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Tuesday August 4th 2015

Blacklisted Companies

Dear Friends,

We have heard from many of you out there complaining about companies who exploited you by forcing you to work long hours, delaying salary payment and even dismissing you without any valid reasons.

We want you to be brave and  expose such errant employers by posting the company names and wash their dirty laundry in public.

It will also alert  many other people from working for such shitty employers.

Simply post your rant below on the comment page if you have a particular complaint against certain employers you  came across and want others to be forewarned.

Thanks and be brave Singaporeans!


Gilbert Goh

Transitioning – unemployment support services (under registry of society)


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145 Responses to “Blacklisted Companies”

  1. Weak labour law says:

    GUMI Pte Ltd
    Hoe Leong / Arkstar Offshore

    If you see these companies, please RUN !!!
    All these bosses terminated their staffs with no valid reason. They changed their staffs like changing clothes. The worst of these 3 is Chemstation cos the VP was very fond of this PA of Chairman and listen whatever this PA requested. With all the “authority” from VP, she will throw her work load to VP’s Secretary. Basically everyday she has nothing to do in the office. She will have long lunch with the VP , or chatting in VP’s room …. happily eating potatoes chips.. .. They even apply the same day for leave. Yes… that VP is married !!

  2. Kow Sze Lie says:

    Edwards Lifesciences (Singapore) Pte Ltd

    Please don’t ever join this companies.
    First of all, the HR are screw up. They will try all means to lure you in joining the company by misleading the informations of your position.

    Apparently, there are few categories of employees in the company. They are SEE (Salary-Exempted Employee), SNE (Salary- Non exempted Employee) and HNE (Hourly Non-exempted employee). I was supposed to be under SNE group as a technician. Different categories have different benefits. Initially, they told me that my annual leaves is 16 days.

    But the employment agreement stated 12 days. My expected salary asked for $X, they offer me basic salary $X-300. Plus another $300 for transport allowance.

    The employment agreement stated I was under SEE category, by right, the benefits should be better than SNE. everything was signed already but ends up is the HR made the mistake. Mobile allowance stated as $50 but applied that time, said is only $25 because i was under SNE.

    1 day, i was on MC, I submitted the MC the next day, end of the month, they deduct my 1 day pay of absence. Clarified with them, they said is their mistake, reimbursed me that 1 day of pay.

    Every now and then change policies like changing clothes. More and more people are leaving the company because of these issues.

    Going for reservist on 31 Jul 2015 to 14 Aug 2015. Worked for entire month of Jul 2015. End of the Jul month payslip stated there was a deduction of on 2 weeks ICT. They are supposed to deduct on the month of Aug, but I got a feeling they purposely deducted on the month of July. Log a complaint to MOM against the company, waiting for investigations.

    An ex colleague of mine working in this company told me that the HR had lost his son birth certificate while he is trying to apply for child care leave in the system.

    Conclusion: do you still want to join Edwards Lifesciences (Singapore)?

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