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Thursday September 21st 2017

Blacklisted Companies

Dear Friends,

We have heard from many of you out there complaining about companies who exploited you by forcing you to work long hours, delaying salary payment and even dismissing you without any valid reasons.

We want you to be brave and  expose such errant employers by posting the company names and wash their dirty laundry in public.

It will also alert  many other people from working for such shitty employers.

Simply post your rant below on the comment page if you have a particular complaint against certain employers you  came across and want others to be forewarned.

Thanks and be brave Singaporeans!


Gilbert Goh


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227 Responses to “Blacklisted Companies”

  1. numberator says:

    Take note of this company : Smart Idea Pte Ltd

    They have very unethical HR practices. They hire fast and fire fast. Every month sure got one staff get terminated. Not retrenched, but TERMINATED. For stupid reasons too, such as poor performance (but they have no performance review document to prove it) or maybe they will say “no upcoming projects” but next day u see new staff join!

    They can do this and remain out of MOM radar because they terminate 1 staff per month, so it dont look like retrenchment or doesnt look suspicious!

  2. Guess says:

    Do not ever work for SPS overlay Asia at PSA labrador park ARC. E Johnny Lim guy implemenented no Medical benefits and fraud all e company money into his own salary. He is only a local polytechnic Diploma holder bt gets salary of close to $10,000 a month – Indonesian batam guy that nvr comes to office. Aso malay aryanti ITE n yr personal notebook and shame you in front of

  3. Guess says:

    Malay ITE vicious manager lie that she is a degree NUS holder when she is from ITE. Meetings are held w pronfanities and vulgarities by e Top Management. Malay woman will blame you for mistake costing hundreds and thousands she made. Shameless Digusting liar.

  4. Guess says:

    Warning not to join SPS overlay Asia at ARC. Johnny Lim Indonesian Batam guy Violate MOM law by implementing no medical benefits for staff while earning close to $10,000 for only being a local polytechnic diploma holder . This guy is also a hyprocrite not to be trusted. He will act like yr best friend and stab you in the back while you bleed to death. He & vicious Malay lady called Aryanti are despicable. Profanties & vulgarities , threats are explicitly used at meetings. Malay Aryanti lied abt education that she is an NUS graduate bt frm ITE only. Also she will backstab you by accusing you of making e mistake that cost the company thousands. Act so innocent to e mgt while being the devil in private to you. M not surprised she is divorced, she got a black heart.she will shame you and insult you in front of other collegues just to make you look bad. More toxic than a snake.

  5. Guess says:

    Also Aryanti will come over to yr desk and open yr personal notebook and flip all yr stuff without yr permission. Nvr met a more evil person than her. Get angry when you do not agree to lunch w her. Act all cooperative and suck up to mgt bt spit on you in private.

  6. Anna says:

    Beware of W3ISP Holdings Pte Ltd.

    Scam and scheming boss, made use of naive fresh graduates. No CPF for first 3 months of employment. Asks employees to pay for purchases of office supplies, without reimbursement. Owes employees salaries. Shameless!

  7. Anna says:

    De Lance Interior Design.

    The two bosses are gangster-like, unprofessional conmen. They made employees manage projects for free. It is commission-based, 50% of the profits go to the employee for that project. After the project is closed, all works done and handed over, the bosses refused to pay the employee the commission. Employees could not go to the MOM, as there were no employment contract signed in the first place.


  8. Sky says:

    Alpha Formation Pte. Ltd.

    The lady boss never gives chances. When she reckons that you’re “not up to their expectation”, you’re fired and asked to leave on the spot. She thinks her company is doing very well, when they only have Seoul Yummy to count on. Every Seoul Yummy outlet’s renovation works is done by them. So she thinks she’s very successful and capable. But she has no idea how big the world is. Pathetic frog in the well.

  9. luluk says:

    ACP Computer Training & Consultancy

    I have been working at ACP Computer Training & Consultancy full-time (More than a year)

    0. There is a chance for foreigner to start their first job in Singapore. because They hired foreigners for less salary.
    1.Everything messed up. No working plans. everything depend on MD. he plan and involve and change existing pre planed things. they have started as compute repair shop and they do not have basic software development knowledge.
    2. Stupid management. they do not know IT & management both
    3. Tight and unplanned tasks. because plans change always
    4. High employee turn over. so all projects messed up. no documentation
    5. NO increment, NO bonus.
    6. They say you can claim time off, accumulated time time off they will never allow you to take it.
    7. NO experience developers, NO experience project managers. every body fresh graduates. development experience null
    8. No big projects, Just customising CMS and LMS. cannot get real development experience
    9. MD and GM does not know about IT and Management both. So the dealing with them is very difficult.
    10. Quality of works less than 10%. So cannot get good experience.
    11. any time can be terminated with out given valid reason.
    12.More project manager than developers. some times you will get tasks from two or more PMS
    13. any time you can be asked to clean the bin if pantry lady is absent.
    14. any time you can be ruthlessly charged huge amount for their mistakes
    15. asked to get annual leave instead of MC
    16. You have to spent more time to think about internal politics rather than finishing your tasks.
    17. Most of the plans will not continue as it planed.
    19. If they know you want to leave they will now allow you to submit your resignation. instead of that they will give you a termination letter with notice.
    20. You cannot plan your annual leave early. because any time they will cancel or they will not approve last minute. most of the time they will ask to cancel or change.
    21. office starts 8.30am and of you late they will deduct you salary according to your monthly salary and working minutes for that month.
    22. If you work late. they will not pay you. if you late fallowing day still they will deduct your salary.
    23. There is no team lunch, or team gathering organised by the company.
    24. If you leave company, no farewell. no nothing.
    25. no body leave happily. In my 2 years experience. I have seen nearly 15 people left the company. last movement was same for all. its worst.
    26. There facebook fan page has 220 likes for past 15 years and suddenly one day its goes to 5500 likes, because they pay to somebody for fake likes. if you see the page you can see the history. so you have to work in a cheating company
    27. Most of the time you should lie to the clients behalf of the company.
    28. No taxi transport in day time. you have to spent your bus card.
    29. there is no new technologies. do not expect huge experience.
    30. NO use of the experience unless if you are not doing your own practice of coding.

  10. Awao says:

    Bizhub Asia Pte Ltd

    The director who is a wife of the boss treated many interns from polytechnic school. She insisted that the interns cannot use the toilet. She forced them to wash the toilet first if they need to use toilet urgently.

    The boss forced the interns to buy him cigarettes, but the interns are 17 years old! 17 years old cannot buy cigarettes.

    The boss and his wife said, “We should hire more interns, cheap labour! They’ll do whatever we ask them to do because their grades are at stake.”

    The boss took advantage of the interns to deliver his daughter’s homework all the way from Tai Seng to his daughter’s school.

    The boss and his wife wrote negative and inappropriate comments about interns if they do not obey the boss/wife instructions.

    Pls be beware of Bizhub Asia Pte Ltd

  11. Tan KengSooi says:

    Rotten bosses in civil service too. E. G Mindef

  12. KANTHASAMY says:


  13. KANTHASAMY says:


  14. KANTHASAMY says:

    12 HOURS A DAY

  15. Anonymous says:

    Uber. I was approached to apply for a role; went for interviews and on my first day they changed my job description which I thought it was fine until my manager told me I was not meeting expectations into the third month. I passed probation period but a week later, she asked me to resign saying that their culture does not suit me. I was asked to resign on that day and leave on that day. Colleagues were shocked; i was shocked. The exit was not empathetic . Honestly it hurt my career and I had a huge tough time explaining myself at interviews on leaving.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I had been working full-time

    There is a chance for foreigner to start their first job because they hired foreigners for less salary.

    Everything messed up, no working plans (at first there were list of to dos).
    Bess plans and always change existing pre-planed things. Boss have no basic computer knowledge and do not trust our help.

    Its a family company everyone is related but you dont know. Only discovered by yourself.
    The only non-related Colleague is very rude & unfriendly in teaching but later apologized and explained that boss wants them behave like that.
    Then they resigned leaving only you as non related.

    You come with No experience and colleagues taught you wrong things and left. Boss expect you to know everything but criticizes mostly.

    High employee resignation and heard that past salary huge differences even though same job scopes.
    Many past projects messed up- missing pages n stuff.

    Have projects that need to stay past midnight to do, boss allows to claim OT, accumulated ot time but boss too busy to see O.t timings so you never allowed to claim it.
    Sometimes boss says pay will be delayed for a mth.

    any time you need to clean the bins as there is water or food in it by the family.

    Most of the plans will not continue as planed.
    Boss have problem with perfection and check your work many times even simple letters to sent out must be done in an organised way or rule exactly the same.

    If you are late 15-30 mins , you have to take half day leave so your boss will smile or else the face will black.

    There is no team lunch, meeting or team gathering organised.
    If you leave company, no farewell.
    In my experience,no body leave happily (there were cases to settle in court and many leaves and salary disputes with boss). I have seen them leaving. last movement was same for all. its worst. Beware of Emod Pte Ltd

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