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Sunday December 8th 2019

Errant Ads

Dear Readers

This is a page dedicated to you to write in  regarding discriminatory job advertisements.

If you have detected any online jobs ads that are discriminatory or racist please highlight it here so that we can take it up with TAFEP or MOM.

Please also provides the link to the job ads if possible so that we can email the company concerned to provide our feedback.

Alternately, you can email us at

Thanks to your contribution for a better Singapore.


Gilbert Goh


Transitioning – unemployment support services (under registry of societies)


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Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “Errant Ads”

  1. Jeremy lim says:

    Hi Gilbert,

    Just for your info, there is a Hotel that contravenes MOM regulations despite the repeated feedback to MOM, nothing is done. Its called Cultural Hotel, Grand C, Grand U and Hotel 101 and they run a restaurant within the Cultural Hotel.

    Walk in and you will see nothing but Myanmar and Indian staff, no locals and how can this be?

    I have friends who used to work there as locals and they told me, there employment is used as an excuse to hire the Myanmar and that its all bogus declaration.

    MOM is really doing nothing.

    • Kelvin Chew says:

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  2. Adeline says:

    Nowadays, employers are getting choosy, so usually want experienced workers or else younger people to work for them. Mature workers are getting difficult. Just written an e-book “Become A Jobseeker”
    There are tips for finding jobs.

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