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Tuesday December 10th 2019



Dear Employers,

Help your fellow Singaporeans first by letting us know when you have any vacancies inyour company.

Simply email me at  detailing  the  job description so that I can post them up on the site for you.  Some of our readers have found jobs this way.

We do this as a free community service to our  thousands of readers here who are facing a personal struggle to get a job.

So do your part as a Singaporean employer and start to hire Singaporeans first!


Gilbert Goh


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158 Responses to “Employers”

  1. Sophia says:

    Hi Do you have anyone looking for part time job? Our convenient Shop is hiring part time staff working at night, Potong Pasir, no experience needed, interested please call 94245065.

  2. Gautam says:

    I am a young entrepreneur looking for chefs for a new restaurant in Toronto, Ontario Canada.
    contact me via this comment thread

    • Amiran Hassan says:

      Hi Gautam;

      I know of a Singaporean Indian Muslim lady very skilled in cooking, and also going to Toronto to get married and live very soon. She is not a chef but is an expert in Afghan, pakistani and malay dishes.

      I can give you her contact in Singapore if you like. Thanks.

      Amiran Hassan
      +1 604 614 3785

    • ong chye hock benedict says:

      hi gautam what kind of cook you looking for i meam what sort of cuisine

  3. Shafiqul islam says:

    I like a job any one can help me. now i am study&work in malaysia

  4. Shafiqul islam says:

    any one can help give me a job email

  5. puchertau says:

    I’m jobless for few years already.Anybody got job for me?I’m 51yrs old.Recently went for courses but still no job..Im still healty and dont look like 51 years old.Any offer?

    • Chris says:


      I’m hiring a field technician. Need driving license, ITE/N/O. Training will be provided. Please give me a call @ 94776679 if you’re interested.

  6. Harvinder Singh says:

    Hi im autually lookin for a job in any hotel in Spore so pls contact me if any of u guys know one thats hiring .

  7. NSsingaporean says:

    Start your own business.
    please contact me @

  8. KH Lim says:

    I have contract positions for PMP certified project managers who have good experience in managing infra projects, mainly in servers, desktops and network.

    They are 6 months contract positions, and candidates need to be available immediately.

    If you are keen to explore, please send me your updated CV and expected salary to

  9. Walter says:

    Refund Management of CPF Board needs a temp staff. Jobscope:
    1. Open and sort incoming letters.
    2. Setup case files
    3. Key some simple excel data/figures

    Interested, pls approach HR of CPF Board, said that you are applying as a temp staff of Refund Management Section.

    God bless

  10. Nash says:

    I would like to have a job in the US or Canada.

    I am a double Diploma graduate, over ten years of working experience.

    My specialization is IT and Media.

    Would be glad if someone could offer me a job. As I’m willing to be liable for all immigration costs.


  11. U4 says:

    Hi, I put up 2 adverts in JobDB. 95% of the applicants are foreigners. Any local interested?

    ERP Application Consultant

    Technical Consultant

  12. Nana says:


    I am almost 50 years old, female, looking for sales job. Any available positions?


  13. Karen says:

    Hi, I have two foreign languages and am looking for cabin crew work. Althernatively, I have two teaching subjects, English and Southeast Asian studies. Am looking to work for MINDEF. Am looking for jobs overseas as well. Please help as I had been jobless for sometime.

  14. THEBLOGSHOP says:

    Hi, we own 5 retail outlets in Singapore and would like to look for a Singaporean for a sales position. Anyone interested?

  15. mavi says:

    im an accounting graduate, filipinas, resently working at caltex franchise

    i wanted to work in Singapore…pease help find me suitable work there

    • jimmy says:

      isnt this site pro local hires? what are foreigners doing here as well? der dook ur jeeeerbssss. and now enroaching on sites meant to aid local. amazing. haha.

    • Anak Singapura says:

      mavi — we have plenty of jobs here in Singapore for foreign ladies like yourself. If you are SO SO SO SO SO FUCKING DESPERATE TO WORK IN SINGAPORE, become a MAID. Sorry, DOMESTIC HELPER.

      If not, apply a Social Visit pass and come here as a PROSTITUTE.

      Hope this helps.

  16. mitch says:

    hi,i m michelle from philippines.,i am a production operator in nanox. Phis.,all my experiences is all about a semiconductor.,and 1 year experience in føöd attendant.,but i m not a college grad.,high school only…do you think i can get a fast job there in singapore…?plz i need your respönse..,thankz

  17. cynthia says:

    Hi there . I am a college graduate major in banking and finance, and working as teller for how many years here in Philippines. but now im interested to work in Singapore.if any available jod suited in my expertise just send some feedback in my email add.Hoping that there will be a vacant position for me..Thank you so much.

  18. FT_BS says:

    Will all non-Singaporeans please get lost?
    If you do not have a job or am looking for one, go elsewhere, this is for Singaporeans only.
    So kindly GO AWAY!

  19. Leonard says:

    Electrical Sales for construction industry. Sales mainly to electrical contractors, specializing in electrical trunkings, trays, ladders, conduits.

    Looking for a sales guy/ lady with or w/o exp…
    Above 40, experience will be a major boast…

    Will be outdoor sales position..
    Welcome only Singaporeans.

    sms or call me at :: 9336 5308

  20. Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver Canada. says:

    Suite 300-999 Canada Place,
    Vancouver, British Columbia,
    V6C 3B5, Canada

    The Management of Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotels will like to inform the well meaning and interested individuals around the globe that the hotel management has commence an employment exercises to embark on the worthy and skillful applicants that are interested to work for the hotel for a minimum of 24months.
    This initiation on recruiting foreign applicants in Canada was in accordance of the Canada Government support and respect for foreign immigrants.
    Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver are interested in able and skillful individuals,group of people both men and women from all part of the globe that will be able to work with the hotel for a minimum of two years and elongation can be made rest upon the skillful ability of the applicants.

    Pan Pacific Hotel Management will render a needed assistance to help the applicant or group of applicants secure a Canadian working visa hence the applicant is a holder of a valid travelling passport.
    Hotel management is in charge of your total accommodations and feeding while working with.

    Note: Interested Candidate should apply with your resume CV or written Bio Data, to the Pan Pacific Vancouver Admin Manager at the below E-mail Address.

    Kind Regard
    Martins Douglas
    Advertising/Vacancy Manager
    Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver Canada.

  21. Jamieson says:

    I support the idea of employing Singaporeans as a priority, however hard I tried over the years, I dn’t have any Singaporeans coming to work in the marine engineering related industries. my personal survey showed that majority of the Singaporean youngsters are looking for white collar job that is clean and paying reasonably Ok, but if not at least they don’t need to sweat it out. Heavy industries are paying well but it is blue collar job and nobody wants to do. Older people are restricted from entering shipyards and PSA to carry out the job due to age. How?

  22. CK Seah says:

    Dont be despair if you are out of job, there is always a way out. I resigned from my previous job as a sales manager when they went thru a major change to commercialize its business.

    Not wanting to forgo my knowledge and skill, i decided to set up a team of my own to do this business. I went through 3 years without pay and things are getting on track now after 3 years of effort and investment. If you wish to know more on survival skill and how i make it, please do not hesitate to send a mail to me at

    Do not be despair and demotivated when bad things beset you. Think what you are good at and focus on your strength.

    Do not think people dont appreciate your talent but think how your talent can be made known to people who know how to appreciate it.

    Always stay humble and bring along your smile when you encounter anyone on the road. People may think you are “siao” but this is one way to create opportunities.

    Its all about staying positive and ignore the negative. You will Survive and remember when you start floating give back to the society by helping those who fall into the same situation like us before.

  23. he Ministry of Foreign Affairs Federal Republic of Nigeria says:


    Attention Scam Victims,

    This is to inform ALL EMPLOYEMENT SCAM VICTIMS from any part of the world. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Economics and Finance Crime Commission (EFCC) has concluded to compensate Scam Victims who were robbed of the hard earned money through Fake Employment.

    This message is to all the people in any part of the world that have been scammed by fake Job Employers who claim to be residing in various city in United Kingdom but scammed job applicants and receive money from them through Western Union Money Transfer to Nigeria.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Federal Republic of Nigeria has paid sum of US$30,000 each to Thirty-Seven (37) Scam Victims in this year and now calling on others to claim their fund also. This US$30,000 is only entitled to Victims of Fake Employment that paid money through Western Union to Nigerian and United Kingdom. This includes every Scam Victims in Asian countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand etc except India, Iran and Iraq.

    We have a database of victims and that is why we posted this NEWS on a classified sites for we know that it is this same Job Classified site you can see this NEWS so you can contact us and claim your Compensation Fund. This has been deliberated upon and is among our set of priorities in making the world a better place.

    You are advised to contact our office representative in Nigeria, Please contact our office immediately for your Cheque / International Bank Draft of USD$30,000. This funds are in Bank Draft for security purpose. It will be sent to you and you can clear it in any bank of your choice.

    Therefore, You should send your full Name, Telephone number, a valid mailing address where you want us to send your Bank Draft. Below shown is our office email address.


  24. Veronica says:

    Dear Singaporean,

    Do visit our website for the list of jobs opening in the Oil & gas and construction industries. Majority of the positions are opened for Singaporean and Permanent Residence in Singapore.

    We DO NOT collect money from our candidates, so please feel free to submit your resume if you are interested.

    For further queries, please write to

  25. KjTan says:

    Strictly For Singaporeans

    Sales people needed for events.
    Good communication skill in English, and a second language preferred.
    Monthly nine-day in-door event, from 12pm to 10pm.
    Pays $50/day plus attractive commissions.

  26. Ashwinkumar says:

    Hi I am a trained culinery professional (Chef). Looking for job as an exective sous chef. I have 9 years of working experience. I am a Singapore PR and married to a Singaporean. Currently applying tobe a singaporean…If there is any opportunity do contact me via this thread.

    Thanks a million.

  27. KS says:

    I am urgently looking for fulltime class 3 truck courier delivery drivers.
    Working at east side and must be physically fit and strong.
    Call KS @ 90492662

  28. Wai Leng says:


    We are a Singapore-based linguistic company providing translation and copywriting services. We are looking for effectively bilingual freelance translators to handle some of our English-to-Chinese and Chinese-to-English translation projects, many of which are subtitling assignments. Please drop me a mail at if you are keen.

  29. Chua says:

    A Singapore based company looking for IT/System support.
    Bilingual (Chinese-English) and able to speak local dialects (eg cantonese, Hokkian etc) will be an advantage.
    Experience and matured candidate is preferred.

    Interested please write to

    Thank you

  30. Aloe Bliss says:


    We teach people to be in business for themselves. We offer various opportunities for those looking for genuine opportunities (Part-time / full time).

    If you are interested in starting out on your own, please contact


    Tel: +447024036911 +447024023859

    Applications are called upon from interested, hardworking, dedicated and ambitious individuals and groups for immediate employment into Kensington Close Hotels Plc London. This is a unique opportunity of its kind, as the management of Kensington Close Hotels London will afford you the privilege of enjoying its beautiful, sophisticated and conducive environment as you will be provided with accommodation and every other social Amenity desired for a normal living. Also the hotel management will be there to facilitate your coming most especially those coming from outside the country. Most interestingly we assist you in obtaining a genuine and valid work permit here in the country.
    Now that you have been armed with the above information, interested and qualified members of the public are hereby called upon to explore and utilise this wonderful opportunity by sending in their application in to the so many available vacancies.
    Kensington Hotels Plc London is out to serve both staff and visitors in the most cherished manner.
    Interested applicants should contact us with his or her group/individual CV / Resume via email:

    Best Regard
    Vacancy Manager
    Erick Addison
    Kensington Close Hotel London.

  32. Razak says:

    Urgently looking for I.T Technician. Those who just swifted to I.T are also welcome.

    • Staging of software pre-installation
    Prepare Desktops (New or used) – Cloning/imaging
    • Deployment/Migration
    Deployment of desktops to end user/Data Migration
    Copying of end user data from shared folder to new desktop
    Configure email client
    Installation of any miscellaneous approved software
    Network Drive and Network Printer Installation,configuration and mapping
    • Decommissioning
    Retrieval of old desktop from end user
    Packing/Storage into storage area
    • Customer service background will be an advantage
    • Able to comprehend and follow verbal and written instructions and scripts
    • Fresher and students who are willing to work part time are most welcome
    • Training will be provided
    • Singaporeans Preferred
    • Attractive Remuneration
    For Part-Timer
    Stagging pre-installation. Per pc= $SGD20.00 (part-time)
    Data Miration old to new pc. Per pc=$SGD35.00 (part-time)
    Deployment old to new pc. Per pc=$SGD40.00 (part-time)

    To apply, please send your resume in MS word format attached directly to

  33. Boyan619 says:

    AETOS Security Management, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd, provides integrated and tailor-made solutions that cater to the security needs of a diverse clientele.

    Established in 2004, we commenced operations following the strategic merger of the Auxiliary Police Forces of PSA Corporation Ltd, Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd (ST Kinetics) and Changi International Airport Services Pte Ltd (CIAS). This brought together the functional capabilities and experience of the country’s leading security units in maritime, key installations protection and aviation – all under one roof.

    We continue to grow our team with retired professionals from the police force, military and public service entities, all bringing with them years of experience and know-how. Thus, we are well-equipped to secure Singapore’s airports, ports, as well as key and strategic installations with a strong armed and unarmed security force.

    Today, we have also optimised the combined strength of our processes, methodologies and manpower to provide an integrated suite of security services that include training and consultancy, event and asset security management, and a host of other professional security solutions.

    Our unique and comprehensive approach to security therefore enables us to fully grasp the precise needs of clients and businesses of all sizes, however complex and diverse. We have the expertise, the dedication, the strength and the confidence to provide single and multi-level security options that give you a complete sense of security.

  34. Boyan619 says:

    Certis CISCO Securing Your World

    Certis CISCO operates the largest Auxiliary Police Force in Singapore with over 3,000 trained officers. We are also the most established in providing protective security for organisations all over Singapore. Setting the standards of excellence in security, our officers are trained and competent in weapon handling, unarmed combat, security operation and knowledgeable in basic law. Whether it is a one-man duty post or a 500-strong team deployed for special operations, we have the unique capability to train and organise our officers effectively for the mission critical function they perform.

    M3 – A Holistic Approach to Security

    At Certis CISCO, we believe that our security is as strong as the weakest link. For this reason, we adopt a holistic approach where we put MAN, MACHINE and METHOD to work together in synergy – providing well-designed security plans, best-fit technology, well-trained and organised personnel and work processes – to provide effective yet cost efficient security solutions for our customers.

    An organisation is only as strong as its people are. This is why we are committed to develop a highly engaged workforce that is passionate about what we do. Through training, motivation and empowerment, we unleash the potential of our people to deliver a superior quality of service that in turn generates a higher standard of satisfaction for our customers.

    Technology changes the way we work. Besides boosting efficiency and empowering us to be even more responsive in meeting our customers’ needs, it also enhances the quality of the security solutions we offer.

    Experience and competency are key components to implementing effective security solutions successfully. With more than 50 years of experience in protecting lives and assets, coupled with proven methods and established procedures, we have the operational expertise to protect our customers’ assets with confidence.

    As the trusted name in security, our role is to help you ensure that your security measures and systems are relevant in our constantly changing security environment. We begin with a risk assessment to understand the plethora of security threats that you are confronted with in your daily operations. Having determined the risk exposure, we then formulate risk management or treatment of specific risks where measures may include physical barriers, manpower security, security procedures and electronic security systems.

    We can also assist in implementing these measures as we have the resources under one roof. Be it security manpower, cash and valuables security, or data protection, we have the solution to help you safeguard your assets. With standard operating procedures designed to provide a consistent response in managing the security function, the security manpower is also continually trained to ensure operational currency in meeting the demands of the environment.

    As the environment constantly changes, the security plan or blueprint must be regularly reviewed for relevance. This ensures that one’s safety and security well-being is never compromised.

  35. says:

    Need to hire PhD in physical science and engineering. Computing skill required. People with the following backgound are welcome to send their resumes: Math,statistics,computer science,physics and engineering or similar background. Email

  36. Moharil says:

    Looking for test engineer in manufacturing.
    Qualification: Degree in Computing Science or EEE.
    Strong programming knowledge (C++, SQL, Java etc).
    Proficient in manufacturing test process and process control
    Possess debugging and analytical skills.
    Linux skill is an added advantage.
    Participate in Engineering process / Failure Analysis / Development work
    Initiate yield improvement activities with corrective action to address problems
    Liaise with overseas / local engineers

  37. Andy says:

    Hi, we are a new IT-based business start-up. Currently, we are looking for part-time business developer and sales position. Experience and matured candidate will be preferred.

    To apply, please send your resume in MS word format attached directly to

  38. Isaac Lam says:

    I’m looking for planner. someone experienced in material planning for production line. interested email me

  39. Isaac Lam says:

    I’m looking for Singaporean desktop and network engineers. Interested email me at

  40. Taufiq Yahya says:

    We are an fast expanding established eco-friendly car wash company. We are looking for professional car washer and groomer to join our team. Interested, email me your CV to

    Only for Singaporean. Thanks.

  41. Lim Shi Hwa says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Our company have vacancy for ADMIN ASST POSITION at Aljunied Road. Our company is handle with Machinery & Industrial Parts.

    Any one interested?
    5 days work, 9am to 6pm, pc literate, facing Chinese speaking customers, can work independently, on job training provided.

    Job Scope – handle calls, enquiries from email, typing quotations, generate monthly reports/statements & etc.
    Please email us your resume to


    Looking forward to hear from you soon. :)

  42. MIC says:

    Melior International College (MIC) is a Singapore-based private education institution registered with the Council for Private Education Singapore.

    We have vacancies for SALES CONSULTANTS. Basic salary plus attractive commissions. Please visit the job website below for details or send your CV to

  43. Andrew Soh says:

    Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society provides both institutional and community-based services in social, health,emotional,educational and financial support and aid.

    Position: HR Executive
    Closing Date – 25 Jul 2011
    Work Location – Central
    Manage the Full Spectrum of HR functions Develop and Improving HR Policies, Procedures and Process Responsible for the Strategic Staffing Resource Planning, Recruitment & …

    Apply at Exec Match@SNEF

    *** For Singaporeans ONLY!

  44. Richard says:

    Laundry shop in AMK area required female counter assistant.
    Can work for 5 days or 5.5 days week.

    If any mature lady interested pls call 97575761 ( Mr Tan )

  45. Phillip Tan says:

    Hi Guys,

    Any Construction and Interior Design industry people here, I am a Singaporeans First job recruiter.. I am looking for a Site Engineer (speak mandarin; sorry bros from other races, not against u guys. cos this roles requires u to FK the China FT construction workers) very good pay.. up to $78,000. You will need a Degree in Civil Engineering recognize by Singapore PEB…
    No Pino, No ah Myan, No Bangla and definitely No Ah Tiong

  46. Phillip Tan says:

    I am looking for Computer Operator, max pay $1500 + $200 to $300 allowance.
    No IT experience needed, training will be provided
    Work Location in Tiong Bahru
    Age – Anyone arh, as long as you are local born and bred Singaporeans.. I recently sent a 50 year old uncle there cos he just got retrenched…

  47. Lawrence Chua says:

    Hi all,

    I’m seeking part time room rental co-ordinator to provide tenants for rooms for rent, in according to landlords request too.

    Anyone seeks to buy /sell/ rent real estate property can also call me too – 94559590,Lawrence

    Email :

  48. Mack Wee says:

    Mine’s an IT consulting company based in Australia and i’m looking for partners in SG that can help to market IT managed services in a niche field to companies in SG. If you are Singaporeans or Malaysians who has IT sales experiences, please email me at

  49. HOCK STAR says:


    Hiring Structural/Architecural supervisors. Must be able to read drawings and prepare BBS, Material chart. 3 positions. interested please reply to


  50. Phillip Tan says:

    I am looking for Construction Site Supervisor
    Paying around $3500.. wu lang bo?

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