employment I know EP holder no need quota is it.what happen is all my workplace workers is filipino holding EP pass.because my boss cant hired local know why?because this EP holder scare lost their job once Singaporeans is hired,so they will make a hard day for this local,until they no Singaporeans thats mean no WP pass holders.this is what happening now on me.since my 1st day until now…hopefully m.o.m will act soon.

  5. gal says:

    Dear gilbert,I’m 31 lady Singaporean Chinese hope you can help me to find office jobs.After I graduate from sec SCH,I have been doing retail which is not suitable for me.after that I work production operator job which is lower than my n level cert.I’m introverted and quiet person.I’m slow in learning but I will learn faster if given chances to do admin jobs.I have difficulty in finding jobs.please help me

  6. BK Foo says:

    Tripartite alliance: what employers look for? Can they open up and tell to the world what they expect of local work force truthfully and allow my fellow Singaporeans to meet that requirements!I can see changes going on and if your organization is being questioned why there are more employees of your country men, you better have the appropriate answers. Employment is a simple transaction of getting things done in the most efficient way in return for pay. That’s it, what more is required?If emoloyers need the correct skills set, we have the resources. Are employers ready to send back FTs and replace them with my fellow Singaporeans who are willing to take the pay cut ? Singaporeans are mostly trained to multi task waiting for the correct influence to tap the best out of them.What the world can achieve, Singaporeans can also achieve.Well it takes 1 good talent to bring in more talent to make a nation or organization prosper. I have looked around across many industries and have my conclusion for this statement. Those who value Singaporeans, usually are prosperous.

  7. sireesha says:

    Dear Gilbert sir,
    I have red your comment’s on Facebook there I found your website , when I went through its really appreciable and made me to write this to you.

    I am an Indian girl , stayed in Singapore last 4 months tried for job in all ways, I am unlucky to say this I didn’t get job.still I have hope n trying my best.

    • Sean says:

      Hi Sireesha,
      Do you have dream to set up your own business? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then we shall meet to discuss further. Otherwise, good luck and best wishes!
      Thank you,

    • Kelvin Chew says:

      Hi Sireesha

      Is it your wish to work for someone for your whole life ?
      I have a opportunity here for you to be your own boss. The income is massive if you are willing to find time. I have a demo on this business if you would like to know more about this opportunity. No worries, you don’t need a shop space nor a lot of money to do this business. Give your self a chance to come to this demo as you have nothing to lose but might gain something out.

      This is a global business meaning if you migrate to any country, you can continue the business there. There is no disruption.

      whatsapp me at 98279815

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