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Monday April 23rd 2018

Blacklisted Companies

Dear Friends,

We have heard from many of you out there complaining about companies who exploited you by forcing you to work long hours, delaying salary payment and even dismissing you without any valid reasons.

We want you to be brave and  expose such errant employers by posting the company names and wash their dirty laundry in public.

It will also alert  many other people from working for such shitty employers.

Simply post your rant below on the comment page if you have a particular complaint against certain employers you  came across and want others to be forewarned.

Thanks and be brave Singaporeans!


Gilbert Goh


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251 Responses to “Blacklisted Companies”

  1. J Y says:

    Even though many of us here have left the companies, many issues are ambiguous and difficult to prove.

    I have heard of a true story of a girl who worked OT daily till late at night to earn OT pay. Her manager got suspicious one day and caught her reading a book after office hours. From then onwards, all employees couldn’t get OT pay even though you were really diligent and got urgent tasks to handle.

    Hence, many employers don’t give OT because they are afraid that you will abuse their trust.

    Many people also do OT due to their dedication to their job or to cover someone on leave. There are many grey areas where both parties need to work out.

    Most people would rather move on in their lives than bring those errant employers to court. It is usually not fruitful to waste time, money and effort to go to court to repeat the same story to different people like the MOM officers, judges etc. over and over again.

    Unless the employer really defaulted on the payment of your pay or made unreasonable demands, it is best to let the matter rest and move on gradually.

    There are both good and bad people in a company, so it is hard to categorise the whole company as “bad”.

    • Michael Ng says:

      There is another of working to create overtime that one work slowly and unable to complete the task thus overtime
      needed to completed it.

      I was a fast worker n told to pack and go as I brand
      into their style of work.

  2. jj@39 says:

    Well, just do it based on our observation & judgement.

  3. David says:

    There is no blacklisted companies yet?

    I give one first however I needs to protect myself too.

    The blacklisted SME company will be:

    A….o (Far East) Pte Ltd

    • Vera says:

      This I have to agree! 10 years ago my friend who was a Snr Executive in Human Resource, found a job in Far East Organisation Pte as HR Manager. After serving her one month’s notice to her old employer, she went to join Far East.

      On the first day of work, they re-issued her a new Employment Letter saying that it is Asst HR Manager with immediate effect!

      So quietly, she wrote a simple chit for her immediate resignation letter. At 3pm, there was a Group HR Meeting. She walked in and gave the chit to the CEO. And told him in front of 20 people, I Resign NOW.

    • Billy says:

      Be very careful! Viridium associates.

  4. Anon says:

    stratech systems ltd

    monthly salary is always delayed, force staff to pay for overseas expenditure out of own pocket and only reimburse staff when staff resign, 24 hours firing on the spot is common even for staff who have been with company for a long time, no bonus and my last salary increment was peanut, new staff only last max 7 mths aft seeing and hearing all the shit

  5. Just retrenched says:

    I work for a scientific instrument company and me and another female colleague was just retrenched. I”m in my first trimester while the other female colleague was recently married and was naively telling other colleagues that she was planning a baby making trip in December.

    MOM cannot help me because u can technically still sack anyone or retrench a pregnant woman before her 3rd trimester.

    • zarrina says:

      Why would anyone bother with MOM? bloody toothless tigers they are. Useless, hopeless. PAP doesnt want to protect woker rights. They protect employers. So my advise to all workers i. SG : never be loyal to a company, lie to protect yrself, leave whn u get more pay and benefits elsewhere. Survival of the smartest!!

  6. Maxis says:

    There is one company out to sue their employee if they are either request to left the company. They will request them to resign on their accord and then they will engage their company lawyer to sue their ex-employee to get compensation. This company is E….. Solution.

    • Kristina says:

      Maxis, i faced the same problem too. I even need to pay their legal fees. totally unfair! it is ****** Holdings.

  7. Moon says:

    Written here! somehow, Facebook don’t allow shown in my timeline! Wonder got glitch! Can click photo albums, or notes, see!

    And your website no response email, I need return and see!

  8. Moon says:

    Written here!

    But somehow, Facebook don’t allow shown in my timeline! Wonder got glitch! Can click photo albums, or notes, see!

    And your website no response email, I need return and see!

  9. jj@39 says:

    Let me add one here.

    Avoid working for ST Synthesis. The manager & supervisors are mostly all former SAF regulars. In the past, they get workers thru a manpower supplier, Etana Resources pte ltd. The boss of etana resources is a friend of someone from ST Synthesis top mgmt. That’s how the boss got the contract to supply workers to ST Synthesis.

    Many workers left bcoz firstly Etana Resources didn’t paid the workers well, the wages are low. I think also no AWS & medical benefits provided. Secondly the manager & supervisors of ST Synthesis are mostly all SAF regulars. They kept on shouting at the workers, fabricated complaints, checked on workers’ attire, pushed all the work to the workers, took MC when there are inspections or audits, reallocated the workers to work somewhere else who they dislike etc. These manager & supervisors behaved exactly like how they behaved back in their old army days. Argument always broke out between the workers & the manager & supervisors

    I heard from one of the worker he said there used to be a young male manager in the past who tried to change the working culture & condition in ST Synthesis but in the end, he had to leave. Anyone who tried to start a change will suffer in the end.

    Whenever one supervisor is facing manpower shortage, the female manager & other supervisors will asked workers from other warehouse/storeroom to help out. The travelling cost & money are on the workers, Etana Resources & ST Systhesis won’t provide any allowances for that. Worker who refuse will be blacklisted.

    Inventory discrepancy & surplus problems in these SAF camps are no big secret for those who served NS before but those people involved will try to sweep the problems under the carpet whenever there are inspection & audit checks. I wonder do our defence minister & generals know the inventory discrepancy & surplus problems in these SAF camps?

    The workers always got affected & got stuck in the middle when argument broke out between ST Synthesis & the camp QM team over taking/handing over & usage issues. The boss of etana resources did went to confront with one of the supervisor when many workers send to him left after he vent his anger on them. Why the boss did that, not bcoz he cared for the workers but looking & hiring workers cost time & money.

    Now ST Synthesis recruit workers on their own but turnover rate is high coz of the poor management & getting the wrong guys to be in-charge. You can frequently see ST Synthesis recruitment ad on the newspapers & job portals.

    • James says:

      I used to repair weapons at one of the army training school, the manager over there is good, as long you complete the jobs u get to rest, further more, you can go home early provide all the work is done.

      that was time i stayed at home for nearly 2 years when i couldnt land any jobs. i would say that place is a boot camp for me.

      One more things, those regulars that work in ST are Shits, they have totally experience worse they tried to use army styles on you, but once things that can’t do they cant ask you to sign extra HAHAHA

    • zarrina says:

      My hubby got contract to train exchange students fof ST electronics. Hubby has 30+ yrs experience teaching with top national resulfs. F-ing doggy HR manager with no teChing qlfcn from ST telling him how he should teach. He resign. Got better job.

  10. Moon says:

    May also included you, not helping!

  11. Vinodh says:

    Corporate Address:
    Icon Business Solution
    37 Tannery Lane, 05-01 Tannery House

    +65 6844 7100


    - This people offer you and get you to singapore. after 2 months they say ur performance is low and they ask you to leave the concern in 10 days if not they will give u a option that they will reduce ur salary and continue you to work.

    fuck MD – Rakesh & fuck Directors – Chandan Roy.

    Please dont join in this concern

    • Anon says:

      Even if they reduce your salary, it is still at least 7X more than what you can get back in india.

      If you want to blame anybody, you should start with your own ahneh politicians and PAP politicians. They are the ones who came up with the s’pore-india FTA that allows open-legs mass import of younger & cheaper workers from india into s’pore (including mass imports of doctors, nurses, lawyers, IT, engineering, etc).

      The responsibility starts at the top. If govts can’t be bothered with quality and QC and only interested in jacking up GDP and quick profits for companies, then the whole system and society will become rotten. Bosses and managers will simply take advantage in order to enrich themselves.

      The citizen and man-in-the-street will also fuck care, and only focus on getting good salary, job-hopping and taking advantage of cheap maids and cheap cleaners. Only when they themselves kena fucked by the govts’ policies than they KPKB. Kow peh for fuck? You fucking deserved it. You’re part of the problem in the 1st place.

  12. Jade says:

    There is a local company that shortpay CPF contribution. I did not realised mine was shortpaid until after I had left the company. After checking the rates and calculations, I decided to report the matter to CPF board. They calculated the employer CPF based on the payslips that my ex-employer gave me and total amount shortpaid during my employment was quite significant. The officer did their investigation and told me they had check that company’s accounts but their records showed that they paid the right amounts. He asked me whether I want to be a witness in court. I had the payslips as evidence. However after considering the time needed and the leaves that I need to take I had decided to ‘let them go’. The co. name is Jxx Lxx Trading, the head office of some beauty salons (I call them “Madness Beauty salon”, some colleagues jokingly call them “old folks home”).

  13. Moon says: (Practice discrimination!!! Like many Job Agencies!) can remove comment!

  14. sal says:

    These Ah Long companies should be ban from this website…

  15. Edward Frank says:

    To PMO & REACH (cc MOM)

    Some time ago the papers published that the employers complained the manpower cost has increased yet the number of Singaporeans being re-employed a little increases not a big change. This was employers trying to play figures not numbers with the Government. They complained some job candidates asking double of original salary rates, which was not true.

    This was how they done, example, in a company they originally advertised for 3 numbers personnel: Project Director, Project Manager, Project Engineer, each market salary rate at least $8000, $6000, $4000 respectively totaled up should be $18,000 minimum. By the way this was one of the tactics in Singapore companies normal “HR Exercise” used, to show their existing staff the company is making profits and intends to employ more people in. But at the last minute, after going through many candidates for the 3 jobs, the management decides to employ just 1 person, that is the Project Director to handle as well as the work of Project Manager and the Engineer, but the company will give $16,000 per month pay to satisfy him handling 3 jobs. So the company saves $2000 each month but they complained the salary doubles as candidate asks for so much. But instead can send 2 more professionals back on board, the company just employs 1 person only. So was it they were playing figures not numbers with the Government?? Then there were companies, after going many rounds to look for candidates, decided not to employ anyone, this was also one of the tactics in the normally “HR Exercise”.


    • Liberty says:

      Multi-tasking? Haiz …. I also don’t know what I am doing?
      Main job is HR for company size of about 110 but still have to cover admin, procurement, sales, marketing, finance, shipping, logistics.
      Because I am the one and only main HR personnel, this company give me post as HR Manager though I do not have that kind of tertiary qualification. But guess what pay I get for that kind of big responsibilities? Just $3000 after 8 years service.I think most people earn more than that if they are in this level.
      I pity the rest in this company fall under the junior level post

  16. sal says:

    Its a OMO….that’s the real world. Multi tasking is the next trend of work.

  17. YL says:

    A vegetable naming consulting company. I have known of ex-colleagues who resign and for some reason, the erratic foreign boss (now a Singaporean) decide to withhold pay. Such as no handling over properly, (due to his coming to office at 11, and leaving by 7) he has to clear all the projects personally, how can anyone be able to clear his outstanding work?

    MOM do not regard this matter (advise to take it legally) as most salaries are above $4,500 (i.e. PMET) so Garhment don’t care about you.

    Note: the consulting company is in HR and consults for many Garhment-linked-companies

  18. observer700 says:

    Refer to

    Daniel Wong is the bestselling author of “The Happy Student: 5 Steps to Academic Fulfillment and Success”. He offers The Exam Excellence (TEE) Mentoring Programme to help students discover new purpose in their journey of education, while also finding academic success. He writes regularly at

    Hi, daniel wong
    I as a singaporean is sadden and worry by your post. Hence here a gentle debate on certain points which i disagree. First let try to set the context.

    Who are the foreigner? section
    Base on “Imagine a Singapore where every CEO, director and senior management staff was a foreigner”
    -the foreigner you refer to is mostly like the upper management of the mnc. Obviously due to their education and the SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT of their home country they are more refine people perceive with classy behavior except a few. the real work is done by the middle management who are local singaporean in the past but increasing replace by CHEAP foreigner. if all the upper management foreigner or (group A) cars suddenly break down one find day, and have no space to stand in the mrt. After being late for work, find out that their are being replace by a cheaper foreigner. After reaching home, find the price of the car their want to purchase is push beyond their budget due to many rich foreigner. do you think, they will be that refine and classy. sure enough, they will go back to their home country and enjoy their developed country SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT worst of worst, they will tape into their social welfare. Leaving a mess (congestion, job loss, inflation) to ordinary singaporean.

    however, what foreigner mean to most singaporean are the middle management and lower operation staff that have flooded our country. Let call this group B.

    Introduction section
    A. Please don’t misunderstand; I don’t have anything against foreigners, and I don’t hate them. In fact, I have plenty of friends who are foreigners. Furthermore, I spent four years living in the U.S. (I’m a Singaporean), so I know what it’s like to be a foreigner.
    B. I understand why some Singaporeans have negative sentiments toward foreigners, but I empathize with them. I also think that foreigners have many admirable traits.
    here i gather your are referring to groupA foreigner, however, you can’t exclude group B foreigner as well due to their number and frequency of contact with ordinary singaporeans.

    1. Foreigners have an excellent work ethic?
    Yes for group A(with a few exception). but groupB fail miserably(with a few exception), just goggle or ask singaporean and you have countless examples of (keep chatting among themselves, don’t understand english keep repeating a few statements, looking down at singaporean). ok, Foreign students will be group C.

    2. Is this the natural result of a meritocratic society?
    here the line blur and the scarily assumption is make, ‘ambitious, hungry and determined foreigners occupy the majority of influential positions in Singapore’, in school student deal with knowledge, in job worker deal with people. How many ambitious (selfish), hungry (power) and determined (autocratic) worker step on other corpse to climb the corporation ladder and end up failing the company and themselves. Academic is not the same as working ethic.

    3. Climbing to the top of the ladder isn’t for everyone?
    Above is contradictive, to point A and point B
    point A -”Foreign students tend to be more motivated, driven, focused make sacrifices to achieve those goals, spend more time in the library and with their study groups.”
    point B-”Singaporean students spend more time on socializing, watching TV, and surfing the Internet and complain a lot.”
    and the following as well
    “When you send your children for private tuition classes, that’s not a solution to their academic challenges. You’ve spent precious money to address the issue, and you’ve taken time away from your children—time that could have been spent exploring non-academic subjects and boosting their overall development.”

    In closing section
    “Life was never meant to be easy, so let’s not act as if we’re entitled to the comforts and luxuries of life.
    We all need to work for what we want, so let’s embrace the challenges that come our way.”

    Let look at the students and worker landscape at a social and national level.

    The purpose of students studying is to prepare them for the job market when their growth up. The government will decide the education course base on the demand of the economy. Currently, the influx of messive cheap labours mean the boss have depress the salary and the extended long working hour. The retail, service line are an example. There won’t be enough jobs for singapore, they won’t be able to afford necessity like housing etc. with low salary. Hence, why add foreigner students since there not enough for everyone including them. More importantly, singaporean are asking for a LEVELPLAYINGFIELD not an handout. MINIMUM WAGES is one of them.

    Who are “entitled to the comforts and LUXURIES of life?”
    The “singaporeans students want a comfortable life that’s NOT TOO demanding, NOT TOO stressful, NOT TOO competitive.”
    Or the singaporean worker asking for a LEVELPLAYINGFIELD and MINIMUM WAGES.

    I understand your concern about Singapore students, however I believe some of your opinion might work well on an individual level, but not appropriate at a social and national level and it blur the line at the definition of foreigner.

    The bottom line is as follow, in the case of down cycle, foreigner will leaves singapore and back to their home land. Singaporeans will be left to pick up the pieces. This suddenly gap of manpower will paralyze our nation and put us in a crisis. a good example is PRC bus strike and the 800,000 filipino in the sabrah military incident. the right thing to do is put money and policy to ordinary singaporean, foster our national identity in our pace and not artificial insemination, built our national assert not to conveniently purchase them because it won’t last.

    All singaporeans are born under difference circumstances, upbringing and have difference fate in life. You can be rich now and poor the next day (stock market crash, and who gona be the jealous of the rich now?). Sometime, we need to see other in their shoe. No one choose to be poor and ask for handout, but we should help them in a appropriate mean during their down time.
    Because we should value life, liberty and happiness. Everyone is here uniquely for a reason, bon jovi is a road sweeper before he become a rock star, sony corporation founder was not successful before he turn 50 plus year old. We all have to define success in our own unique way. We should not stereotype a child potential or every an adult base on their current circumstances.

    • J Y says:

      I have read the article by Daniel Wong in Yahoo. His opinions are slanted and don’t represent the views of the majority of Singaporeans. He thought that hard work pays off, but in reality, many low-income earners got their wages depressed despite working very hard for survival.

      Many middle-aged PMETs are also jobless due to retrenchments etc. Thus, many locals are disillusioned by the promise of the govt for a better future. It is inevitable that they resort to “complain” to voice out their unhappiness.

      Maybe Daniel belong to the elites and think like them.

  19. sal says:

    Propaganda systems have been used in a long time if you look at past history ….important thing as a citizen, you must know your legal right. Vote for the
    party that implement good policies that benefit the citizens.

  20. a says:

    let me add one company that all the directors should resign

    People’s Association

    All the MPs should resign. They are not doing a good job, no?

  21. ksong says:

    my contribution list would be:

    +ri0 +ech – low pay, long working hours, boss blocks you from leaving on time or call your hp to u-turn back, works on weekend w/o compensation, makes u come back briefly during MCs, verbal abuse and physical intimdation, forced resignation so as to avoid compensation. but i left this company quite a while but mgt still same team.

    ku1ick3 & 50ffa – bullies new comers by dumping all work on them. high turnvover rate. Benefits are ok but crawling with foreign trash forming gangs. felt like working in UN but in consist warring state.

    S+a+sChippac – suspected pinoyed infested company that bullies local.

    • zarrina says:

      Pinoys were taking over all the fast food and service sectors in california in the 80s and 90s. Incl prostitution. Lol. Thats why US immigration cut drastically visas for pinoyz. No worries la, PAP take over from uncle sam now. Open door for low class pinoys who cannot get jobs in pilipins.

  22. So, I posted my résumé on jobscentral’s website a couple of days ago…

    I received a call from malicious lady named, Yin. Her speech went…
    “Hi ________, this is Yin calling from JS Strategies. We have shortlisted you for an interview for the position of a Management Trainee.”. I probed further about the position and the hiring company. She then claimed, “There are various positions in wealth management, and an interview will give you a better insight about the job.”. She was desperate to end the conversation and finished by saying she would send me a SMS with the details of the interview.Unknowing of the cunning and manipulative hiring strategies of AIA, I headed down to meet Yin from JS Strategies. Something was amiss when I received a SMS two hours before the proposed time of the interview. The SMS read…

    I have never met a recruiter who was so eager in making sure I was on my way to an interview! I rang the doorbell as soon as I arrived, and was led to an interview room. Shortly after I had finished filling up the application form that was given to me, a Malay man entered the room. He placed his name card on the table, and took his seat. I instantly noticed the AIA logo on his name card. The first thing that came out from his mouth was, “So, you came to this building. Tell me what you know about it. Did Yin tell you about the job? Tell me what you know about the job”. I was so intrigued by his rudeness and the fact that I was supposed to be attending an interview to have a better discussion of the available positions. I replied, “Perhaps, you could enlighten me on the various positions that you have because I haven’t got a clue about the position of a management trainee.”.

    He explained.. “you know la, all job you have to start as low first, then you move up to management level in three years..”

    I rebutted that, what he had mentioned still did not clarify my understanding of the job’s scope. So, he explains slightly more, but never once mentioning the word ‘insurance’ in his speech. He then went on asking me irrelevant questions about my life, and my friends! It became clear to me that I had just been fooled into attending an interview for the position of an insurance agent. I politely told him that his questions were irrelevant to a job’s discussion and that, I will not be answering them. He tried changing the tune of his questions after I had told him off. I was pretty agitated by this time.

    I asked him my final question, “Is this an interview for a position of an insurance agent?”.

    To that, he proudly replied, ‘Yes’.

    And to that, I stood up, told him to do away with my application, and walked out the room.


    I received a call from a company named ‘Profilogy’ at 5.19pm today. The male representative who spoke to me explained that he was calling from a recruitment agency, and that I had been shortlisted for an interview. He asked if I would be keen in HR management. I replied, yes. I then went on to ask him what exactly is the position? He didn’t exactly answer my question but instead told me I had to come down for an interview, where I will be required to take a couple of tests and I will be matched to a position accordingly. He was rather vague in his description of the position and he was desperate to fix an appointment for an interview. He emphasized about bringing my original educational certificates (It was a way of convincing someone that they’ve strict and selective hiring practices that are based on ones’ educational background). Nonetheless, having no clue about their scam strategies, I agreed to an interview appointment which will supposedly be held on 18 March 2013 at 11.30am. Once again, he emphasized that he has limited appointment slots (This is supposed to make a job seeker reflect on how ‘lucky’ they are to have been shortlisted for an ‘interview’).

    Thankfully, there were some bits of information to pick up on the internet about this company… The links are as follows:

    From what I have gathered online, ‘Profilogy’ would offer all candidates “various jobs” (INSURANCE AGENTS) at a company named “Holborn Consultancy Services”. They will rephrase the job position ‘INSURANCE AGENTS’ to sophisticated and appealing terms like, Management Trainee, Financial Consultants, Financial Planners… And the list goes on for as long as they are in desperate need of recruiting insurance agents!


    Spread the word and be warned…..

  23. J Y says:

    MOM is reviewing the employment act, but I doubt its effectiveness in protecting workers and punishing employers. Many workers will just “keep quiet” for the sake of $$$, just in case they cannot find a better job. Even the govt offices “exploit” their workers. Everybody is just cold-faced and hard-hearted in order to survive in the corporate world.

    Maybe MND minister Khaw can be MOM minister after solving the housing issues. I doubt TCJ can do much to solve manpower issues when errant employers can get away so easily.

  24. Geok Choo says:

    Public knowledge but I’m lucky to be given this small honor to share it here:

    Companies that hire (favour) foreigners first and fire Singapore citizens first:

    Credit Suisse
    Islamic Bank of Asia
    Bank Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ
    Sumitomo Mistui Banking Corporation
    Mizuho Corporate Bank
    CIMB (hire Malaysian first)
    Temasek Holdings
    Keppel group
    Singapore Techonologies group
    Deutsche Bank

    There are many S’poreans who used to work in above companies can share more.

    Some of the above companies prefer to hire White/ Aussie/ Indians only.

    Some of the above companies for a few hundreds difference in monthly salary hire foreigners and forsake Singaporeans.

    Government is aware but closing two eyes for past 20 years.

  25. Dr Patric says:

    Blacklisted Companies of hold the employee salary and refused to settle reimbursement of staff business expenses incurred retrieved the survey list from the partner alliances

    1) M&R Spedag Group – 10 staffs salary has not been paid for 2 months
    2) Sofos Capital Management / Sofos Wealth Management 4 staffs salary hold by companies
    3) EMS Energy Limited – 20 staffs with 2 month salary and reimbursement hold by companies
    4) Genco Holdings Pte Ltd (Mongolian Companies) – COO, Reynolds Augustine (Malaysian) raped the female Manager and she was bleeding non-stop and suspected kill other staffs in Mongolia

  26. Liberty says:

    ** Cable Factory in Senoko Way **

    Pay is not justifyable to the long working hours
    Heavy job responsibilities.
    Good hardworking staff work like hell
    Lousy lazy staff eat snake openly.
    Poor company benefits.
    Treat PRC better than Singaporean and Malaysian.
    Fake salary for S Pass Holders.
    Phantom worker to increase Foreign Workers Quota.
    Misuse of company monies for own usage.
    Have to answer boss calls during leave & off days.
    Have to do personal things for boss
    And many many more to name ……….

  27. Mark says:

    This company “S……. Details Pte Ltd” in ERP & POS Solutions near Ubi Area is classic land of FTs.
    Pinoys & Indians dominate this company.
    Everyone employed all need to sigh contract such that if you resigned within 1 year,
    you will need to pay the company 1-2 months salary. Maybe company scared high turnover, especially the FTs. However, already a few employees just go MIA and didn’t pay the company. Haha
    The crappy thing is, even if you find the company not suitable to work within 3 months, still have to bloody pay them. Then probation period for what?
    But one thing good about this company is most people leave on time.
    Reason is very simple, if anyone late for work gets deducted $10 from their salary that day.
    No idiots will work OT la! Lol.
    It’s good to see the Piniys and Indians leave exactly on time, but of course if boss is in, wayang is there.

  28. Ren says:

    Aircom International at Raffles Place.

    I think my ex-colleague said she counted that were barely 6 Singapore Citizens working in the midst of 35 employees! Worst the Head of one of the Department ( I cannot remember) a local Citizen called Andrew Lee, would recruit foreigners as Engineers, not our citizens from NUS.

  29. Heng says:

    I think BCS Information System @ Tampines that supports OCBC backroom IT services should be blacklisted.

    Heard that there are many/ excess Indians working in there!

  30. Jj says: – I was disgusted to hear the M’sian PR boss once told a struggling frd of mine who is a mom that no creative agency would hire her cos she’s a parent, and that she is not fit to be a designer with a (lower) pay she requested. She has succeeded in an MNC company as a designer with a much higher pay ever since.

  31. VT says:

    This company called Sumitomo Metal Mining.

    Job agency made mistake of wrong timing & asked me go down interview at 10am when it is supposed to be 11am. When i reached the company, the HR gave a condescending reply: You can come back at 11am if you want.

    This is the kind of lousy attitude companies in Spore treat candidates & still can operate in this country.
    Candidates take time & resources to go down for interview, the least companies must do is to politely treat them.

  32. zhou wei xian says:

    Previously worked for a MNC , did not get my commission for 6mths , no idea what the accounts opening did , but the company keep pressing me for sales target . The company is Unliever , also , nobody to help out when u are in trouble , delivery team sucks and those operation just sabotage the sales team .

    I left before they wanted to extend the contract , since i worked for this company , it totally changed my mindset working for companies.

    Den i proceed to work for a China company , they only offered basic $800 , no medical benefits , leaves only 7 days , no hospitalisaton benefits no MC claimable . I left less den a month .(Daren Card and Printing or Daren Printing card whatever. )

    Here comes the joke , worked for a Indian company, they are doing some designs for wall drops and posters etc . Called Outlook digital , gave me a $800 basic , no transport allowance , no idea about the medical benefits. The month i left the company , CPF goes as usual but they did not gave me my basic salary , i told them i need the company driver but nobody responded in the end , no sales.

    Start a list that shows the blackedlisted companies , so people can avoid those trap laid by the companies.

  33. Liberty says:

    If you buying electrical cables from a cable factory in Senoko.I suggest you better think twice.

    Most of the products are imported from China. Even if the cables are locally manufactured, but more than half of the production operators are from China, even the Managers are China-born Singapore New Citizen.

    These people are not product quality-minded. Many times QC found non-qualified products but company still proceed to supply to buyers.

    Even China people themselves do not want to buy the local products, so you can see how non-trustworthy their products are.

    If you still insist purchasing from this factory because it is cheap. Make sure you get your own QC to test the quality as well as quantity. I am sure for every 100m, there will be 1m less.

    The cables may not pose danger immediately but due to the poor quality, problem will definitely arise after few years.

    Put this in mind. Poor quality power cable will induce intense heat and cause fire. Do not take the risk because it is cheaper.

  34. VT says:

    Just went for this interview at REC Solar at Tuas. Worst company interview experience.

    You know what, they are located at end of Tuas near to sea & there is no public transport ! In the end i took a cab from Joo Koon MRT to & back. Total costs me $30 !!

    Worst thing is the manager is a super bad Filipino. He like purposely use bad attitude to interview me. I dont know why Sporeans are being bullied so much these days !!!

  35. Liberty says:

    Please spread the word to anyone working in construction firm or companies/contractors who uses electrical cables and wires.
    Do not buy from this cable factory at Senoko Way.
    Their product are sub-standard.
    You will regret sooner or later

  36. jj@40 says:

    Please spread the word to anyone who wished to work in security guarding. Do not join these companies, pledge protection at geylang n cbm security at maxwell.

    CBM will delay paying your salary n OT money by 2 weeks or even longer. Only when u get angry n shouted at the mgr then they will pay your the money earlier. The salary figure which u will be receiving n what they told u during interview maybe vary. Now they tell u will be paid $1400 per month but actually u only received $1300. They then tell u $1400 salary is for another working site.

    Pleadge will throw you in any sites which are facing manpower shortage n tell u it is a gd site to work. If they don’t have enough manpower then they will ask u to punch the timecard n sign for attendance for a ‘dummy’, a fake person which doesn’t exist in order to cheat the client that all security guards have reported for work.

    Eg. There are suppose to have 4 security guards in the night shift for forum shopping mall but only 3 turned up for work. The pledge operation executive will create a dummy to show the full attendance. The forum shopping mall management thought everything is fine & pay for the service of 4 security guards.

    Despite a manpower shortage, they still hurt for more contracts from condo, commercial buildings, shopping malls, school, events etc. CBM n pledge all want the security guards to work 24 hours to help curb the manpower shortage. They don’t care about work-life balance of the workers, they only care about making more profits for themselves. They dare to take risk of breaking the laws.

    The average hour salary for a security guard is only around $3-$4 per hour. If you fall sick due to fatigue, all the OT money u earned goes to the doctors.

  37. oute says:

    Hi, My company need a Construction Manager, PR or local Singaporean, with at least a Diploma in Civil / Structural with/without experiences


  38. AiYoYo says:

    Hi Gilbert, I would also appreciate it if you publish a black list of companies who preferentially employ Foreigners.

  39. Joseph says:

    New MLM Company Targets NSFs with Bogus Investment Schemes

    A new MLM company called Global Business Club has emerged in Singapore these few years, claiming to be partners with unknown, “foreign registered” company IOC Group Limited. It has projects such as selling Pre-IPO shares, overseas landed property investments, and many more.

    Previously “successful” in Malaysia, but apparently after APG-Reit failed to go public, GBC allowed its members to convert them to Heulab Pre-IPO shares. However, Heulab CEO Mr Lim Soon Jinn has declared of no relation to GBC and Heulab will not be going public.

    After these series of failure, GBC is now heading to a new project involving the trading of Silver – which promised up to a whopping 141% Return of Investment after the completion of 2 years bond.

    Following the trail of Sunshine Empire and Geneva Gold – will this company betray the trust of its members as well?

    If GBC is going to fail, our measly paid NSFs are going to suffer.

    Standing in front of the blue IOC-Group Limited’s Logo is Puver [+65 9169 1411 - Blk 702, Jurong West St 71] – leader of many NSFs he roped into the investment scheme. He now claims to be earning 15,000 SGD every month thanks to GBC. Puver (who can be found as Puver Puva in Facebook) has ditched his NS mates by deferring NS for 2 years – feigning illness and personal reasons which CMPB ridiculously believes.

    Attached pictures shows numerous IOC Group’s “projects”.

    Tan Hong Han, 20, (guy in orange shirt) [+65 9670 9217] joined the scheme as an OCS cadet, and upon commissioning, he has introduced his company to many of his subordinates. The person standing beside him is the founder of GBC, Mr Bryannz Fan, who taught them to target money-hungry NSFs to “pool money together to invest”.

    It is estimated that they both together have brought in more than 200 NSFs into the investment scheme over the 2 years – a rather flabbergasting number.

  40. Teresa Wong says:

    Dated This: 10/August/2013.

    My full name is Teresa Wong Chui Sheung, former SPR Blue NRIC S2739072B, has the following to declare:

    (1) In the reply from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) dated 05/April/2013, on the advise of DPM Teo Chee Hean, the letter did NOT specifically state that I cannot work in Singapore. That ICA letter also further states that I can apply for a MOM Work Pass with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) if I can secure a job here. I have found several potential employers, but when they applied for a MOM Work Permit for me, MOM repeatedly rejected my MOM Work Permit. The question is that why is the current (Acting) Minister not acting on the instructions of DPM Teo Chee Hean when he is of much lower ranking than DPM Teo Chee Hean himself?

    (2) I was NOT treated of my Colorectal problems as a National University Hospital (NUH) in-patient for about one week, despite informing NUH in advance of my Colorectal problems by way of a Memo from the SGH at point of admission to the NUH Psychiatric Ward in about September 2010. I also presented physical symptoms of severe bloated stomach and watery stools as evidence. Three (03) calendar years have passed already. There was no reply from MOH except from the pre-dated letter in year 2009 from the former Ministry of Health (MOH) QSM Mr John. Now this case has became Defamation since how can the report happen one year before the incident happen?? Numerous opportunities by way of Calls, E-Mails, Faxes, etc to MOH Managers named Ms Mega and Ms Angela for the three-year period have not gotten MOH to amend the date. Even numerous written letters by fax and post to PM Lee and the former Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan are not receiving attention. I have to request for early discharge from NUH Psychiatric Ward that morning and upon that same day, later in the afternoon, I was admitted to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Colorectal Ward and further stayed as an in-patient there for about one week. Therefore, this is a clear-cut of Doctor’s Professional Misconduct and not a Malingering Case. The initial NUH argument was that at that point in time, the attending Lady Senior Consultant Psychiatrist is of the view that I do not need Colorectal attention or treatment. My Legal and my own opinion is that that Lady Senior Consultant Psychiatrist is only trained in one medical specialty and definitely not two medical specialties. In this particular case, legally speaking, she would have ABSOLUTELY NO say anything outside of her medical discipline of Psychiatry.

    I certify ALL of the above-mentioned are correct and accurate to the very best of my knowledge.

    Teresa Wong Chui Sheung.
    Former SPR Blue NRIC S2739072B.
    HP: 86705758 / 90842239 / 96605366 / 90543691 / 82867220.

  41. Keystone says:

    The lady boss would haggle over very minor things (斤斤计较). She only make comparison and follow suit with those companies with little staff benefits but never in her mind think about other companies which are much more better off.

  42. Tucana says:

    All BIG local & offshore banks in Singapore till today are still employing foreigners in the IT sector. These foreigners are all recruited as perm staff. Singaporean who are employed by these banks are only recruit as 6 mths to 1 year non-renewable contract staff. As for contract staff, they are not treated as the banks head count. Is not a fair system for the locals who are Singaporean to be treated as 2nd class citizen. After 2 years have past since the last election, the employment structure still remain unchanged for we Singaporean. FT is still considered before Singaporean when comes to employment in these banks.

  43. Singapore says:

    I have experienced one local SME which sell software. The mid age boss have violenced intension. He keen to slam staff face.

  44. Coward says:

    OCBC Bank

    I used to sell corporate product for OCBC.

    One would guess huge organisation like this would be more corporate socially responsible, but no. they exploit fresh graduate having to know that people like me will hanker it fancy organisation name and title and ignore the most importance component- personal welfare.

    I still remember during my interview, I was promised guidance, mentorship, supportive environment and quarterly commission payout. However all this is just a facade.

    Despite having made explicitly known that it is a sales role with incentive in the form of commission. It was not written anywhere in their contract. And when questions were made to the HR, they pushed it to the leaders of the team, which then coaxed to filled me in on a later date.

    Upon acceptance of the offer, I raised the issue of lacking the commission component in my contract. Instead of amending it, they blamed it to ignorance to the commission structure and once again pushed it back the leader of the department. Feared that too much questions might caused me to lose my job, I accepted the reason she gave.

    Since what is done is done. One can only hope for the best.

    Little did I know that was only the beginning. Not only was i not given a proper training, I was rebutted and deemed stupid for not having to absorb everything they vaguely mentioneld for the first time. And I was not the only one.

    Having to stay in an environment where people simply can’t wait to leave or bolt the moment they can wasn’t exactly a supportive environment should be. Neither sticking to the belief of correlating excellent in sales to good leadership

    Announcement of commission came in months later after i joined. Based on most of my seniors’ statements, the commission was lower than before and conditions like not getting a single cent if you were to leave before payout date. To make matter worst, commission payout date has been pushed to a month later.

    Maybe due to the huge organisation layout, they are securely padded with discretion clauses to cover any loopholes and there is nothing you do about.

    You can question the management, but they can tell you it is covered in the clause where the bank has all rights to change anything and you have no say about it.

    Funny thing is, I have never seen the clause before because I did not know my commission until the announcement was made. Even upon announcement, no physical copy of the commission was given in fear of external disseminating to other banks.

    How is one suppose to know the clause beforehand when nothing was mentioned before announcement was made? even so, would one worked for nothing if they refused to accept the terms and conditions made during the announcement? Shouldn’t the commission be fixed upon joining instead of having to deliberate for months before announcing it? Shouldn’t commission payout be affixed into the contract? Shouldn’t the commission be prorated if the staff leave? What happen to the promised quarterly payout upon signing of contract?


    Extremely coward person who “doesn’t want to burn his bridges in the finance industry”.

    p.s that is the first statement made by the interviewer during the exit interview.

  45. Moon says:

    Worst assignment at ‘Bayshore Park!’ can’t even bear for a day, offered by STORM PROTECTION PTE LTD!

  46. Former ANZ employee says:

    I would like to report a case of workplace discrimination that I have faced recently at ANZ bank, Singapore. I am a Singapore citizen with about 15 years of experience in the industry. I have been working as a senior project manager.

    ANZ is blatantly practicing a policy where they are providing unfair advantage to people from Australia and New Zealand at the expense of local talent and hence I am writing to you to see if you can help me.

    A brief description of the events is listed below.

    In Jan-2011, ANZ contacted me through a headhunter and offered me a lead role in their Centralisation program. I had a performance rating of 2 (on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being highest) which placed me in the top 15 % employees of the company. In Oct 2011, my hiring manager and his boss transferred to other locations, and the management was replaced with 2 new managers who were from New Zealand. They started practicing a very discriminatory policy and hired a new project manager who lost her job in another part of the bank. They hired her and slowly over a period of 3 months, they asked me to give up all my projects to her. Then they made me redundant in Apr-2012 …. I was told that there was not enough money in the program and hence they had to let me go inspite of having a good performance record. Once I left, I learnt from my previous colleagues, that, within a few weeks, my manager tried to hire another project manager who was made redundant in Australia and bring him to Singapore to do my role. I did file a complaint with the HR, but they refused to take any action.

    I started looking for a job and made a few applications through the internet. In Aug-2012, I applied for another role with ANZ in a different division and was hired. But within 3 months, the same story was repeated. Some of the New Zealander / Australian staff were made redundant in other parts of the bank…. they were absorbed into my department and I was laid off again in Oct-2012.

    I wrote to TAFEP on my incident, but they replied to me saying that they do not have any authority to censure an employer …. they are an advisory body only. So ANZ can go scott free even after unfairly retrenching me twice in order to protect their staff from Australia and New Zealand.

    Moral of the story : There is no protection from the regulatory bodies against discriminatory hiring in Singapore. So, do what you can as a Singaporean: do not bank with ANZ and donot use their credit cards.

  47. icr says:

    Ic Resource Pte Ltd is located at Amk Tech 1, 3 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2a, Tel 6552 0098

    Listen to me and many ex-staff I knew after resigning… Don’t ever join this company… Lots of tricks, lies, zero appreciation, slave driving, shit and worse of all midnight vague lecturing in the phone.

  48. Fujitsu component says:

    Fujitsu component Singapore located at Alexander.

    The sales manager there can create unreasonable fear that nobody in my life manages to did that till she appears!! Strong backing from top management, infamous among the ppl whom dealt with her but nobody else to seek redress.


  49. RM says:

    Hydrogen Group. (Recruitment agency)

    I saw they fired a staff after 2 weeks. They hired this guy from a completely different industry BUT, he already sent out candidates for interviews by the 3rd day AND brought in new client worth over USD 50k by the second week. That’s when he got fired. Be careful of the politics there.

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