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Sunday March 26th 2017

Blacklisted Companies

Dear Friends,

We have heard from many of you out there complaining about companies who exploited you by forcing you to work long hours, delaying salary payment and even dismissing you without any valid reasons.

We want you to be brave and  expose such errant employers by posting the company names and wash their dirty laundry in public.

It will also alert  many other people from working for such shitty employers.

Simply post your rant below on the comment page if you have a particular complaint against certain employers you  came across and want others to be forewarned.

Thanks and be brave Singaporeans!


Gilbert Goh


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200 Responses to “Blacklisted Companies”

  1. RM says:

    Hydrogen Group. (Recruitment agency)

    I saw they fired a staff after 2 weeks. They hired this guy from a completely different industry BUT, he already sent out candidates for interviews by the 3rd day AND brought in new client worth over USD 50k by the second week. That’s when he got fired. Be careful of the politics there.

    • cassidyholt says:

      Bizhub Asia Pte Ltd
      81 Ubi Avenue 4, Ubi One
      # 9-13, Singapore 408830
      1. When I was working there my manager would force me to work after hours to the extent of exceeding regular working hours by 1-2 hours despite the fact that i have already finished my assigned task on time.
      2. The company would force you to go on “sports day” events on every Thursday after work which is after 7pm. These unnecessary outings will last from 8:30pm – 10 pm or even 11pm depending on the Boss`s will & whim on whether he had had enough fun or not.
      The workload of the job itself is already stressful enough but to be required to commit every Thursday night after work is beyond tolerable as that would cause me to return home late at times up to 2am in the morning not to mention the fact that I would be expected to show up to work tomorrow morning.
      3. They pay you peanuts of a salary for a job that requires you to move a mountain.
      4. The managers have very unrealistic expectations of you.
      5. Ground breakingly unprofessional towards colleagues: I was forced to play a truth or dare game by fellow colleagues which involves me labeling my male manager & two of my male colleagues under the following category: To Kiss, To Marry & To One Night Stand with. Appalled by this game & the absolute inappropriate nature of this game i opted out of it, only to be called unoutgoing by my colleagues. While my male manager played this game he was asked :Between Me (Female), Female Manager & female colleague which would he categorize us under ?
      To my horror, my repulsive male manager decided to categorise us : He will marry female manager, Kiss Female Colleague & have a One night stand with me. Not only is that embarrassing on my part, but it is absolutely disturbing & effects my ability to work comfortably around my male manager. It was absolutely degrading for me…
      My Personal experience:
      My manager came up with the idea of celebrating my Boss`s birthday party at Sentosa Island in a very prestigious cafe. On the day of my pay check she forced me to cough up a whopping S$80 for the Birthday dinner. At that point i was financially tight, & kindly explained to my ever demanding manager that I would not be attending the dinner & offered to pay for the birthday present in turn. My manager flipped out & scolded me in front of all my colleagues. Despite not being a lawyer myself, I however do know that it is my right to refuse to pay for my boss`s birthday dinner as it is my hard earn money & its lawfully that the COMPANY who PAYS the EMPLOYEE NOT THE EMPLOYEE WHO PAYS THE COMPANY!!!! Due to that little uncalled for squabble, my manager decided to fire me the next day. I was utterly relieved. I left with a smile on my face & felt like the weight of the world had lifted from my shoulders. It was truly a blessing in disguise. I had stood my ground against my despicable manager & despite losing my job. It was downright worth it.

      I am not writing this out of revenge towards the company who decided to terminate my employment. I am writing this in hopes that someone might read this and hopefully be spared from the trauma i had had to endure with this company.
      This company is not only inconsiderate,but selfish & heartless. BIZHUB ASIA (Tai Seng, Ubi 1, 9th floor,Office number 13) blurs the lines between professionalism & personal life to the extent that it is utterly disrespectful. If you are an emotionless human being with zero selfrespect you are welcomed to try out for this company. They are looking for an Admin Support.

  2. SAF says:

    I work for a Singapore local university, in one of their research centres. I was shocked to see on my first day that 80-90% of the staff were foreigners (Indians)! All living on Singapore taxpayer’s money!!! Also I later found out that many of them are really not qualified and have no technical skills or are really unprofessional and stupid. Damn disgusting!!!

    • 胡文斌 says:

      The best thing about Singapore’s Foreign Talent Scheme is that Singaporeans who SUCCEED in say, getting a place in the local universities can always feel MUCH MORE SUPERIOR to their compatriots who DO NOT, even if they qualify.

      Being in a Singaporean university is sufficient to put anybody, no matter what their nationality or GENDER, on a pedestal.

      oh poon ping (“paul”)

  3. rb says:

    Small design agency called +angoshark. Boss is basically a tyrant and cannot tolerate his ego being bruised. Constantly hurled sexual comments about staff’s dressing; dress too short, blouse’s designs etc. Have constant mood swings, one moment he’s fine, the next moment banging the table and shouting vulgarities. Very rude and sarcastic to staff, especially to those he doesnt like or those who are giving notice.

    Avoid of this place at all costs!

  4. elcubex says:

    A chair manufacturing company called Benel. Totally non-compliance with MOM Employment Act (Cap.91) S38(1)(b).

    Workers are working from 8.45 to 6.30 everyday with 45 minutes lunch break. That is equal to 9 hours work everyday (EA states 8 hours per day) or 45 hours work every week (EA states 44 hours per week). To get around this, the company declares a 15 minutes tea break which does not exist but rather, time for the staff to go toilet.

    Does not pay OT for anything despite being stated in EA S38(4). Company around 80% malaysian, china chinese or malaysian turn PRs (to get around the dependency ceiling) with only a handful of Singaporean.

  5. Anon says:

    Britol College

    Scam school
    Students from India come to work with full knowledge of the principal.

    Failure to pay salary.

    Did not come for MOM labour court.

    Still not getting salary after labour court judgement

    Lotsa shady deals.

  6. Teacher says:


    It is a special needs school who hired almost all foreigners as teachers and therapists. Parents paid more than 1k of school fee monthly, and most teachers are just qualified with in-house certifications.

    In the employment letter, the employee is supposed to ensure herself having the required qualification to conduct the job duties efficiently. (Isn’t it the company’s responsibility?!) And new staff are bonded for 1 year without any incentive nor the probation period.

    I can’t imagine how the children learn language when most of the teachers are foreigners with strong accent of their own countries, including the speech therapist.

    • Mrs Lu says:

      I sent my son to kids4kids when he was 3 years old after being diagnosed with ASD (Autism). I pulled him out of the school after few months with them when I realized the teacher in-charged was not professionally trained and the service provided was not as good as what it had marketed. I placed my son to another private school and later to Rainbow (Towner Road) after he got a place at Rainbow. Now, he is happily with Pathlight School. To my experience, I must say that Rainbow and Pathlight are 2 really properly and professionally run schools for Children with Autism.

  7. Dan says:

    Panelplace is one,you can see their website at,

    they ask intern to work for $600 a month,when work is not done they ask them to work for over time.

    They are remaining days when they ask people to stay back extra days and not pay them the salary.

  8. Kay Poh says:

    NTU Computer Centre is totally populated with Indians except their boss. They make the toilets so dirty and smelly! Does NTU have so little confidence in its local graduates that instead of hiring them they have to hire graduates from Indian universities???

    • Jafri Basron says:

      Time to petition the Prime Minister Office …
      Reduce the in flow of the Indian, Filipino and the Myanmar community… Singaporean are disadvantaged and marginalised by their presence in the country.

      • Dico says:

        Petition the Prime Minister Office???

        This is the arsehole who had created all this mess and he will never listen until he is ousted!

        This is the same arsehole who signed the traitorous CECA free trade agreement with India that allow free access of Indians to Singapore’s job market!

        So who benefitted from the CECA in Singapore’s side? The cronies of PAP! They get access to the lucrative banking and telecommunications sectors, the ports managements and other businesses that give benefits to the GLCs which feeds their Elite Chauvinistic Pigs scholars big fat salaries! UOB and OCBC also benefited from the CECA. Why? because UOB is one of the major customer of Lee & Lee Law firm!

    • 胡文斌 says:

      So what?

      I noticed the best thing about Singapore’s Foreign Talent Scheme is that Singaporeans who SUCCEED in say, getting a place in the local universities can always feel MUCH MORE SUPERIOR to their compatriots who DO NOT, even if they qualify.

      Being in a Singaporean university is sufficient to put anybody, no matter what their nationality or GENDER, on a pedestal.

      oh poon ping (“paul”)

  9. xavier the saviour says:

    hey upstairs, do you really believe petition works?

  10. Tan Ah Kow says:

    Dated This: 16/April/2014.


    (1) To Whom It May Concern:

    (2) Ms Maureen Koh.
    The New Paper Reporter.

    Hi Ms Maureen Koh,

    Today I called up the TNP hotline at 1800-7334455 and was told by the Receptionist Ms Isah that you would only be in after 3 pm or so. But I am having a meeting at that time. Therefore I could not call you. I have left a detailed message with Receptionist Ms Isah. Not sure if she passed them to you.

    I am the Main Complainent In-Chief, the person co-ordinating the whole episode, like in MediaCorp dramas, whatever you call it, in this Case and have known Dr Woffles Wu for at least more than ten (10) calendar years.

    It is regarding your article in the TNP yesterday (15/April/2014) on the Medical Suspension Case of that Plastic Surgeon, Dr Woffles Wu Tze Liang, Pink NRIC S1409986G.

    In your that article, you seemed to put Dr Woffles Wu in a good light. I do not know how much you know about this person. Please allow me to share with you some additional facts which Dr Woffles Wu did not share with you.

    On the issue of Dr Woffles Wu fined S$1000.00 for asking his staff cleaner named Mr Kuan Yit Wah to take the rap. Before he was successfully convicted, NUMEROUS interviews were done at the CPIB and at several times, the CPIB said that this case was closed already. Without my own international media friends, UN, USA President Obama, and other international parties for their assistance, I would safely say that this case would not have come to light. At that time, I have sought the UN and the USA President Obama for assistance. But I have to tell you now that whether they intervene or not, I do not know. How they do that, they have not revert back to me and I do not know. But I have strong reasons to believe that since the CPIB have told me and several of my friends that this case was closed, now that Dr Woffles Wu was convicted, then it must be the external super powers who have assisted in one way or another. Make sense??

    You mentioned that Dr Woffles Wu did volunteer work in Myanmar and Indonesia to repair cleft lips. You did not specify the dates or period. So, the readers would reasonable assume that either this was done on a regular basis or quite recently. But do you know that this volunteer work actually took place about in year 2000 when Dr Woffles Wu was a Consultant Plastic Surgeon with the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) “J” Clinic ?? And that was BEFORE he came out into private practice at the current Camden Medical Centre after about the year 2000. Since he came into private practice at Camden Medical Centre, he did NOT do any of this type of volunteer work any more overseas. On the topic of cleft lips repairing, do you also not know that this is not a one-off type of surgery. A child who is born this way, would need multiple surgeries, preferably with the same surgeon who operated on him/her and follow-up for at least a couple of years later. Therefore, do you think that he got this type of time to do it??

    Also, do you also not know that around that year 2000 he was fined S$2000.00 by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC), the same authority who currently medically suspended him, for asking some of the SGH patients who consulted Dr Woffles Wu when he was in the employment with SGH, to go to Mdm Jospehine Law (the first concubine of Dr Woffles Wu’s biological father) to buy creams or some other cosmetic products INSTEAD of purchasing them at the SGH Pharmacy. I am sure you missed this juicy part. You can write in to the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) to enquire if this is accurate. In the event that your querry is not answered in any ways, most probably it is being covered up by SMC. I teach you a trick or workabout on this. You ask your international media counterparts to enquire directly with the SMC. With the international media, the SMC would have think twice before not answering back to your international media. Wa, smart la. No choice. If I can win until this stage, without being involved in any legal matters myself, I must have some (or a lot of) tricks under my sleeve, you know.

    Next, on the Pro Bono work as reported by youself, not sure if Dr Woffles Wu said them himself. Do you also not know that his fees are one of the two highest, in comparable with another Plastic Surgeon named Dr Martin Huang in Paragon Medical, who also got himself in trouble for taking photos of a teenage girls’s underwear in the consultation room for some mole removal or something like that. Exact details, you may want to find out yourself. If Dr Woffles Wu is indeed into charity, why would he set his fees so high SINCE HE MOVED OUT INTO PRIVATE PRACTICE ?? Any common sense so far ?? Does it make any sense?? He was in fact “fired” from SGH from that cream incident. Do you think that in fact, would SGH allowed him to do Pro Bono there?? The doctor who does the mitigation for Dr Woffles Wu during that cream incident is the current SGH Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Prof S. T. Lee. Once and again, please ask your international media counterparts to verify directly with SMC.

    One more common sense question – Do you know of anyone in Singapore, maybe you friend, who only got fine of S$1000.00 for speeding about six calendar years LATER ?? Even that, does the Law Minister or AGC came out into the public to give Press Release, Media Interviews and even heatedly debated in Parliament, for a simple Speeding Offence??? To the best of my knowledge, NONE since Singapore Independence in 1965. And I believed that with that cream incident, SMC think really cannot give chance anymore and he was medically suspended for Fraud and Dishonest and tarnishing the good reputation of the medical profession.

    Ms Maureen Koh, really not easy dealing with Dr Woffles Wu, you know.

    Hope this helps in your additional truth reporting about this Dr Woffles Wu again in your next upcoming articles in the local newspapers. You can go along this lines and if you can dig out more facts, through you international media counterparts, then I think that you would be awarded the Media Person of the year by MediaCorp. Sure one. Anything dealing with Dr Woffles Wu, sure become high profile case and news one.

    Thank You.

  11. Anoyamous says:

    A local company who hires so many FT due to cheaper salary and bonds all new hires to work there for at least 3 years.

    • Sandwiched between Citizen n Foreigners says:

      hi, I am a SG PR and im very frustrated by the pay these Indians get… the Indian IT prof get minimum of $5000 starting pay when people like me, who has same kind of expenses (Including resting a flat) is not getting that kind of pay as the companies count me as local headcount.! I dont know what i should do.

      You guys think they jire foreign labor because they are Cheap? Hell no! they are bloody pricy and are havng a great life… especially Indians and ang mohs. But on the other side, Filipinos are having the short end of the stick as they work for very low salaries here..


      • Peter says:

        yes, I agree, because “headcount” are factored into Cost in the balance sheet, but “contract worker” are not…charged to project funding, but because of “contract” nature….they are paid much higher.

  12. Pauline says:

    Can we have FT for MPs?
    I think it’ll be much more cheaper.

  13. Lynn says:

    I worked in Fujitsu at Science Park more than 10 years ago where I was pregnant with my 1st child.
    My superiors, they made my life difficult by “forcing” me to resign by my own. They dump alot of work to me. Making me work till 10pm almost everyday & it’s so tiring carrying a baby. But I pulled through. I made it and had my maternity leave there. Resigned 1 year later after the birth of my child.

  14. andy01 says:

    I work in a local bank as a IT contract staff through an agent which also have many pinoy and indian IT staff.

    After my contract completed ,my employer extend my contract for another one year and gave me a small increment.

    Throughout this contract there will some bullying tactics like sabotage from the foreign staff as locals outnumber them.After five months extension of contract my boss suddenly tell me my contract will terminate in 1 months time stating my projects already completed and face with budget issues while the other foreign staff still working with new contract extension or move to other new projects.

    I feel very unfair as i work very hard during the project phase sometimes late in the night and coming back on weekends and my salary was comparable to those foreign staff.

    Is there a way i could bring up this issue to MOM or TAFEC ?Will it be useless?Can anyone care to comment?

    One year until now one of the foreign staff whose performance is weaker than me still working in the bank and i am still jobless.

  15. Youwouldknow says:

    8 Bosses, Owner’s name Eric Teo has an Uncle who owns The Green Book publishing with his wife Priscilla Tang (Mediacorp Advertising Manager). During my time of hire there, never paid a single CPF when promised. always giving excuses that it’s complicated for them.

    Just be wary.

  16. Jenkins says:

    BMC International College. Forein kecturer as well as receptionist PRC Indian. HR Indian. Kecturers Indian. Principal Indians. Payment late. Contract flimsy.

  17. Martin says:

    d’Amrico ,ACGI,Ishima the accounting dept is controlled by a shameless lady . I just worked there two weeks, then firday I was notified they terminate the contract. I asked HR any misconduct or mistakes I did. HR can’t answer me. They said my attitude problem, that’s a fucking silly excuse! I not first day work in the world, I basically know attitude issue! I asked HR anyone can face to face point out my attitude problems? Frankly the ugly lady she playing dirty! Never come to the co s finance dept!

  18. Unhappy says:

    I was working for Oncard International (Buffet Club, Mum Hon Club)

    When I first join the organization, the Sales Director had fired at least a handful of marketing executives / Managers, Sales Executive, Customers Executive (i do not care how they terminate their contract however they terminate my contract with a lousy excuse)

    For my role as marketing Manager / Executive,
    proposal hotel & Restaurant the Sales Director would reject any proposal and terminate them saying they did not perform and give all sort of reason.

    They had at least 6 to 8 Marketing Manager / Executive in and out of the organization. (turnover rate is petty high in a short period of time)

    Please be aware of this organization.

    Thank you.

  19. SG Companies sux says:

    SPS Overlay Asia

    Beware of this company.

    No Medical Reimbursement , even for confirmed permanent employees.No AWS or variable bonuses. Entire Company especially the top management scolds vulgar language “Fuck” & CB in every sentence at meetings. Threatens to fire staff all the time. Backstabbing General Manager who only has a diploma & hurl vulgarities at those reporting to him as they have Masters Degrees from Local NUS. Never in the office , lazy fat pile of shit. Ugly & digusting guy

    Malay lady who lies that she has a double degree from NUS when she was from ITE & only has a private diploma. Really desperate & puts an act in front of management.

    Avoid this company at all costs.

    • Mike says:

      Next time secretly record,what they say and circulate in the internet….u should bring this issuse of medical reimbursment to MOM

  20. Mike says:

    Eps consultants is a recruitment agency.I don’t have any unpleasant experiance with this agency or staff.Infact they are quite nise.Recently,NCS was hiring IT Support both senior and junior position’s.The venue of interview was at eps.There large presense of china prc,indian nationals ,pinoy and malaysians.I even come across a msian,who had just spm,he is working as sales asst,in cold storage,taking part-time diploma,yet he was scheduled for second interview….WHO IS TO BLAME NOW? The govt’s lack policy,enable those who are already working under work permiy,to quit the job and look for new job….in time they will have s-pass and pr…..Why so relaxed policy???…Why is ncs hiring truck loads of foreigners,when there are lot of IT professionals born and bred in spore,looking for it job?????

    • stun says:

      Many depts have appointed staff.
      CPF rules make them cheaper to employ.
      Of course, ministers are not Singaporeans.
      They have actually reserved their country folks in the job market.
      There used to be a rule on the number of foreign staff a company can bring in in the 1980s.

  21. Thomas Tan says:

    Loreal Singapore Pte Ltd hires Filipino sales promoters and pays them even higher salaries than the local Singapore sales promoters! How’s that for exploitation?

    I was told Filipino promoters are paid as much as S$2,000 per month whereas local Singapore promoters are paid only a starting salary of S$1,200 per month! How’s that for exploitation?

    Boycott Loreal Singapore! Traitor MNC company that betrays local Singapore employees!

    • fairworkplace says:

      because Filipino hiden something about their Epass salary declaration.most of them salary stated sd5000 but they only get 35%from there..then they can work long hours..this Filipino cannot see others work better than them,they will find problem to make them resign.that why my place all is Filipino.many local and malaysian already resign coz cannot stand with their attitude.

  22. Afraid o say says:

    They invited me to come to Singapore waiting for a project this year, I arrived in January and worked on par-time with them waiting for the contract to come and with the promise that during that time I was getting reimbursed for the rental costs and days that I was working. When I started asking for it, the Manager, Jason Conway, an English man that doesn’t even has a degree, but even so, was able to build a career in Singapore, asked me for written proof of the agreement we made. Of course, I trusted his word and I don’t have any write agreement.
    Beware with Jconnex and Jason Conway. Unskilled and unethical professional cunning his way in Singapore. Even his name and company name say everything.

  23. Schlim says:

    A website blacklisting tutors and tuition agencies so parents can avoid them

  24. minti says:

    ACP consulting and training.This is a fraud company .This company should be ceased.I request singapore government to investigate on this company and close the company as soon as possible so that many people might save from their trap.There already many complaints in mom on them.They trap the people in very intelligent way with no proof. Thats how they are surviving from many years cheating the employees.Employees please be careful and don’t fall in their trap.I once again request singapore government to take severe action on them as soon as possible.

    • Joseph says:

      ACP consulting and training, EPS consultants, AsknLearn are companies that I am aware of. ACP consulting and training offered me a ridiculous contract that I couldn’t sign. EPS consultants outsourced me to IBM who then outsourced me to Nokia ( mobile ) which we know went to the bottom and later acquired by Microsoft. And AsknLearn failed to pay my CPF portion when I went for in-camp-training, and my final month salary when they claimed I did not hand over my duties. I brought my case to MOM and they paid up thereafter. And this company boss almost become a MP in parliament during the GE 2011. He lost by less than 400 votes or about 49% of the total votes.

  25. Fair? says:

    Don’t ever work in Abacus International. Crap place – snr mgt all white termites and favour their own kind. Retrenched for no good reason even when they are still making money and then re-hire lower grade staff to do the same job. Work like shit and not recognized but kenna criticized. Refused to allow to amend KPIs when job change and then say you never meet. Dunno why MOM don’t look into them.

  26. Grieved says:

    Avoid – Apple Plus School

    90% PRC teachers.
    Unscrupulous recruitment method, I was not shown the contract agreement beforehand.

    The bitch boss personally interviewed and verbally promised 2k per mth but renegade. No written contract so no point crying foul. Left ASAP.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Companies to look out for for dismissing employees without valid reasons – Patrick Mirandah Co. (S) Pte Ltd or PMC in short. The other company is Siemens Singapore.

  28. Anonymous says:

    2 Jurong East Street 21
    IMM Building
    Singapore 609601

    Tel : +65 6899 4901
    Email :
    Website :

    Overcharging for products and services and refusing to resolve or issue a refund even if the order is just been placed.

    Conman tactics to make you pay in full and then their attitude will change.

  29. mike says:

    The Complian,I would like put forward is about Indian National founded Company,Qassure Pte LTD SINGAPORE.

    It is company which provide IT Services,mostly Govt-aflilated organization’s like Singapore Police Force,Singapre pools,DBS Bank,ITE Singapore,Republic polytechnic,Singapore polytechnic and etc (U can do a search under Google,Qassure pte ltd singapore)

    What is suprsingly they have 100% indian national employee’s.I am a singapore indian,I can easily tell apart from singaporen from non-singaporen.There could be some of who of them attain permanent residency.But I am 100% sure,that everyone are from india.

    When u have company,whose main core of revenue,derive’s from govt or Govt-affialted orgainzation,why is that they choose to employee’s from overseas,than to singaporens???As a govt afilated organization in one way or another,relay’s on singaporen’s tax-payer’s resources.

    There is certainly large humber of qualified local IT Professionals,why are this people are not selected for employment,why is that they choose employ FT’s??? I think u should follow up with this company and write to them

    • anon says:

      Unfortunately this is absolutely legal in S’pore.

      Foreigner can setup company in S’pore employing 80% foreigners on E-Pass and remaining 20% foreigners on S-Pass.

      S’pore govt gives jobs & contracts to the lowest bidder. As long got local office and with certain minimum paid-up capital can liao. They don’t care if 100% foreigners.

      This situation is illegal and not possible in other developed countries. E.g. Registered private limited company need to employ citizens first. Govt contracts can only go to companies with minimum % of citizen employees.

      In those other developed countries, the only biz allowed to have 100% foreigners are those mama-stall and small food hawker biz. These will usually be family-run by immigrants.

  30. wilson says:

    Microbit Information systems Pte Ltd

    low salary as program work $800 sgd no leave

  31. Jim says:

    I worked in a local company and for the same job in that the company, the boss pays more to employ a few foreigners on S Pass claiming that local shun the job.
    When the matter was discussed with the boss, it bring him into an aggressive mode and he rebuked the local staff for being too calculative. It was a fact that he has to pay the minimum salary to get the foreigners on S pass. However, there is no minimum salary for local so he pays the local’s salary at his discretion.

    Thus when local and foreigner performed the same job but with different salary scale, it created unhappiness.
    There is no way to resolve such issue.

    • anon says:

      Local bosses are simply anyhow hiring Sinkies in order to meet the minimum quota of citizens & PRs — 20% to 70% depending on industry. So they can hire more S-Pass & W-permit.

      Their tactic is to hire desperate Sinkies or PRs willing to accept low wages, and then hire more S-Pass.

      Bosses will also justify to MOM and to you that they have to pay employer’s CPF, so your salary already high.

      Usually PRs will not go for above tactic & they won’t accept low-wage job for long. They will quickly job hop ASAP and if really cannot find higher-paying job these PRs will simply fly back home or other countries.

    • stun says:

      Salaries for SPass is dictated by MOM, not the company.
      The situation in Singapore is being turned upside down.
      Local companies are forced to hire more expensive locals as if they are foreign investors.
      In the US, foreign investors must hire min 10 locals.
      In Aust, foreign investors must hire at least 4 locals.
      In Sg, locals company must hire 4 or 10 locals in order to hire 1 foreigner.
      Malaysians are exempted.

  32. sal says:

    There should be a min wage for everyone, a cleaner should be pay the same not because he’s FW or local……but Spore should have min wage that link with its cost of living.

  33. hwh says:

    Small fmcg company located in tagore lane named Healthworkz
    Boss and lady boss work as tyrants. Working hour is from 8.30am – 6.15pm. No AWS or variable bonus ( variable bonus is subject to lady boss likings…IE ..if she doesn’t like you , you get nothing! ) . Bosses have no idea what they are doing but like to put on a front act! Extremely egoistic bosses that cannot tolerate staff saying no to any of their request , however unreasonable! Extremely high turnover , changing at least 1 staff every 4 mths . Bosses expect staff to know and do everything labeling it as your responsibility . For example, if you are admin cum accounts . You are expected to be admin , logistics , packer , accounts , reception and even inventory . existing staff always goes home at ard 8pm everyday . Bosses prefer to hire foreigners as they are more controllable etc .
    Life will be hell while serving notice period as bosses will expect more work to be completed than usual , all under the pretext of handover list! Staff operates with only 3 staff , running the full operations of at least 5 brands!
    All in all , this is a worst every company

    Avoid of this place at all costs

  34. This company is wholesales mobile phone distributor and it needs sales anytime and high turnover rate once break contract employees have to compensate 3 months salary which stated inside the contract but the company not giving a photocopy of contract to all employees. Most of the staffs are foreigner but Im not understand why this company manage to hire 90% of foreigner. This company manage to issue EP for most of the employees but all are underpaid because as I know all EP holder should be paid minimum $3500.00 but salary is below $2300.00. This is very confusing whether which one is correct. This company is giving 7days annual leaves for first year and only accept medical certificate from poly clinic. Working hours is 9hour 30min without lunch time. No paid for OT and commission. Saturday working 5hours and 30min. No other benefits already.After contract you will get the bonus but will be paid next year if you continue to work otherwise your bonus will be gone. So means no bonus.

    • Klc says:

      Did you mentioned that the company is Raduga pte ltd? I received a job interview from this company. I want to know more about this company. Thank you.

    • RADUGA SUCKS says:

      Beside what was said above from other user. Here is another issue regarding employment pass. They offer you the job position like 1 month ago, but inform you out of sudden said you employment pass was failed from MOM. Meanwhile its the last week after tender in current company. The raduga HR said they are regret to inform that they can’t hire you anymore but they never really try to appeal for the work pass application. SUCH IRRESPONSIBLE HR & COMPANY.(BEWARE!!! they collect $70 from you said you have to pay 1st for them to apply EP for you, only refundable when your 1st day of working) For this case, the work pass application failed, you can never get back the money & you are unemployed now! Went to MOM check the pass application written NO RECORD!(meaning they never try to apply but they knew have no quota or they wanted to hire other person to replace your job offered) DON’T get cheated by this BAD ASS remuneration package & BOND you for 3 years without VB(if company doesn’t earn well, no increment, no AWS, no Bonus)!!! -

      • K says:

        I chanced upon this post online and thought i should give my two cents worth.

        I am an employee with the above mentioned Company for more than 5 years now, turnover rate is considered normal considering the younger generations tend to job hop every few years. In my opinion, I don’t think any company is able to escape from the claws of MOM to hire more than the legally allowed limits for foreign talents.

        Its also mentioned that there is no lunch time, but I have been eating well every lunch. Our company is also good to provide all sales staff with free lunch. Just wondering if you got the Company name correct before pointing your fingers. Lastly I’ve been receiving my bonus even while on contract , but its only common sense that companies pay out bonus after their accounts gets audited. That means, the Company pays bonus in March / April for the year that has ended December. This is a very common practice all around, even for big brand companies, so nothing much to complain if you decide to be stupid and leave in January right?

        I don’t think my bosses will every chance upon what I write here, but I am proud to say that this Company has been fair to me and I just felt that I need to do something about these accusations going around.

        • Haha says:

          Actually i wonder who are you in this company.Why you never mention to others that raduga pte ltd only provide lunch to sales department because of the boss don let them go out for lunch ? And they need to standby in office.

          And be careful of job rotate this thing in contract. They will ask you work at warehouse department and say that because of you not suit for your current position . How that if you are degree holder i ask you work as a packer ,packing goods . Are you willing to do this job ?
          This is their trick to earn your 3 months salary for break contract. And you will never get any resit or proof to say that you had pay 3 months salary. I wonder is it legal in Singapore?
          The money will go in to company account or ….??
          You will never get a copy of contact , from what their lady boss say , they need let lawyer to keep it. Since you don have anything contract , so you cant do anything to them.
          And The lady boss will keep mention that they bonus is very good, when you interview.
          As a conclusion, this is a black listed company, please think careful before you sign anything with them.

  35. anonymous says:

    a small MNC manufacturing company located in tuas dealing with life science equipment. The entire management are from same company and they always hire malaysians…i think only less than 10 singaporeans in the entire headcount.

    • stun says:

      PR don’t need to contribute CPF if they don’t wish to.
      Else 4% in first year.
      Then 9% in second year.
      If change job, go back to first year contribution.
      In the 80s, they only come in on Work Permit mainly work in factories.
      So are lesser paid.
      This has caused a generation of lowly paid citizens.
      They are repeating this with PMETs.

  36. anoy says:

    one of the worst company I worked for is Impetus Marketing Group, IMG, a SME company. the company changed management in 2014 because all the directors, managers and some executive resigned all together.

    The new lady director (stell) is an annoying person who practices biasness and like to put her employees down infront of others. one of the new staff she employed had difficulty controlling her emotions and she love to pin point and put her down causing that staff to have a emotional breakdown.
    and she enjoys doing it. many staff had left under her hands and she blames everyone else except herself for the high turnover rate. she scolds vulgarities and loves to assume without finding out the facts be sure to get scolded before you might get a chance to explain yourself. also, she favors whoever bootlick her and say good stuff about her infront of her. but those who bootlicked her needed the job badly.

    when applying for annual leave, it depends on her mood before she approves it. hates people for taking medical leave, because her theory of medical leave means you should be very seriously ill to the extend you cannot get out of bed or is dying. she holds meeting to brainstorm for an idea but shoots your idea down and ends up using her own idea because no one idea is ever better than hers. picks on you when you do not voice out during the brainstorm.

    she makes the Malaysians in our company work overtime but is not paying them for the extra hours. she increased their meal allowance by $3 but wants them to consume their dinner in the office before they are able to claim for it, not allowed to eat outside. heard that she used to sell her clients to IMG and earned commissions while she was with her previous company.

    avoid this place !

  37. addaaa says:

    one of the worst company I worked for is Impetus Marketing Group, IMG, a SME company. the company changed management in 2014 because all the directors, managers and some executive resigned all together.

    The new lady director (stell) is an annoying person who practices biasness and like to put her employees down infront of others. one of the new staff she employed had difficulty controlling her emotions and she love to pin point and put her down causing that staff to have a emotional breakdown.
    and she enjoys doing it. many staff had left under her hands and she blames everyone else except herself for the high turnover rate. she scolds vulgarities and loves to assume without finding out the facts be sure to get scolded before you might get a chance to explain yourself. also, she favors whoever bootlick her and say good stuff about her infront of her. but those who bootlicked her needed the job badly.

    when applying for annual leave, it depends on her mood before she approves it. hates people for taking medical leave, because her theory of medical leave means you should be very seriously ill to the extend you cannot get out of bed or is dying. she holds meeting to brainstorm for an idea but shoots your idea down and ends up using her own idea because no one idea is ever better than hers. picks on you when you do not voice out during the brainstorm.

    she makes the Malaysians in our company work overtime but is not paying them for the extra hours. she increased their meal allowance by $3 but wants them to consume their dinner in the office before they are able to claim for it, not allowed to eat outside. heard that she used to sell her clients to IMG and earned commissions while she was with her previous company.

    avoid this place !

    • xyz says:

      U just described 50% of SMEs in S’pore…

      • stun says:

        Don’t know where you get the statistics.
        Have seen this with MNCs too.
        BUT it is really not the companies’ fault.
        It is the manager solely. She has her expectations and inexperience.
        Well, there are all kinds of people and the stress level is high.
        Think of a way that works.

        • stun says:

          Somehow I have a feeling what xyz says is a lie.
          xyz is a malaysian.
          Malaysians are the most favoured and have the least problem finding another job.
          The CPF system helps them to job hop.

  38. Nic says:

    being betray & treat unfairly & abandon by tis company even with responsible, hardworking perfomance effort??

  39. sal says:

    That’s the real life…its who you know rather than what you know. Chinese says ka kinang.

  40. verysian says:

    Please do not work for Alpha Consulting Engineers Pte Ltd. I worked there for a few years & they just terminate my service. The reason is I make a lot of mistakes in my work. Who never make mistakes one? My problem is my superior is very fierce & scold ppl who make mistakes. The more scared you are, the more mistake you make. Maybe really got ppl 100% accurate in their work but not me lor. He also hint many times that we must work OT. Anyway, this company not 1st time terminate staffs. The boss told me colleagues he sack many ppl b4.

  41. Shashe07 says:




  42. Sasas007 says:

    I worked in Wilson parking and I felt that the ceo (an australian) is definitely not professional at all. Majority of the staffs are FTs and he has a very bad temperamental issues, frequently will scream the F word to whoever staff he thinks has done wrong. The best part, he expects you to read his mind instead of pointing out the mistake or telling us what he wants. To be honest, it’s affecting me emotionally, physically and mentally

  43. boyan619 says:

    there is also in Security Industry

  44. No Justice says:

    Totally avoid Redmens Holdings, Infinitus Productions Pte Ltd & Eggsplore Pte Ltd. Related companies. Laid off staffs without valid reason when they dont even know the role of the staffs they laid off

  45. shall not be named says:


  46. shall not be named says:


  47. JayZ says:

    I think many government org also working long hours. more than MOM stated. Worst thing, some gov servant no OT pay.

  48. SG is gone says:

    Penspen Pte Ltd

    They only prefer to hire Indian nationals and some key personnel claim that resumes of Singaporeans and non-Indians are crap and rubbish despite some of the rejected candidates have more than 20 years of relevant experience.

    They will only shortlist and interview Indians nationals (most of them through backdoor) despite going through jobsbank (seems a useless tool in the weak SG labour law system).

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