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Friday April 25th 2014

Blacklisted Companies

Dear Friends,

We have heard from many of you out there complaining about companies who exploited you by forcing you to work long hours, delaying salary payment and even dismissing you without any valid reasons.

We want you to be brave and  expose such errant employers by posting the company names and wash their dirty laundry in public.

It will also alert  many other people from working for such shitty employers.

Simply post your rant below on the comment page if you have a particular complaint against certain employers you  came across and want others to be forewarned.

Thanks and be brave Singaporeans!


Gilbert Goh


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Reader Feedback

81 Responses to “Blacklisted Companies”

  1. RM says:

    Hydrogen Group. (Recruitment agency)

    I saw they fired a staff after 2 weeks. They hired this guy from a completely different industry BUT, he already sent out candidates for interviews by the 3rd day AND brought in new client worth over USD 50k by the second week. That’s when he got fired. Be careful of the politics there.

  2. SAF says:

    I work for a Singapore local university, in one of their research centres. I was shocked to see on my first day that 80-90% of the staff were foreigners (Indians)! All living on Singapore taxpayer’s money!!! Also I later found out that many of them are really not qualified and have no technical skills or are really unprofessional and stupid. Damn disgusting!!!

    • 胡文斌 says:

      The best thing about Singapore’s Foreign Talent Scheme is that Singaporeans who SUCCEED in say, getting a place in the local universities can always feel MUCH MORE SUPERIOR to their compatriots who DO NOT, even if they qualify.

      Being in a Singaporean university is sufficient to put anybody, no matter what their nationality or GENDER, on a pedestal.

      oh poon ping (“paul”)

  3. rb says:

    Small design agency called +angoshark. Boss is basically a tyrant and cannot tolerate his ego being bruised. Constantly hurled sexual comments about staff’s dressing; dress too short, blouse’s designs etc. Have constant mood swings, one moment he’s fine, the next moment banging the table and shouting vulgarities. Very rude and sarcastic to staff, especially to those he doesnt like or those who are giving notice.

    Avoid of this place at all costs!

  4. elcubex says:

    A chair manufacturing company called Benel. Totally non-compliance with MOM Employment Act (Cap.91) S38(1)(b).

    Workers are working from 8.45 to 6.30 everyday with 45 minutes lunch break. That is equal to 9 hours work everyday (EA states 8 hours per day) or 45 hours work every week (EA states 44 hours per week). To get around this, the company declares a 15 minutes tea break which does not exist but rather, time for the staff to go toilet.

    Does not pay OT for anything despite being stated in EA S38(4). Company around 80% malaysian, china chinese or malaysian turn PRs (to get around the dependency ceiling) with only a handful of Singaporean.

  5. Anon says:

    Britol College

    Scam school
    Students from India come to work with full knowledge of the principal.

    Failure to pay salary.

    Did not come for MOM labour court.

    Still not getting salary after labour court judgement

    Lotsa shady deals.

  6. Teacher says:


    It is a special needs school who hired almost all foreigners as teachers and therapists. Parents paid more than 1k of school fee monthly, and most teachers are just qualified with in-house certifications.

    In the employment letter, the employee is supposed to ensure herself having the required qualification to conduct the job duties efficiently. (Isn’t it the company’s responsibility?!) And new staff are bonded for 1 year without any incentive nor the probation period.

    I can’t imagine how the children learn language when most of the teachers are foreigners with strong accent of their own countries, including the speech therapist.

  7. Dan says:

    Panelplace is one,you can see their website at,

    they ask intern to work for $600 a month,when work is not done they ask them to work for over time.

    They are remaining days when they ask people to stay back extra days and not pay them the salary.

  8. Kay Poh says:

    NTU Computer Centre is totally populated with Indians except their boss. They make the toilets so dirty and smelly! Does NTU have so little confidence in its local graduates that instead of hiring them they have to hire graduates from Indian universities???

    • Jafri Basron says:

      Time to petition the Prime Minister Office …
      Reduce the in flow of the Indian, Filipino and the Myanmar community… Singaporean are disadvantaged and marginalised by their presence in the country.

      • Dico says:

        Petition the Prime Minister Office???

        This is the arsehole who had created all this mess and he will never listen until he is ousted!

        This is the same arsehole who signed the traitorous CECA free trade agreement with India that allow free access of Indians to Singapore’s job market!

        So who benefitted from the CECA in Singapore’s side? The cronies of PAP! They get access to the lucrative banking and telecommunications sectors, the ports managements and other businesses that give benefits to the GLCs which feeds their Elite Chauvinistic Pigs scholars big fat salaries! UOB and OCBC also benefited from the CECA. Why? because UOB is one of the major customer of Lee & Lee Law firm!

    • 胡文斌 says:

      So what?

      I noticed the best thing about Singapore’s Foreign Talent Scheme is that Singaporeans who SUCCEED in say, getting a place in the local universities can always feel MUCH MORE SUPERIOR to their compatriots who DO NOT, even if they qualify.

      Being in a Singaporean university is sufficient to put anybody, no matter what their nationality or GENDER, on a pedestal.

      oh poon ping (“paul”)

  9. xavier the saviour says:

    hey upstairs, do you really believe petition works?

  10. Tan Ah Kow says:

    Dated This: 16/April/2014.


    (1) To Whom It May Concern:

    (2) Ms Maureen Koh.
    The New Paper Reporter.

    Hi Ms Maureen Koh,

    Today I called up the TNP hotline at 1800-7334455 and was told by the Receptionist Ms Isah that you would only be in after 3 pm or so. But I am having a meeting at that time. Therefore I could not call you. I have left a detailed message with Receptionist Ms Isah. Not sure if she passed them to you.

    I am the Main Complainent In-Chief, the person co-ordinating the whole episode, like in MediaCorp dramas, whatever you call it, in this Case and have known Dr Woffles Wu for at least more than ten (10) calendar years.

    It is regarding your article in the TNP yesterday (15/April/2014) on the Medical Suspension Case of that Plastic Surgeon, Dr Woffles Wu Tze Liang, Pink NRIC S1409986G.

    In your that article, you seemed to put Dr Woffles Wu in a good light. I do not know how much you know about this person. Please allow me to share with you some additional facts which Dr Woffles Wu did not share with you.

    On the issue of Dr Woffles Wu fined S$1000.00 for asking his staff cleaner named Mr Kuan Yit Wah to take the rap. Before he was successfully convicted, NUMEROUS interviews were done at the CPIB and at several times, the CPIB said that this case was closed already. Without my own international media friends, UN, USA President Obama, and other international parties for their assistance, I would safely say that this case would not have come to light. At that time, I have sought the UN and the USA President Obama for assistance. But I have to tell you now that whether they intervene or not, I do not know. How they do that, they have not revert back to me and I do not know. But I have strong reasons to believe that since the CPIB have told me and several of my friends that this case was closed, now that Dr Woffles Wu was convicted, then it must be the external super powers who have assisted in one way or another. Make sense??

    You mentioned that Dr Woffles Wu did volunteer work in Myanmar and Indonesia to repair cleft lips. You did not specify the dates or period. So, the readers would reasonable assume that either this was done on a regular basis or quite recently. But do you know that this volunteer work actually took place about in year 2000 when Dr Woffles Wu was a Consultant Plastic Surgeon with the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) “J” Clinic ?? And that was BEFORE he came out into private practice at the current Camden Medical Centre after about the year 2000. Since he came into private practice at Camden Medical Centre, he did NOT do any of this type of volunteer work any more overseas. On the topic of cleft lips repairing, do you also not know that this is not a one-off type of surgery. A child who is born this way, would need multiple surgeries, preferably with the same surgeon who operated on him/her and follow-up for at least a couple of years later. Therefore, do you think that he got this type of time to do it??

    Also, do you also not know that around that year 2000 he was fined S$2000.00 by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC), the same authority who currently medically suspended him, for asking some of the SGH patients who consulted Dr Woffles Wu when he was in the employment with SGH, to go to Mdm Jospehine Law (the first concubine of Dr Woffles Wu’s biological father) to buy creams or some other cosmetic products INSTEAD of purchasing them at the SGH Pharmacy. I am sure you missed this juicy part. You can write in to the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) to enquire if this is accurate. In the event that your querry is not answered in any ways, most probably it is being covered up by SMC. I teach you a trick or workabout on this. You ask your international media counterparts to enquire directly with the SMC. With the international media, the SMC would have think twice before not answering back to your international media. Wa, smart la. No choice. If I can win until this stage, without being involved in any legal matters myself, I must have some (or a lot of) tricks under my sleeve, you know.

    Next, on the Pro Bono work as reported by youself, not sure if Dr Woffles Wu said them himself. Do you also not know that his fees are one of the two highest, in comparable with another Plastic Surgeon named Dr Martin Huang in Paragon Medical, who also got himself in trouble for taking photos of a teenage girls’s underwear in the consultation room for some mole removal or something like that. Exact details, you may want to find out yourself. If Dr Woffles Wu is indeed into charity, why would he set his fees so high SINCE HE MOVED OUT INTO PRIVATE PRACTICE ?? Any common sense so far ?? Does it make any sense?? He was in fact “fired” from SGH from that cream incident. Do you think that in fact, would SGH allowed him to do Pro Bono there?? The doctor who does the mitigation for Dr Woffles Wu during that cream incident is the current SGH Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Prof S. T. Lee. Once and again, please ask your international media counterparts to verify directly with SMC.

    One more common sense question – Do you know of anyone in Singapore, maybe you friend, who only got fine of S$1000.00 for speeding about six calendar years LATER ?? Even that, does the Law Minister or AGC came out into the public to give Press Release, Media Interviews and even heatedly debated in Parliament, for a simple Speeding Offence??? To the best of my knowledge, NONE since Singapore Independence in 1965. And I believed that with that cream incident, SMC think really cannot give chance anymore and he was medically suspended for Fraud and Dishonest and tarnishing the good reputation of the medical profession.

    Ms Maureen Koh, really not easy dealing with Dr Woffles Wu, you know.

    Hope this helps in your additional truth reporting about this Dr Woffles Wu again in your next upcoming articles in the local newspapers. You can go along this lines and if you can dig out more facts, through you international media counterparts, then I think that you would be awarded the Media Person of the year by MediaCorp. Sure one. Anything dealing with Dr Woffles Wu, sure become high profile case and news one.

    Thank You.

  11. Anoyamous says:

    A local company who hires so many FT due to cheaper salary and bonds all new hires to work there for at least 3 years.

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