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Monday December 9th 2019

Blacklisted Companies

Dear Friends,

We have heard from many of you out there complaining about companies who exploited you by forcing you to work long hours, delaying salary payment and even dismissing you without any valid reasons.

We want you to be brave and  expose such errant employers by posting the company names and wash their dirty laundry in public.

It will also alert  many other people from working for such shitty employers.

Simply post your rant below on the comment page if you have a particular complaint against certain employers you  came across and want others to be forewarned.

Thanks and be brave Singaporeans!


Gilbert Goh


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282 Responses to “Blacklisted Companies”

  1. Ck says:

    Please dont join this
    . THey are HR company but dont follow HR / Basic standard regulations and has abuse the system.

  2. Rylee says:

    After completion of the job, i was accused that I did not do my job at all and that none of the units out of all the blocks assigned was given any flyers. After that, he demanded me to return all the leftover flyers. However, i realised that he gave me more than 1000 pieces at the beginning ( which i did not count). This is just a scheme so that he could accuse me of not giving out any flyers at all at the end of the day. Furthermore, he state that i should pay him instead. Even though the web state that the pay would be 1000 pieces $20, I was given 2 types of flyer to give out which should be 2000 pieces but is only counted as 1000 pieces. I find it meaningless to argue with this unethical, irresponsible, disrespectful and prevaricator employer that i decided to forgo my pay. Thus, they are just people who scheme to hire people as free labour. Please avoid working with them.

    These are their contact number:
    Melvin +60177217996 / +65 8264 3654
    Ivan +6581130379 / +6598571007

    The companies that I am giving out flyers for are:
    1. Vision Lab Eyewear
    2. Singapore Estate Agency(SEA)
    -flyer promoting for James Lim(R000919B)
    - email:
    - Hp: 9777 1709

  3. Han Wei says:

    This restaurant in Robertson Quay called Rosso Vino rans by Italian mafia who are racist against the Singaporeans. They look down at us and verbally said that they Italians ARE superior and that is why all Singaporeans are having the left overs. They did fired my sister last year and up to now, she still have a trauma getting job with any moh white superior. Look what devastating effect the Manager name Salvo did to her. Yet some people those who suck up the white supremacists back him up so much. These people will definitely be betrayed one day. Don’t ever gain employment from this company.

  4. Charlie says:

    SunGard is a fintech company which has questionable HR practice.
    1. The senior management are all French origin and the middle layer made up of FT Indians. No Chinese or Singaporean in professional or management level.
    2. The few Singaporeans or Chinese are relegated to support or admin role.
    3. They have recently decided to offshore support function to India and eliminated around 10+ jobs that was previously part of the graduate training program.
    4. Before I was let go, the company refused to release me from my non compete clause and HR and threatened to pursue legal actions against me if I ever work for a fintech firm again. My supervisor even overloaded me with work in the final few weeks and threatened to bad mouth me if I don’t finish them.
    5. I am just a junior application support staff, hired as part of your graduate program, let off due to restructuring and now your disallowing me to find a job in the area which I am trained at?

    I will not recommend any Singaporeans or Chinese to work at the company.
    I also hope the brokers, which I think SunGard does a large part of business with, realize what they are doing when they give business to this company. You are funding the lifestyle and retirement of the foreigners, strengthening their stranglehold on your technology and allow them to continue to look down on your operation people.

    Stay away from SunGard

    • SungardIsCrap says:

      Agreed with the writer that Sungard is a piece of crap from the broker “point of view”

      Imagine they can come to the meeting to agree all the stuff needed to implement and later not fulfill them. Best of all when there is an issue awaiting them to rectify, the Ang Moh just went off work while the brokers’ IT staff are still waiting at 8pm!!

      Sad that this is the only service provider in the industry, Million$$$ are paid annually for their services and they are dishing such crappy standards…

  5. Mike H says:

    MMI Holdings is a terrible company. They regularly try and violate labour laws by verbally trying to force employees to quit without providing a severance. Only by contacting the ministry of manpower do they provide a severance.

  6. JL says:

    I have went to these horrible locals SME for interviews, and please do not join them as they only employ foreigners and discriminate locals, they include:

    -Hemsco(Singapore)Pte Ltd

    -Xtra Communication Pte Ltd

  7. Crystal says:

    Tourism Management Institute of Singapore (TMIS) hired teachers to teach English courses to students from China, Myanmar, Vietnam required by ICA before they can proceed to taking the diploma courses offered by the school. Students needed to have at least 90% attendance as well as pass the exam before qualifying for the diploma course.

    Before I started work, the Head of Department for English told me to mark the attendance sheet in pencil but to sign my name in pen so that if the students qualify for the diploma courses, they would ‘help’ the students with their attendance.

    The longer I taught these students, the more I realised that things were not right. i would sometimes get called to meet one of the student agents and was told not to report to the police if the students were absent for more than a week.

    The only time I was paid on time was before Chinese New Year. Every month after that, my payment was delayed. I eventually resigned even though I was not allowed to, under 6-month teaching contract.

    I was very glad when I did so, even though it kept my students in the lurch. The administrator later left TMIS not long after me, and I was later told by my students that nearly the whole class was cheating in the exams.

    I had brought these issues up to the Council of Private Education but received no reply, even after a few years.

  8. Sad boy says:


    The “director”named JEFFRY ONG is an untrustable person. Once he promised to complete a leftover job to a customer but insisted on receiving the payment first. But he never completed the job and blocked the customer phone. The customer decided to give up eventually

  9. Jess says:

    A Real Estate Company located at Old Spring Building, Bukit Merah Central

    All these bosses retrenched their staffs with no valid reasons and cruelly with excuses of cost cutting but spend expensively on unnecessary stuffs for the company despite of staffs have been working hard for years to bring in sales profits for the company and cleared all the mess due to lousy top management’s decision making in running and managing the company. Companies’ structures are very badly done. Bring in their friends’ children or acquaintances to work in the company and fired current staffs unreasonably. Worse, they forced staffs to resign on their own instead of retrenchment to avoid from paying compensation to the staffs. Yelled at staffs as and when they wanted and blamed staffs unnecessary. Staff turnover is very high within a short period of times. High workload, peanut salary and lousy employment benefits.

  10. Boxx says:

    Htwo Education Holdings Pte Ltd (Htwo Investment Holdings Pte Ltd)

    Dont pay cpf, dont pay salary on time. Turnover rate is 2 times the number of actual employees. Harassment cases. Corporate organisation owned by family business. Collectors coming to chase for money all the time. Lines are cut off.

  11. peacock says:

    I just want to warn all to stay clear of this company called MMA Offshore Asia. The entire company is overrun by foreigners and they had to resort to putting up a misleading job ad for the position then ask you to do job scope not within your role. Managers are mostly foreigners maybe one or two local but all the executive all from Malaysians and the support staff are mostly locals.

    If you are local chinese, you shouldn’t even consider applying for the job as you go in, probably you won’t even last long. You will either be odd one or thrown to do work not within your role.

  12. Frustrated says:

    Below are the bad and worse bosses to work with in a real estate investment holding company I am currently employed:-
    1) Kain – always throw tantrum like a spoiled child
    and very unreasonably scream at employees
    when things are not according to what she
    2) Tricia
    3) Financial Controller

    Don’t work for these people who will overwork and use you very badly for their own benefits…full of dirty tricks and cruel means to achieve what they wanted.

    • Guess says:

      I m quite sure this company is SLP International right? I was offered a job by Kain after 1 round of interview by HR & later Kain herself on e day itself. Bt I rejected e job on e first day as my desk screen was positioned right in front of Kain. I M glad i nvr join them. The HR was very unpleasant i rmb e name Tricia

  13. Rooter says:

    Sieg and Zack ‘international’ company pte ltd

    I put ‘international’ because I’ve absolutely no idea what’s the company working on.

    You’ll have Zack- your worst boss who doesn’t know what he wants and doesn’t even know what he is doing. Always throws tantrum and sometimes just fired employees, just because his mom tell him.
    Yes, you’ve heard it. His mom. If you are indians, Im so sorry. Apparent this family seems to have grudge against them.

    The boss will overwork you for sure, lots of work drama and threatening craps thats not even work related.

    Project’s deadline is just asking for the impossible, with no proper planning and scheduled. Paid is also very little. If you are told to OT, be very prepared to stay overnight. Working there means you are constantly under surveillance 24hr. And you only leave if he says so.

    You get one mistake, you get nitpick by him. Endlessly.

    Sometimes you’ll be forced to sign a contract which isn’t even legal.

    In conclusions, you’ll feel more like you are working for a retard client rather than a company.

  14. TT says:

    WARNING: Please do not work for the The Panicroom (The Barber Shop), they treat their staff like shit. I was a part timer. The malay boss is the unreasonable, balding and has bad breath.

  15. ah boh says:

    Dont join this company call logistic company in east area near changi district area dealing with Pharm. Especially the faclity manager is indian indian. they are looking for someone in EHS/Facility roles.

    Base on the fact if you want to work, you have to understand the work area and job right. therefore you will ask open questions. and guess that he does not understand at all. he will not let you have the opportunity to speak and i don’t really trust him at all. seriously speaking.

  16. Ross says:

    O T K Transport and Solution PTE LTD

    This is a transport solution company which does contracts for both DHL pte ltd and FedeX. This company is owned by a fella name ALEX ONG TING KIAT. Beware of this cunning fella. He is in love with the money he gets. Even his wife left him for loving money then her.He literally couldnt get enough of it. And he ‘earns’ the money by implementing stupid policy. Tell me who in the world deducts 50 dollars just because you are 45 mins late?? He is rather irresponsible and loves to twist his employees words and use against them. He always delays their pay and at times wouldn’t even pay the correct amount. Employees have to literally threathen and go missing for a day or soo before he pays the remaining salary. He alo controls a loyal dog (his supervisor) who would blindy say things on behalf of employer. GOt to pity

    • DT says:

      Hi Ross,
      OTK by deducting your pay at $50 is considered lenient for 45 minutes late!
      By right after being later for more than 30minutes is consider as half day deduction in most global and MNC! So quit complaining!

  17. SAD says:

    Admin, could you please remove my comment (

    My previous company sent me a cease and desist letter for my comment.

    :( :( :(

  18. Riyan says:

    85% of employees are foreigners!

    Contact says, 44 hrs work per week, 1 & 1/2 day off but they made work more than 44 hrs per week, sometimes they only give u 1 day off because not enough manpower. The first 2 mths i worked, when doing closing, each time the area manager came, will definitely go back late, around 12 am and sometimes 1am, because she has to so the Visual Merchandising on the shop floor. I mean, can’t she came and do it while the shop was opened? “Why must she do after shop closed”? They also will plan your schedule anyhow without asking u first. They make you work more OT and u can’t even claim them only after few weeks or mths after only if there’s enough manpower. Even if they put you half day morning, u still need to stay back and each time i stayed back it’s always 2 hrs ++. They don’t care if you’re tired or exhausted. Sometimes i have to work 2 full shifts (10 hrs) back to back days. Your off day also can be posponed or rescheduled if there’s not enough staff eg, last festive season christmas +new year, “i worked 10 days back to back”! Can you imagine how frust & exhausted i am? Their HR management also doesn’t care. They only care about meeting sales targets only! they don’t appeaciates their retail staffs. If customer complain (even if they’re right or wrong) staff is at fault. Even their area manager also don’t communicate with the staffs except the managers only. If they not happy they also can terminate any staffs as they like especially when the customer complain towards the staff, that staff can say bye bye to the job! So better don’t work there. Not worth it.

  19. Sharlene Wee says:

    This Raffles money change at clifford centre keeps cutting the local staff and hiring non natives. Their foreign vs local staff ratio is badly skwed .. MOM should investigate them$$$-laundering%85-5422069.html

  20. DJ says:

    Do not work for TCC- The Connoisseur Concerto, Sarika Connoisseur Cafe. Rude Malay & Indian bosses that keep shouting and throwing tantrums around like spoilt kids. Give half-assed instructions that are not clear and then when you seemingly packed “wrongly”, they just fling all the goods to the ground.

    If you are a guy watch out. They like to bully young Chinese guys into submission. Especially if you are that scared scared type or diam diam type they will bully you even more.

    They make the staff work for more than 8 hours without any rest break or food break. Imagine no food in your stomach since the time you go to work till you go home.

  21. Unhappy unemployed Man says:

    Avoid going to e2i job fairs!

    Been jobless since 1 mth

    Those e2i job fairs, There were various industries, hotel, retail, f&b ect. I went to the retail industry instead as i have almost 5 years in the retail industry and the hotel one sucks cause they will ask you to put more working hours and also first shift begins @ 6am. Not the flexibility hours and also pays so little…

    Went to first retail company, Watson! the HR person was like reluctant to hire me which afterwards he told me that if i gotten the job, the basic pay will be $1200 including OT if have, works 44 hrs as per normal. I kinda hesitate to take it because it is so little and beside i am a diploma holder.

    The 2nd one, i noticed that this company was having a “Sales Promoter” position so i decided to go. Here’s how the process, i was interviewed by 2 people. First the HR person and the other one, the sales manager. The HR person was so annoying. Kept asking me about my previous job scopes, the salary, the commision, the bonus, the leave how many, the medical leave MC how many, how much the part time paid hourly ect. So kaypoh! Once she done, she passed me to the sales manager and from there i had never felt so humiliated ever while ongoing job interview

    She asked me why i left my last job and i told her due to company’s high expectations and also lack of staff support. I mean, when it comes to customer complain, they rather sided with the customer then their own staff. I mean who can work in that horrible environment and with the annoying foreigners managers demanding strict demands, i rather quit than to work with them. Her respond, “Ya Ya Oh” like not interested at all. She said the job scope is that i have to sell their products, hit their daily sales targets, die die must hit no matter what even if there’s no people want to buy or not, paster customers to buy. Their products are all branded stuffs, selling at various depts outlets, eg OG, Isetan, Takashimaya, Metro lah. Then she told me that i will never get paid $1700 as what i stated on the application form, will be much lower which i’m so furious cause like i said, i am a diploma holder and that expected salary is negotiable knowing i could get more and since the job market is bad right now at least the amout i’m asking is okay. So now the thing is, the company is not going to pay me $1700, paying less and expect me to follow what they says. Some more she can comment, “Your last job pays so well, so sad leh ur left” I informed her immedlately, ” now i got diploma leh, should be i getting more”. She just kept quiet! I just inform her, i will think first and immediately left that stupid job fair. She said if i’m shortlisted they will call me back to go for Another Job Interview, still haven’t get the job. Just waste of time

    Think twice before attend any job fairs in singapore as in the end, those employees are just wasting their time interviewing singaporeans and in the end, humilating those jobless singaporeans. They can only offer less than $1400. Like that how to survive?

    • Derek says:

      Probably you should manage your expectations better, and face the harsh reality in this society. With due respect, diploma doesn’t guarantee you a higher paying wage. We have PMETs with degrees/masters who are able to obtain an employment. If you think you deserve to be paid more, then you shouldn’t be looking at promoters roles. Life is tough in Singapore, and if you still stick to this mentality of yours, I’m sorry that you may continue to be jobless for a period of time. You made me feel sorry for you, and you should start pondering Expectation vs Reality. Good luck.

  22. Elizabeth says:

    You have to learn to take the humble pie if you want to find a job. Being a Diploma Holder never guarantees you a high paying or a high flyer paying job. The economy for this year and next year is bad. You must have heard from the news that many companies (including the hospitality and retail industries) are freezing headcount or even retrenching people. Gone are the days of the employees’ market whereby u can pick, choose and wait for a job to drop on your lap. You have to change your mindset, perceptions and attitudes towards a job, if you seriously want to help yourself. Good luck!

  23. Wan Man Ki says:

    This company the boss and his wife are always in the office, they keep blame people are not working hard, and will not increase your pay for many years. They will catch all the small issues make it so big that they always on the winning side, please do not join this company at all.

    They treat the specialist very bad, they basically force them to work OT, and they always try to miss count the number of hour.

    Low basic and without any increase for 4 years or more.
    Please pass this on.

    Thank you,
    Man Ki

  24. Kingston says:

    Avoid this problematic SME, Identiv Pte Ltd changes name like changes clothes, do not deceive by the company website and renovation like tech start up and what has promised during interview, be cautious before sign documents given. Be extra careful of the narrow minded, authoritarian staffs and bosses who play tricks under table instead of seeking truth face to face, accused people without listening explanation because they do not even care about truth but supporter of their own root. Their hiring is actually temporary coverage for long planned vacation and other position resignation but not intend for permanent. It embraces parent company culture with track record of lawsuits including age discrimination and being wrongly fired.

  25. Kingston says:

    avoid this $2 empty company

  26. Seeker says:

    Chanced upon this “BLACKLISTED COMPANIES” site and find them extremely useful. I have read through all the comments here and some of those companies I have send my applications too. Fortunately, their non-response is a blessing in disguise.

    Those job seekers who have been looking for jobs, for months, would agree with me that tonnes of vacancies in Jobstreet, Jobscentral, Jobsdb & Jobsbank are rather repetitive and being rolled out repeatedly over a period of MONTHS after MONTHS. Most of the JDs these companies offered, were quite easy to meet and I am sure there are plenty of talents (including myself) are able to meet those requirements. However, despite hudnreds of applicants they received (jobstreet has the open stats for registered members), these companies have not shortlisted any candidated at all.

    I wonder, what was wrong with these companies (which ought to be blacklisted) and should warrant MOM, NTUC’s investigations. There could be sign of discrimination within the company, poor HR management, high staff turnovers, poor leadership, lousy supervisor, which resulted in repetitive job ads? If I were to list some of these companies, the list is going to be extreme…starting with (not going to include spaming recruitment agencies)

    DeClout (sometime they used different names, from “subsidiary” to shield)

    Zhejiang Construction
    Miclyn Express Offshore Pte Ltd
    Sanmina-SCI Systems Singapore Pte Ltd
    Leica Instruments (S) Pte Ltd
    Schaeffler (Singapore) Pte Ltd
    Yeo Hup Seng
    Singapore Art Museum
    Trick eyes Museum
    Golden Energy and Resources Limited
    Weike Gaming Technology (S) Pte Ltd
    Pepsico International Pte Ltd
    AITbiotech Pte Ltd
    ITS Science & Medical Pte Ltd
    Siemens Pte Ltd
    GfK Asia Pte Ltd
    Meinhardt Singapore Pte Ltd
    VGO Corporation Limited
    Watson’s Personal Care Stores Pte Ltd
    Charisma Energy Services Limited(an associate company of Ezion Holdings Limited)

    Rohde & Schwarz Asia Pte Ltd
    Winson Oil
    REC Solar Pte Ltd
    Ramo Industries PL
    ABWIN Trading Pte Ltd
    HAO Mart Pte Ltd
    Miclyn Express Offshore
    IHIS medical
    Lee Kong Chian Medicine
    Aureus Academy
    Hong Food

    The above are just a starter, which I often witnessed, moving in & out of various jobs portal for “months” despite having accumulated tonnes of applicants? I wonder, what went wrong with these companies?

  27. Kingston says:

    Identiv Pte Ltd
    - See more at:
    In May, tripartite guidelines on managing excess manpower and responsible retrenchment were issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the Singapore National Employers Federation and NTUC. They highlighted the measures that companies are supposed to take during a retrenchment exercise, such as giving ample notice to affected employees and paying them benefits.

    Mr Tay thinks irresponsible retrenchments could happen to employees across all industries and age groups.

    He said: “It affects firms that are facing challenges and need to fire people. If (disguised retrenchments) are legal, it doesn’t matter if you are old or young.”

    There are tell-tale signs when a company is trying to get rid of employees to reduce costs, Mr Tay added.

    For instance, workers who have been doing the same job are suddenly given poor performance ratings when they had previously received consistently good ratings. Another sign is when a company’s order books are empty.

    Legally, the employer may have the right to do that because the employment contract doesn’t have any severance package but this is not progressive.

    Under the Employment Act, employers are supposed to inform their workers before they are retrenched.

    There is minimum requirement, ranging from one day’s notice for employees who have worked less than 26 weeks to four weeks’ notice for those who have worked for at least five years.

    It depends on the collective agreement or contract of service, but the prevailing norm is a payout of between two weeks’ to one month’s salary per year of service.

    In unionised companies, where the quantum of retrenchment benefit is in the collective agreement, the norm is one month’s salary for each year of service.

    Disguised retrenchments mean companies terminate employees without taking the necessary responsibilities.

    NTUC assistant secretary-general Patrick Tay outlined more scenarios:

    Workers axed by firms and given a one-off or ex-gratia payment, some of which are below industry norms.
    Contract workers terminated due to loss of business contracts.
    Contract workers have their contracts discontinued after their firms fail to retain business deals or have to shed staff on account of a slowdown. While legally permissible, this could be considered a layoff.
    Workers asked to resign voluntarily. The companies tell them that being terminated “doesn’t look good ” on their resumes.

    “Employees could also be more susceptible to disguised retrenchments when they have individual contractual entitlements to retrenchment benefits, but are not from a unionised company and are not union members,” he said.

    –​ Mr Patrick Tay

    “It is important to prioritise the welfare of the staff. This means making them feel appreciated and giving them a fair compensation.”

    For assistance on employment facilitation, companies can contact:

    Singapore Workforce Development Agency
    Tel: 6883 5885
    Employment and Employability Institute
    Tel: 6474 0606

    Employees who encounter irresponsible retrenchment practices not in compliance with the Employment Act can approach the Ministry Of Manpower for help.
    Those not covered by the Act can approach their unions.
    Non-union members whose contract stipulates a notice period or the retrenchment benefits quantum can seek recourse through the Civil Courts.

  28. Kingston says:

    Typical conditions of SME HR and fake titles bosses seniors lack of professional capabilities, not to mention poor knowledge, management and leadership direction, gang up ‘cheating’ retrenched workers out of benefits and carry out disguised retrenchment to avoid payout

  29. xyz says:

    Disguised retrenchments are not progressive, but are the norm in Singapore for many decades already, especially among the SMEs. PAPpy ministers & MOM can only talk cock sing song. Because there is no law against disguised retrenchments, and it is not illegal.

  30. L says:

    Kingston United Pte Ltd.

    Too many foreign talents. Low pay. Soon, layoff staff disguised as retrenchments and sackings.

    • xyz says:

      Sackings disguised as retrenchments are becoming common in Singapore, where you see longtime good & above average workers suddenly kena sacked due to reason of “poor performance” or “insubordination”. Companies do this by overloading workers with greatly increased workloads or insisting on accomplishing tasks & targets that are beyond the capability of most humans. Workers who cannot do the increased workload or complain will then kena sacked.
      If you kena sacked, the company doesn’t need to pay you any compensation. Whereas if you kena retrenched due to company downsizing or restructuring, then you can ask for retrenchment benefits or complain to MOM if you don’t get any.

      • L says:

        Big companies or SME companies are to be blamed for the evil plan to sack employees to save money. It’s the worst if the employers gang up with their close “friends” to disguise sackings as retrenchments. MOM is not helpful. Need to vote PAP out for the change of law.

  31. Miri says:

    To all potentially abusive employers and HR, a hired employee is an important member of the company, opinion should be valued for improvement instead of old ways of doing things since few decades ago, exercising office bullying and emotional abusing have no place in new era civilized society. Some work in fear and silent to obey in order to stay in job. Many less capable senior staffs are waiting for compensation and retirement as they’re lazy to change and difficult to get job for the same position in different company, time spending to cause others to make mistakes and had hard time to build relationship to eliminate those who threatened them or have different opinions to secure own position. While the rest of the old birds enjoy watching the shows, criticize others, online shopping, chatting empty whole day, pretending working by standing and talking to others and had long lunch to different places without any issue. The same work performance criteria should be graded by the employee towards their superior and possible to engage external community consultation body for regular visit monitoring and judgement for fair employment. Lets check the job scope of the same job title in different companies and you’ll know the underlying problem, especially when employee turnover is high and retention under the supervisor is problem. Really hope that retrenchment and unemployment or related insurance schemes are available for fair employment including towards office bullying.

  32. YCS says:

    Agree. Vote for opposition to drive out all employers. Let us make Singapore job free.

  33. JJ says:

    Is it possible gov to remove health problem and supervisor contact replace with workplace referees instead for job application to avoid discrimination and bad referral unless the supervisor is good? Since pre-employment health screening will be conducted prior to employment.

  34. Miri says:

    Job advertisement should be consider carefully before posting, do not simply post to show to public that the company is expanding, still hiring and interviewing to collect market information. Most of the requested works and skills are not related to job description and discussed during interview. Do not hire just to bring in new knowledge and later play tricks such as partial information given to employee to create evidence not fit for job in order to cover up wrong hiring decision to cut cost when business slow.

  35. JJ says:

    My ex colleagues who work longer than me discriminate me when I join company because Im not at the same bandwidth as them and said that im difficult to work along. My tears dropped when I heard more junior colleagues said that im actually a nice person and wondered why they treated and commented me that bad.

  36. Miri says:

    Can any organization or NTUC takes actions in advance by creating own one stop Jobsbank and hiring effective headhunters to close gap for local employment and transparent real markets employment data analysis? To promote progressive human resource practices and weekly follow-up sessions with employees and employers to ensure monitoring and no abusive of employment practices.

  37. Miri says:

    Can you please help to highlight to ministry of manpower and gov to include unfair dismissal during probation period, temporary and contract works in written employment contract by law start from early 2017 along with retrenchment report?
    Need your help to ensure organization have clear probationary policy clearly defined in contract and handbook at the start of the hiring.
    Many people are unaware of the HR practices and encountered unfair dismissal during contract and probation without even know what the real reason on their last day? Some of the local company or shops purposely hire people and fire people after probation period when business slow with reason extension period given to cover notice in lieu and they start to hire new people again with similar cycle time to cut cost, to save on increment and prorated bonus.
    Many employers intentionally/did not meeting with employee regularly to review tasks to be performed and the time frame in which to perform them and providing them with the system and support they need.
    And without give them an opportunity to represent on their behalf before force resign decision which treated in non respect way in minutes time?
    Employers acted blur and did not notify them of that extension before or at the end of their initial probation period, just anytime when employers don’t need them?

  38. Miri says:

    And many employers like to add in special extra duties out of job description and mentioned the duties are included in add hoc jobs, which you don’t have the skill which can pick up in weeks time. Can this refer to insubordination? Employer can do whatever they like and gave bad reference to cover and we cannot comment bad thing about ex employer during interview to tell truth? Is it fair? I knew a friend whose ex employer asked him to be sales when he’s a introvert shy technician and asked him to leave when his sales did not meet target.

  39. Alvin says:

    Delay my pay for 2 months. And nobody from the company to address about the pay delay

  40. J Y says:

    Can we blacklist MOM? My household was recently selected by MOM to do a survey. They wanted to know how many people in a household was working. I had done it online. They only allowed you to select one answer from the list provided. If not, you have to select others and elaborate on it.

    When I was asked why I was not working, the answer list include reasons like studying, retired, childcare, eldercare, housework, health problems, cannot find work, volunteering etc… The problem is you can only select one answer when there are so many reasons. They wanted to collect data for research, but I wonder how they can help the jobless by this survey. Why can’t they let you choose more than one reason to make the survey more accurate? For eg., many housewives are expected to multi-task, but they can only select housework when they also need to look after kids or the elderly.

  41. chillipadi says:

    McGean Rohco Singapore Pte Ltd

    Company takes in entry level position and just use them for their peak season after the season is over, director will speak to the newcomers and hinted them to find a better place. Politics in the office was very bad. And segregation of staff were very obvious so what if it’s earning a lot? They do not know how to groom new comers all they know is to ask you to google.
    Didnt confirm me a position of the job after my contracted ended they didnt inform me on the extension of terms, full of liars

  42. John says:

    Fuzzie Pte Ltd (aka IBY Pte Ltd).

    Beward working for, or doing business with this company. Founder and sole director has a history of paying salaries and 3rd party commercial bills late (if they are even paid).

    Currently owes its Singapore staff about SGD 14k, and another SGD 30k++ owed to full-time developers based in India (which btw has no recourse to take, such as having MOM help out). Also owes 3rd parties a few thousands for close to 6 months already.

    micro-manage the hell out of operations and staff despite having no experience in any fields on corporate / ops planning.
    Not trustworthy to work for or do business with, and very Machiavellian in nature.

  43. Not_ang_moh says:

    This asshole from eben consultant named ck chan kept pressuring me during my interview and acted so cocky.He kept showing off his stupid mba from uk and how he read whatever shit book on problem solving. He also kept mentioning 5 times how he could be making money instead of taking the time to interview me. What kind of asshole does that? He s just some ugly asshole keeps telling me how he had his career planned out since secondary school or some shit. Does he really think I m retarded enough to believe that or something? Some people are so stupid

  44. Marcus says:

    Singapore National Co-operatives Federation – Apex body for Cooperatives

    Micromanagement aplenty.

    Senior management frequently puts the cart ahead of the horse when it comes to goal settings for event outcomes.

    Do not expect to be compensated in any form if you have events falling on weekends or public holidays.

    Depressing culture and occasion burst of frontal confrontations.

    Turnover is high (Average 90% to 100% turnover every year

    For a non profit organisation, the level of politics is tremendous and defeats the purpose of the company’s values and mission it upholds.

  45. Sunbeamer says:

    There’s been a few companies from the tech sector
    That’s been posting roles…however be aware
    Of these few who are head by expats & only
    Think the world of their own & the worst of us local
    Singaporeans as token employees to hire more expats.

    1. Xpand (Tech Headhunter agency)
    2. Outbrain (constantly reminding you it’s a Jewish Company

  46. Angryperson says:

    NIKE (Company: SUTL)

    Don’t ever work in the NIKE Stores in here.
    No OT! manager expect me to stay back late whenever i do closing just to do housekeeping. Also they will ask me to go to other outlet and handcarry stocks, but never pay transport allowence. It’s not seldom but all the time. It’s not wonder they paste the hiring ad outside the NIKE store cause many of their staffs are resigning

  47. IceDragon says:

    Don’t ever work for Tea Valley (F&B). The boss is so stingy. No public holiday bonus is given. No CPF is given. 2 of the workers there are bullies. During my time there, I’ve witness 6 workers who came in after me, resignin one by one due to those 2 clowns.

    The boss even threatened me to receive my pay from 1 of the 2 jokers because I wanted to collect face to face so that I can point out the issues. He don’t want to meet me, and say that he don’t have the time to entertain me.

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