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Friday November 22nd 2019

Blacklisted Companies

Dear Friends,

We have heard from many of you out there complaining about companies who exploited you by forcing you to work long hours, delaying salary payment and even dismissing you without any valid reasons.

We want you to be brave and  expose such errant employers by posting the company names and wash their dirty laundry in public.

It will also alert  many other people from working for such shitty employers.

Simply post your rant below on the comment page if you have a particular complaint against certain employers you  came across and want others to be forewarned.

Thanks and be brave Singaporeans!


Gilbert Goh


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282 Responses to “Blacklisted Companies”

  1. numberator says:

    Take note of this company : Smart Idea Pte Ltd

    They have very unethical HR practices. They hire fast and fire fast. Every month sure got one staff get terminated. Not retrenched, but TERMINATED. For stupid reasons too, such as poor performance (but they have no performance review document to prove it) or maybe they will say “no upcoming projects” but next day u see new staff join!

    They can do this and remain out of MOM radar because they terminate 1 staff per month, so it dont look like retrenchment or doesnt look suspicious!

  2. Guess says:

    Do not ever work for SPS overlay Asia at PSA labrador park ARC. E Johnny Lim guy implemenented no Medical benefits and fraud all e company money into his own salary. He is only a local polytechnic Diploma holder bt gets salary of close to $10,000 a month – Indonesian batam guy that nvr comes to office. Aso malay aryanti ITE n yr personal notebook and shame you in front of

  3. Guess says:

    Malay ITE vicious manager lie that she is a degree NUS holder when she is from ITE. Meetings are held w pronfanities and vulgarities by e Top Management. Malay woman will blame you for mistake costing hundreds and thousands she made. Shameless Digusting liar.

  4. Guess says:

    Warning not to join SPS overlay Asia at ARC. Johnny Lim Indonesian Batam guy Violate MOM law by implementing no medical benefits for staff while earning close to $10,000 for only being a local polytechnic diploma holder . This guy is also a hyprocrite not to be trusted. He will act like yr best friend and stab you in the back while you bleed to death. He & vicious Malay lady called Aryanti are despicable. Profanties & vulgarities , threats are explicitly used at meetings. Malay Aryanti lied abt education that she is an NUS graduate bt frm ITE only. Also she will backstab you by accusing you of making e mistake that cost the company thousands. Act so innocent to e mgt while being the devil in private to you. M not surprised she is divorced, she got a black heart.she will shame you and insult you in front of other collegues just to make you look bad. More toxic than a snake.

  5. Guess says:

    Also Aryanti will come over to yr desk and open yr personal notebook and flip all yr stuff without yr permission. Nvr met a more evil person than her. Get angry when you do not agree to lunch w her. Act all cooperative and suck up to mgt bt spit on you in private.

  6. Anna says:

    Beware of W3ISP Holdings Pte Ltd.

    Scam and scheming boss, made use of naive fresh graduates. No CPF for first 3 months of employment. Asks employees to pay for purchases of office supplies, without reimbursement. Owes employees salaries. Shameless!

  7. Anna says:

    De Lance Interior Design.

    The two bosses are gangster-like, unprofessional conmen. They made employees manage projects for free. It is commission-based, 50% of the profits go to the employee for that project. After the project is closed, all works done and handed over, the bosses refused to pay the employee the commission. Employees could not go to the MOM, as there were no employment contract signed in the first place.


  8. Sky says:

    Alpha Formation Pte. Ltd.

    The lady boss never gives chances. When she reckons that you’re “not up to their expectation”, you’re fired and asked to leave on the spot. She thinks her company is doing very well, when they only have Seoul Yummy to count on. Every Seoul Yummy outlet’s renovation works is done by them. So she thinks she’s very successful and capable. But she has no idea how big the world is. Pathetic frog in the well.

  9. Awao says:

    Bizhub Asia Pte Ltd

    The director who is a wife of the boss treated many interns from polytechnic school. She insisted that the interns cannot use the toilet. She forced them to wash the toilet first if they need to use toilet urgently.

    The boss forced the interns to buy him cigarettes, but the interns are 17 years old! 17 years old cannot buy cigarettes.

    The boss and his wife said, “We should hire more interns, cheap labour! They’ll do whatever we ask them to do because their grades are at stake.”

    The boss took advantage of the interns to deliver his daughter’s homework all the way from Tai Seng to his daughter’s school.

    The boss and his wife wrote negative and inappropriate comments about interns if they do not obey the boss/wife instructions.

    Pls be beware of Bizhub Asia Pte Ltd

  10. Tan KengSooi says:

    Rotten bosses in civil service too. E. G Mindef

  11. KANTHASAMY says:


  12. KANTHASAMY says:


  13. KANTHASAMY says:

    12 HOURS A DAY

  14. Anonymous says:

    Uber. I was approached to apply for a role; went for interviews and on my first day they changed my job description which I thought it was fine until my manager told me I was not meeting expectations into the third month. I passed probation period but a week later, she asked me to resign saying that their culture does not suit me. I was asked to resign on that day and leave on that day. Colleagues were shocked; i was shocked. The exit was not empathetic . Honestly it hurt my career and I had a huge tough time explaining myself at interviews on leaving.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I had been working full-time

    There is a chance for foreigner to start their first job because they hired foreigners for less salary.

    Everything messed up, no working plans (at first there were list of to dos).
    Bess plans and always change existing pre-planed things. Boss have no basic computer knowledge and do not trust our help.

    Its a family company everyone is related but you dont know. Only discovered by yourself.
    The only non-related Colleague is very rude & unfriendly in teaching but later apologized and explained that boss wants them behave like that.
    Then they resigned leaving only you as non related.

    You come with No experience and colleagues taught you wrong things and left. Boss expect you to know everything but criticizes mostly.

    High employee resignation and heard that past salary huge differences even though same job scopes.
    Many past projects messed up- missing pages n stuff.

    Have projects that need to stay past midnight to do, boss allows to claim OT, accumulated ot time but boss too busy to see O.t timings so you never allowed to claim it.
    Sometimes boss says pay will be delayed for a mth.

    any time you need to clean the bins as there is water or food in it by the family.

    Most of the plans will not continue as planed.
    Boss have problem with perfection and check your work many times even simple letters to sent out must be done in an organised way or rule exactly the same.

    If you are late 15-30 mins , you have to take half day leave so your boss will smile or else the face will black.

    There is no team lunch, meeting or team gathering organised.
    If you leave company, no farewell.
    In my experience,no body leave happily (there were cases to settle in court and many leaves and salary disputes with boss). I have seen them leaving. last movement was same for all. its worst. Beware of Emod Pte Ltd

  16. su says:

    NES GLOBAL TALENT is heavily biased for caucasians. They dont even want to look at your cv if you are not white. the md who is british-australian in australia and the regional director from uk who is based in singapore both are behind this preferred hiring. the company even got sent a warning letter from MOM because of their discrimination. for the same experience locals are paid $3500 to $5000 while the white expats get $5500 to $7000 plus housing allowance and annual flight home. their reason for hiring whites is because they are better than locals or asians. yet these expats dont do well and dont have great relationships with their clients who are locals.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Su,

      I am the Operations Manager for NES in Singapore. I was wondering if you could email me so we could discuss your comments. We have 80% Singaporeans in our business, everyone is paid equally and in some cases the Singaporeans earn more than the foreigners. Also our MD lives in Australia so I’m not sure why you are spreading such infactual information. NES is proud to support our Singaporean Core with jobs, a good wage and great career opportunities. You can ask any of our current staff. My email is please do send me and email in case there is anything in the past I can address as this is 100% not the business we are today.

      Best Regards, Michael

      • Su says:

        Hi michael. thank you for offering to write you. I’m replying here because there are some points that you said that you could have misunderstood like what HH said.

        1. caucasians may be foreigners but foreigners may not be caucasians. in my comments i said that the company looks out for caucasians and the caucasians get paid more than the singaporeans. you however said that the singaporeans get paid more than the foreigners. sure if the foreigners are from southeast asian countries and not foreigners from white lands.

        2. i said that the md is in australia while the regional director is in singapore. but you seemed to correct me to say s if i did not get the place of the md right when i did.

        3. i am comparing apple to apple and not apple to oranges. i am talking about recruitment consultants when i bring up about unfairness between singaporeans and the caucasians. but maybe you were comparing apples to oranges so your reference to your singapore staffs are not recruitment consultants in the office. and maybe you put the singapore pr in the same category as the singaporeans. being singapore pr gives you the right to certain things in singapore like a singaporean. but that person is still a foreigner. what your company has more of are singapore pr. not singaporeans. again the whole comparison you made could be apples and oranges.

    • HH says:

      Dear Su,

      You are right, there are many Headhunting Firms are here in Singapore, its a platform for them to Pull and Hire FT, myself with so much relevant experience I tried these Firms just response back that I am not suitable, sure as NES said they hire Singaporeans for their Firm of course they do if not how can the firm survive, but Michael misunderstood and diverted the attention to say that 80% of their STAFF arer Singaporean, of course! Michael dont distract the readers we are referring to your recruiting Singaporeans for positions your clients are looking for. Many of these Firms dont give a care into Singaporeans CV, Robert Half, Hays, Kerry, Michael Page, the list goes on… many % of Singaporeans are hire for your clients positions…Tell Us All prove to us ALL.

      • Anthony says:

        No wonder all my online job applications I sent to Michael Page, Kerry, Hays via JobStreet were either being rejected as ‘Not Suitable’ or No Reply from them at all! Now I know the reason, it is because I am a Singapore citizen! Shame on these recruitment companies!!!

      • Joe says:

        Exactly HH. I don’t understand myself how 80% Singaporeans in the company is derived. Just look at the MOM agency site for the company. More the reverse 80% foreigners albeit maybe 2 are PRs.

  17. Joanne says:

    Ran off with my $2k and never pay me and a lot of the other promoters.
    A lot of bad reviews online about this company already.


  18. july says:

    the company APF and Ceoasia are owned by the same guys and they run awards like brands for good to talk about corporate leadership, companies doing good etc while they have repeatedly not pay their guys and cpf and web developer etc

  19. guest says:

    Avoid Certis CISCO Security unless you do not mind to provide references & all yr Family Particulars plus NRIC to them to evaluate whether to shortlist you for interview or not.

    We have received your application for the role of XXX and would like to invite you the complete the attached application form for us to evaluate further.

    Kindly complete the attached form and send us a copy of your updated (if different from Jobstreet’s version) to us no later than XXX

    Thank you.

    Warm regards,

    Tan Kee Siang, Keith (Mr)
    Group Human Resources
    Certis CISCO Security Pte Ltd
    Mobile: +65 9776 4349

    • guest says:

      just for an interview? Why would they be getting such information for background checking if it’s not even certain you will be hired in the first place? just weird.

  20. Angrykid says:

    Greencred pte ltd.
    Do not pay salary and avoid promoter after the events they complete. Everytime ask simple qns to them will say will let u know tmr and mia. Now totally avoid.

  21. LYL says:

    B9 Dental Centre (R&C Dental Pte Ltd)

    I worked at B9 Dental as a full-time D.Asst (Less than a year)

    Nothing pros. Join the company at your own risk or avoid at all cost.

    Poor Management
    No proper handover of work
    High turnover rate of staff
    Change employee appointment contract clause without notice
    Pay salary late
    Do not issue itemized payslip on time
    Do not cancel worker workpass immediately after the last day of employment
    Last minute changes of dental assistant schedule
    Invasion of privacy (Installation of Cctv as well as voice recording detector).
    Open the clinic late every single day and allows patient to wait. (Patient of all age. Patient carrying infant as well as patient of old age).

    Many D.Asst have already filed their claims against the company at the Ministry of Manpower.

  22. XXX says:

    Merchants Wine Singapore – do not work there, owned by Aussies.

    - Delay both full-timers and part-timers salary numerous times
    - Delay payment to suppliers and wine partners
    - Mistreat employees by being unhappy when employees need to go on sick leave
    - No business strategy. Hire and fire staff.
    - Bias against Asian staff and customers.
    - Thinks Caucasians are more superior (management attitude)
    - Go for holidays despite no cash flow

  23. Infuriated says:

    Do not work for Pamarine Pte Ltd.
    family owned business.
    no progression
    They shortchange your salary and do not contribute to cpf

  24. CT says:

    B9 dental centre (R &C private limited)

    Can work as much ot u want, even u don’t want.
    Ps: keep track if the ot is 1.5 or not most of the time error cos account busy work as counter all time (mistakes is reasonable) just remark to them will do.

    Always 1 man show, whole day 9-9 as counter and as assistant at the same time. To help to increase your talent and ability of work.

    Application of AL forever pending (management too busy) reasonable. U will know your leave is approve when the schedule is out for that week.

    Schedule only out every mon morning 4am-7am for current week sometime 2-3 days,weekly.
    (Management too busy reasonable)

    Only regonized gov clinic or hospital bill and only can claim consultations fee. If u sick better take leave then u go see dr. Cos need to go gov clinic to que half day and claim only consultation fee.

    there is full of cctv HD plus sound recording whole clinic every coner. Make sure of your safety of work.

    Good Luck for those who wants to work there! Enjoy

  25. TT says:

    Samsung CT Cor – run by a third national management and the HR was formerly from Surbana Jurong very good at terminating the employee without valid reasons just to impress the third national management. Always claimed she was highly educated but in end still being removed from her ex-employer which show she is really highly educated but no capability at all. Her real name is triple Ls (lame-ass, lardass, lezzie). This company dominant with so many idiotic personnel and busybody employee. Full of craps!!

  26. KISB says:

    B9 Dental Centre (R & C dental)


    I have been working in this clinic for a period of time. Boss is a non humane person with a evil heart.

    1) Salary always not on time
    2) Shortchange our OT & PH salary
    3) Annual leave always approved last min despite submitting early and countless chasing.. eg. few days before. Cannot plan important things in advance at all!!
    4) Forced to work OT ( planned into schedule)
    5) Public Holidays suppose to wrk 9-1pm but the doc( boss himself) comes in only after 1pm. Staffs forced to work till late(sometimes till 8-9pm)
    6) Does not care about staffs welfare. No time for proper lunch and dinner breaks. Always shortage of manpower, dental assistants often had to work 1 man show in the clinic.
    7) Full CCTVs all around. Not for safety purposes but to spy on staffs 24/7. Take screenshots of staffs and voice recordings.
    8) Promised varible bonus verbally during meetings but kept dragging. When confronted, claimed no such thing ever mentioned before!
    9) No payslip given.
    10) Scoldings and humilation in front of other staffs from boss when close clinic ON TIME!
    (commented not hardworking and dedicated to job if close clinic on time)
    11) Working schedules are given once a week and only received monday morning ard 4-6am
    12) Medical claim amount can suddenly change without advance notice.
    13) Always book appointment for patients when boss only comes in few hours later, causing massive wait for patients. Staffs often work in a pressured environment.
    14) No proper hygiene management and proper training for staffs.

    Cant think of any good points from this company. Many ex-staffs went to MOM to get back our rightful amount of salary.

    Good luck to those that wanted to join this company!

  27. Makhai says:

    Volmag Engineering Pte Ltd.
    Foong Ah Sing (Father)
    Elsie Foong (Daughter)
    Max Foong (Son)

    1. Unfair retrenchment after refuse to overtime.
    2. Fail to pay Salary In Lieu Of Notice, overseas allowance, payment for unconsumed annual leave as stated in Contract.
    3. Unauthorized salary deduction.
    4. Fail to attend TADM (Tripartite Alliance For Dispute Management) mediation meeting and ECT (Employment Claims Tribunals) case management conference.

  28. Foo Chi Tao says:

    Have not paid me my aws owed to me.

  29. Alsec says:

    But what is the name of this company?

  30. Mala Asokan says:

    Do not work for Rotary Engineering Limited, on the outside it looks good, but actually it is a company that completely disrespects staff, there is an individual named Jennie Tan who is the contracts manager of the procurement department, she has the tenancy abuse a belittle staff, when you approach HR with this Issue you will be branded a trouble maker and fired on the spot. Avoid at all cost.

    This company is well known for treating foreigners with dignity by giving them promotions and bonuses while treating locals like shit and giving them low positions. HR is completely useless in the company and will only side senior management, I been there for more than one year and the turnover rate is super high.

  31. Surya says:

    I guess this box is not good enough to write about them. But still let me list out certain important cons.
    1)Till the time you join everybody come on phone and plead you (Including CEO and all HRS) but the next moment you joined they treat employees as slave.
    2)Images they put on website are fake.Office is worst
    3)There are no surety of when your salary will be paid. Every month you have to fight and struggle to get salary.
    4)HR only wrote all those positive reviews after many people refused to join after that negative review.
    5)They claims as that he treats his employes as one among his family. Thats not at all true. They infact called us(emploee like ‘You guys are coming to warm up”. None of professional people use these kind of words.
    6)One of senior manager told that he get scold(in an very much unprofessional) manner every time from top management.
    7)Office is very poorly maintained.not even proper wash room, water, or place to have foods.
    8)Worst part these people ask employee to travel for work mostly on social/tourism visa repeatedly. It is illegal.If immigration catches then it is imprison punishment.
    9)Thank god after three of times I refused to go on social visa. They even threaten me to fire. But I somehow refused and saved myself.
    10)After all these odd everyone gets frustrates to go out of it. I am again looking for my chance to leave on.
    11) If your fate is stronger than you will end up joining here. Very negative and incompetent people.
    12)There are no 0 start here.Thats what choosing 1 star

  32. john says:

    I was forced to resigned by the management of the company because the management brought him his friend and specially created a position for him so they had no choice but to fins some excuses to ask me to leave.
    Has anyone have any experience with TADM? Basically I approach MOM to appeal against unfair dismissal but was told not eligible as I work for this employer for less than 12 months.
    Can TADM help to ask the employer to compensate me for unfair dismissal?

    • Makhai says:

      Yes you can try TADM. At the same time you may also want to write to Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP). My experience with TADM is that they don’t go according to the mediation guide and they favour the employer. Good luck!

      • john says:

        favour employer? I need to pay for the mediation right? if favour the employer then no point to try since most likely end up wasting money

        • Poh Ee Fang says:

          Its free for union and you may just walk in without booking for an appointment, if not you will have to pay a fee an book for appointment online.

          • Sherry says:

            I also heard TADM is one-sided only to employers & not to employees specially if your ex-employers seek you to pay for your notice pay!! TADM is playing unfairly to employees for such! No use MOM set up this TADM….really a disappointment.

          • Makhai says:

            I think TADM was setup to collect the service fee from the employees. HAHAHA

  33. Joyce says:

    Contineo Media Pte Ltd/Karay Holdings/Asian Television Awards

    This company is the organiser of Asian Television Awards. Owes the staff months of salary and CPF. This is a continuous cycle whereby most staff will quit due to non/late payment, and the company will continue a new batch of staff to replace the ones who left. The senior staff will try to persuade the staff to stay on by telling them that the salary is coming in, there are potential investors/buyers – yet this doesn’t happen and staff end up working for free. I worked for the company for 2.5 months and in my 1st month, my salary was late by half month. Trusting my immediate manager, I stayed on but now, after visits to TADM and going through Employment Claims Tribunal at the State Courts, with the promise of having my outstanding monies paid in monthly instalments, there hasn’t been any sign of response from the company. A call to the company’s director, Raymond Wong, only received the reply that the company has no money. Clearly, this company has no intention to pay its staff – past and present. Yes, there are still ‘faithful’ staff working in the company, free of charge, still trusting.
    My ex-colleagues and I worked in the company in good faith and doing our jobs to our best, but looks like there is no protection for employees at all. In the case of the company going bankrupt, employees are at the bottom of the list of creditors. It is false that the company director has no money because money that is paid by advertisers are likely not well recorded in the accounts books and might be used for investments in other companies. To date, there is another company that has brought a civil case against Contineo Media. So people, please be warned. Do not join any company owned by Raymond Wong, unless you want to work for free and end up in debts.

    • Makhai says:

      Sad and disappointed that MOM allow this kind of thing happen…
      Employer fail to attend Mediation meeting and ECT hearing. Even after obtained an ECT order from the State Courts, employer still don’t bother to pay. And MOM say I will need to get a lawyer in order to get my unpaid salary. WTF……… WHAT’S THE POINT FOR HAVING TADM ECT ORDER??????? IF EVERYONE CAN AFFORD TO GET A LAWYER WHY WOULD I WASTE MY TIME AND MONEY GOING TADM AND ECT!!!

  34. Ex-employee says:

    I was an ex-employee for Beautiful.Me.
    A piece of advice for would-be employee to take note:

    I want to tell a little bit about this employer. During my few months there, I was never slacking in my work. To my surprise, this employer did not even know the work I had performed and gave me 7 days to report on the work done. Crazy to say this right?! You are paid to work and not to slack and get paid for nothing! You are the one with no communications.

    The staff there are mostly foreigners and especially the Malaysian girls there are unfriendly.

    So beware for those who are looking for employment at

  35. Ex-employee says:

    I was an ex-employee for Beautiful.Me.
    A piece of advice for would-be employee to take note:

    I want to tell a little bit about this employer. During my few months there, I was never slacking in my work. To my surprise, this employer did not even know the work I had performed and gave me 7 days to report on the work done. Crazy to say this right?! You are paid to work and not to slack and get paid for nothing! You are the one with no communications.

    The staff there are mostly foreigners and especially the Malaysian girls there are unfriendly.

    So beware for those who are looking for employment at beautiful.m

  36. Ex-employee says:

    I was an ex-employee for Beautiful.Me
    A piece of advice for would-be employee to take note:

    I want to tell a little bit about this employer. During my few months there, I was never slacking in my work. To my surprise, this employer did not even know the work I had performed and gave me 7 days to report on the work done. Crazy to say this right?! You are paid to work and not to slack and get paid for nothing! You are the one with no communications.

    The staff there are mostly foreigners and especially the Malaysian girls there are unfriendly.

    So beware for those who are looking for employment at

  37. GruntleVoice says:

    Beware of Smart Idea Pte Ltd. @ Orchard Towers #23-05

    They call themselves a revolutionary AdTech company however they’ve been using the dark web to earn most of their revenue from. Recent projects where they’ve been taking other company product and renaming them as their own.

    They hire people for stated roles but end up changing the position and role after you’ve signed the employment contract. completely no career grooming for advancement at all. As previously written by numberator.

    Recently, they’ve force their current staff sign a civil agreement allowing them press charges against staff or anyone who signed the contract for a total of SG$25,000. In an event, someone voices out their honest opinion about them.

    Seems like they are doing this as a additional source of revenue.

    • Littlemisses says:

      Company will void your employment contract when you want to resign and say that internal company policy of 1 month in-lieu supersedes employee’s letter of employment and will release employee on the day they resign. Without performing proper clearence.

  38. Thirty says:

    This Irish guy G Mccloskey is a headhunter that is typical white colonist. He is good with his work but that its just as good as any Singaporean. Problem with the angmoh foreign trash is they only think they are the ones who are good. Its because they know how to talk. Locals talk less. And are seen as no good. But get the job done well still. You can see that G is with his people like all other angmoh trash here when he gave the cold shoulder to Singaporeans who spoke out to our amgmoh colleagues. G was not involved yet he gave the cold shoulder. This seems petty but they all help their own people in many things at work including rising the ranks or getting the jobs.

  39. Thirty says:

    This Irish guy G Mccloskey is a headhunter that is typical white colonist. He is good with his work but that its just as good as any Singaporean. Problem with the angmoh foreign trash is they only think they are the ones who are good. Its because they know how to talk. Locals talk less. And are seen as no good. But get the job done well still. You can see that G is with his people like all other angmoh trash here when he gave the cold shoulder to Singaporeans who spoke out to our amgmoh colleagues. G was not involved yet he gave the cold shoulder. This seems petty but they all help their own people in many things at work including going up the ranks or getting the jobs.

  40. Makhai says:

    Dear all, for those who are filing salary dispute be careful of TADM. They favour the employer. In my experience with TADM:
    1. TADM fail to inform MOM when employer fail to attend the mediation meeting.
    2. TADM fail to warn employer the consequences for not attending the mediation (As stated in the mediation guide).
    3. TADM allows the employer to propose for the mediation, BUT not the employees.
    4. Giving false information to file for ECT.
    5. TADM accuse the employees for failing to attend the mediation meeting and ask the employees to withdraw the case.

    As for my case lucky I kept the email stated that TADM cancelled the mediation date. What happen IF I do not have any evidence stated that they (TADM) are the one who cancel the mediation will they still issuse me the necessary document to file ECT?
    I asked them when employer fail to attend the 1st mediation meeting and are employer allow to propose for mediation date? TADM told me that they are trying to set a date which all parties (Employer, employee, TADM advisors, SNEF advisors, My union) are avilable! But why does the TADM proceed with the mediation when I counter propose the date set by the employer and didn’t even inform me that they will proceed the mediation without me? Is there any discussion between the employer and TADM that has been disclose to the employee?
    Those who are filing for salary dispute be careful of their dirty tricks. Whatever they said tell them to email you as evidence and do your own research on the internet. If you find they favour the employer don’t waste time calling MOM, TADM, Union its usless. Try seek help from your MP and write to them not to waste time and issuse the document to file for ECT ASAP don’t let them drag till the company close. Sorry for my poor english and gd luck all.

  41. eX-Hong ye staff says:

    DO NOT JOIN HONG YE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY as their f/t employees.

    Boss and her wife (whom are both PR citizens) do not know how to manage the company. sacked alot of employees by just giving one day notice. expected unreasonable standards of work to deliver by their staff. also culture racist as prefer to hire their own nationality (PRC) or people on work pass (S pass especially) coz can give lower pay.

  42. Anonymous says:

    A.S Frost Pte Ltd. Singapore

    Has few other company names but still under same management and owner.

    EA Mart is latest. High Turnover Rate

    Operation Manager Kenneth Sng – untrustworthy, takes advantage of new employees. Deceitful.

  43. gapps says:

    A.S Frost Pte Ltd. Singapore
    Has few other company names but still under same management and owner.

  44. Eyal says:

    On the one side I got really bad experience, but on the other, who am I to complain?

  45. Peakok says:

    I have worked for this uncle only referring himself as lim and he has not paid me since April 2017 for the flyer distribution job which I did for him back then.

    This was what really happened:
    I was told to send him pictures of the blocks which I have done the distribution to his 1st phone number 8533 6721 for roughly 2 weeks (from 28/2/2017 – 15/3/2017). Then on 23/3/2017, he switched his number to 9009 8748 and texted me from then on to send him the photos via the new number for god knows what reasons. I did that for a week (till 25/3/2017) and told him I have to stop work as school was starting.

    He told me that his phones had problem and lost all the datas I send him via his 2 phones. Also said that I have not done my distribution properly but he will fix it his phone and still pay accordingly. I waited and waited… for 2 months and texted him again in June 2017. He again told me his bloody phone isn’t fixed yet and will get back to me once he retrieve the data which needs time. OK I SHALL WAIT. Wait and wait and wait… I texted him again in August 2017 and his 2 phones apparently died. Cannot call and whatapps messages only show 1 grey tick with no last seen, meaning he hasn’t get shit done with his phone.

    He thinks I am dumb, cannot track his new number which he is using to continue his flyer recruitment. With some desktop analysis work, I found his facebook account and his new number (83179233). I texted him again with this number in Oct 2017. Though he acknowledged me but he is still asking me to wait… asked me to send him my acc no and told me he will get his data in Nov 2017. OKAY I SHALL WAIT AGAIN BUT GUESS WHAT? Nov came and there is still no shit from him. I texted him in Dec and HE FREAKING ASK ME TO WAIT AND HE WILL TEXT ME AGAIN. Told me he will settle before CNY of 2018 but still no shit EVEN AFTER CNY.

    I am super patient to wait as I do not need the money urgently. Wait and wait and I texted him in Sept 2018. He told me he has gotten his HR to put me on his pay queue and he will text me again once the transaction is done. Until today which is 6/1/2019, I have not gotten a damn message from him and I am super sick of going after him as the pay was thankgod, not a big sum. However still, I am writing it here to you all not to fall for in this pitfall.

    Almost 2 years and all he told me was to wait. Yea sure, I can wait.. wait till you go down the graves.

    - Flyer uncle lim did not pay me
    - His favourite quote is ” Wait boi, Uncle text you again”
    - His numbers: 8533 6721, 9009 8748 (both are not in use)
    83179233 is still in use, you can google and find on gumtree.

  46. Darni says:

    I just went down to a company last week called Hustle Co after a buddy complained about not getting paid. Went around and asked to speak to their management. I remember the guy who spoke to me. Saw him many years ago at a wedding. His name is Benny Ong. Last time he used to be a wedding photographer. A few years later, Benny Ong started another company and started to scam government money through PIC grants. Was very popular a few years ago. Heard he made a little over 650k through all those grants. Startup Academy pte ltd – his company name. Now called Hustle Co. I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t need to but his cafe is still owing a lot of money in receivables to my buddy who supplies his meat. Benny Ong calls a lot of entrepreneurs down to the cafe and tries to get them to buy his training course, buy his company shares(which is ridiculously inflated in value), eat at his restaurant. Why can’t pay bills when you tell people how successful you are? Look at his Facebook page. Boasting 24/7 about what a great businessman he is. Where’s the business ethics man Benny Ong?

    And now he’s running more ads on Facebook and Instagram to scam another wave of entrepreneurs into buying his course and buying into his overvalued company. Note to all entrepreneurs who are getting scammed by him and doing a google search on the company. Do your research. You’ll see a lot of people already complained about him. Don’t spend your money with him. Call him out for his bad business ethics. Stay away. Don’t part with your money. Save it for something more useful.

  47. BusyBee says:

    Beware of the investment scams by this person:
    Glenn Goh Cheng Ze

    His company New Dotbox company and other investment schemes are out there to cheat people. He claimed to have tie ups with government linked companies. I know of people who are hard up for jobs that are scammed by him.

  48. GoPro says:

    Veer Motion Graphics

    They have closed down now, but when I was with them, they didn’t pay up as promised. Tweaked the narrative to their advantage to justify and blame it on the workers instead, who freelance.

  49. james says:

    They have closed down now, but when I was with them

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