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Monday December 9th 2019

My Free Ebook

I have written a book entitled “How To Survive Unemployment” and it was launched on 7 March this year.

The book detailed my experiences when I was unemployed for 20 months during the Sars period. I also provided some survival tips on how to overcome the emotional blues of unemployment.

Interested readers can now receive a FREE online version of the book.  Just email me for more details with your interest at or   Readers need to be unemployed here. Many have received the free online book to date.

We also now have a Mandarin version of the book - 如何在失业中生存.It is been translated by a friend studying in Beijing. If you know of anyone who may benefit from the Mandarin version, do let me know. This version is still not in print yet. The book is  retailing at major bookstores now at $12.90 and can also  be borrowed from National Library Board Singapore.

Check Out The Publisher’s Website at for more promotional purchase if you prefer to buy a copy.

We also welcome donors who want to buy up books to give them away to the unemployed at jobfairs and CDCs.

Thank you.

Gilbert Goh


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20 Responses to “My Free Ebook”

  1. [...] runs, a support site for the unemployed. He has also written a book entitled “How to survive unemployment – a survival guide for the jobless,” which is due for publication [...]

  2. Kevin Teo says:

    Thank u Gilbert, for your act of kindness. If only our government is as kind as u ! LOL !

  3. Ricki says:

    Hi Mr Gilbert

    Came across your webpage while surfing for jobsw. Saw your offer of a free Ebook to help the unemployed. Would like to request if u could kindly send ur free ebook for which i am most grateful.Thank Y once again.

  4. Derek Oxley says:

    Excellent idea good luck on your book sales

  5. Jay says:

    Great to share your book with the ‘needy’.
    Hope you can assist more to find our purpose(s) in life!
    Do fwd me a copy too! Gr8 stuff!

  6. we need that book please send us,

  7. Goose says:

    Hi there!
    Would be very grateful if u could send a copy of the free ebook. I’m sure it’ll help!


  8. Eric says:

    Are you looking for more free information. GO TO…. And enjoy. 10 free e-books, Eric

  9. Another hackish way of decapping is just to simply take a blowtorch to the chip. It’ll become very britte and fall apart, except for the die itself.

  10. Mr Loh says:

    After months of going through interviews and sending out emails to companies in Singapore since last year June 2011. The responds was totally zero (No responds)..Since last year I have been going to e2i and CDC to seek jobs. However, most of the jobs that I had went through (was recommend by e2i) were not at all responding or call back in the end. (What is e2i doing? and is it just a place for the unemployed to spent their days) It is true and I have experience it myself. I have been in design industry for more than 10-yrs, I have seen the big changes in my industry!! What are the changes you ask? They are the foreign designers from Malaysia, Phillippine, PRC and now even Burmese that the government are issuing permit to allow them to take over the senior position from singaporean.

    What I know of that the local companies are looking for low cost ‘foreign talent’ to replace the ‘expensive singaporean’ talents since few years ago. How it’s goes to apply for their permit! Those company have reported to the MOM there are not many singaporean willing to come forward for the interview.(The facts is there are singaporean to come in for interview) I knew that there are many design companies hiring all ‘Foreign talents” as designers and not even one singaporean designer can be found! Instead the boss used ‘other positions’ singaporean in their companies to apply for permits (‘those designers’) just to hit the MOM quota!

    This year January 2012 I saw the CDC were filled up with crowds of unemployed singaporean both seeking for jobs and finance assistances. The numbers of unemployed is going to hit the roof again, I wonder the statics report by MOM is it ‘true”! From the news read the numbers of foreign workers increased in singapore is only in the construction industry! Eventually its also included the services industry, white collar jobs like mine industry, banking and even engineering industries!! Is there any organization able to check on MOM and give a actual static reports? So that we were not keep in the dark!!

    • Skys says:

      Funny how if you go through the Strait Times, there are tons of jobs there that ask for PR’s of Malaysians. If you go through so many interviews and are not offered any jobs, maybe it’s not the employers but the way you go through the interviews. Just a thought.

      • jj40 says:

        There may tons of jobs ad on the newspapers but let take a look at the nature n wage of these jobs first.
        How many interviews have you attended before? how many companies have you went to?

  11. jj says:

    The gov should stop issuing PR to these FT/FW.
    S’pore workers need minimun wage policy.
    S’pore poors need unemployment welfares to survive.

  12. “-claim-companies-for-your-save/ Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time :-)

  13. JJ says:


    I am out of job since early Feb this year.

    Can anyone tell me what I should do or seek help from beside sending apply for job through jobstreet and jobsdb etc.?

    I have sent numerous of cv to jobstreet and jobsdb yet, I only went for 2 interviews.

    Very lost and dishearten of the situation here in Singapore.

  14. Tel SQ says:

    I got a ECE dip. Years of sales experiences and oversea work experiences. But when I returned to Singapore with my family to find a job, I realized, with only a diploma, my basic pay is forever in range of 1500 to 2000. Now I had given up searching and become a full time taxi driver. My life is better now and my family is much happier. I am not satisfied being a taxi driver forever. It’s just a temp solution as for now. I do know if I continue to drive after a while, I probably cannot even get back into a better job. I probably needs upgrading. But time may not be on my side. I hope I can talk to someone who can help me. I am only 37. But also recently announced bankrupt .

  15. Kenny Tan 陈宗嶼 says:

    I have helped quite a number of people in my life. A common problem I notice is that many people do not really know who they are in the first place, not much attention is put into themselves. Another common issue I notice is that the reluctance to do thing differently is also the reason who outcome remain the same.

    1) Self & situation analysis or known as SWOT analysis
    2) execution : making changes and planning
    3) sustainability : to maintain competitive

    Kenny Tan
    Write to me if you need further help on job seatching

  16. Mr Wong wan chung says:

    I AM A Singaporean Male,39, am seeking ALL AVAILABLE HELP IN GETTING ME PERMANENTLY RELOCATED/MIGRATED AWAY From Singapore as I TOTALLY AGREED with the Above sayings abiut the Singapore Life.

    Even the CPF Issus with the Blogger Ngyuen whom was Sacked by his Employer believed to-be Politically Motivated and even Freedom of Human Rights ABUSE IS CLEARLY Demonstrated and should be IMMEDIATELY REPORTED TO THE United Nations Human Rights and Singapore IS IN THE WATCH List of the United Nations.
    Singapore MILITARY SAF also Refuses to Reduce NS RESERVIST Training and other reasons related too!!

  17. Barbra Burt says:


    I stumbled across this site by researching 48 year old women unemployed.

    I tried to get to the ebook, through your emaill address’s but, the pages are blank.

    I would love to read your book. I’m having a difficult time obtaining a job. So, the setbacks are everywhere.

    I’d be grateful to hear a response. Have a great day!

    Barbra Burt
    Arizona, USA

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