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Thursday November 14th 2019

About Us

Dear Friends,

This site is specially set up in Jan 09 to cater to the emotional needs of the unemployed. It is NOT  an employment agency and we do not offer jobs here. We are also a non profit  society and registered  with the Registrar of Societies (ROS):-

Registrar of Society (ROS) number: T09SS0079H

Transitioning – Unemployment Support Service  (TUSS)

It is hope that the unemployed can find support and solace here while they go about frantically searching for a job.

It is estimated that as many as 80,000 Singaporeans are now unemployed with many of them in the 40s and 50s age group.  Under employment is also rampant as retrenched mid-career PMETs took to driving cabs or become property agents in the fight for survival – ironically in our prosperous high-GDP city state.

A friend, who is an engineer and jobless for six months, told me that he felt very alone and isolated during his period of unemployment. Likewise, been unemployed myself for 20 months before during the Sars period, I shared his sentiments.

The unemployed faced a daily challenge of going for interviews, facing rejection from employers and yet trying his best to continue living his life as normal as he could.

Over the past one year, we try to showcase the positive part of the whole unemployment experience. There will be many articles posted to help the jobless to resolve certain emotional hiccups of being unemployed.

We all  know that finances are also a big part of the jobless problem so we will try to cater a portion of the site’s articles to provide for this need.

We also have an online counselling service specially catered to the needs of the unemployed. The retrenched worker can email us and we will provide you with an online counsellor. If need to, the service can be done via   face to face or phone mode.

We a have regular support group meetings conducted by a counsellor.  The 4-part series recently ended in May 09 and we will come up with another series soon. The unemployed can now come together to support one another in a formal setting. They also can network with one another for opportunities.

We give free talks to the unemployed through sponsored organisations. So far talks have been provided at Care Corner Counselling and Executive Counselling & Training Academy (ECTA).

We are  please to announce that through your support, the site has a daily hit rate of 7,000 now and readership has gone very international. The top five countries are from Singapore, USA, Australia, Malaysia and China.

If you want to watch a television clip on us done by Channel News Asia in March 09, please follow this link –

We also cherished any donations from well wishers to offset the costs of booking rooms for the various activitites that we organised. Please email me at or

Thanks and have a good time surfing the site. Please give us your comments to improve the site if any.

We are here for you. Feel free to share with us your transitioning experience. No man is an island.

Gilbert Goh


Registrar of Society (ROS) number: T09SS0079H

Transitioning – Unemployment Support Service  (TUSS)

Number of View: 121116

Reader Feedback

89 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Kevin Teo says:

    Thanks to u Gilbert, for your amazing care to the unemployed. Those of u who have visited, should inform more friends, employed or unemployed, to visit this wonderful website. More will understand our situation better, & hopefully, those who are in the position to help, can lend a helping hand.

  2. Kong Hit says:

    Gilbert, Stop conning people you shit head .

  3. Jason Yap says:

    It is really sad to see people resort to anytrhing to make money. People be warned. This site is a facade of a con man

    • Jason CH Yap says:

      For my friends who read this and wonder which Jason Yap said this and why, it’s not me “Jason CH Yap” but a namesake. (Actually, you should be able to tell because I wouldn’t misspell any words, now would I? )

  4. SeeNoEvilHearNoEvil says:

    “We are please to announce that through your support, the site has a daily hit rate of 7,000 now and readership has gone very international. The top five countries are from Singapore, USA, Australia, Malaysia and China.”

    Dear Gilbert,

    I thought that this site was for Singaporeans only?

    I have always wondered how come there are hits from foreign countries? Why would a website based in Singapore be concerned about people who are jobless in other countries?

  5. admin says:

    Hi Kong Hit and Jason

    Thanks for your comment.

    What are the basis of your accusation?

    Do let me know so that I can be better enlightened.

    Hi SeeNoEvil

    This website is meant to assist Singaporeans who are jobless but we can’t “ban” overseas visitors to the site.

    Our services are mainly reserved to local Singaporeans.

    Sometimes, one or two PRs slip through the net but by and large, we try our best to reserve our services for our local people only.

    Thanks for all your comment. Appreciate it!

    Gilbert Goh

  6. SeeNoEvilHearNoEvil says:


    There should be no problem for you to add an extra line such as ‘This website and services for Singaporeans only’ to your main website heading…

  7. cynthia says:

    Are you all on facebook? If not you should.. i think FB is very powerful tool to create awareness.

  8. cynthia says:

    50K of people unemployed and figure is rising.. i think this is a very big issue for us! felt very sad

  9. AH says:

    Dear Gilbert;

    Thank you for your efforts on this website. I am a Singaporean working overseas because I cannot even get a small time job in Singapore. Even with my three degrees. I think its because I’m Malay.

    I read your website everyday. All your articles here are very good. If you can, please post more articles on the minority Malay hardships. Thank you.

    • policeforceheadhunter says:

      Join the police force LAH. I also have a degree and professional certificates but cannot find a degree-paying job with my work experience.

      It’ll be great for the Singapore Police Force to have degree-holders who are police officers. (Makes those with no degree certificates placed over them look good.)

      I’ve wandered from job to job, from building maintenance to serving at tables and cooking to sales to construction. None of the jobs I had pay with the effort put in.

      Perhaps it’s about posterity: who you father is or who your ancestors were in Singapore. Otherwise, you’re just a slave to the system. If your dad were a Tuan or title-holder I’m sure you’d have no problem finding a great job here in Singapore, without having to work very hard to receive a really neat salary packet every month. Maybe there are even those who don’t work at all but receive a good allowance every month.

      But like you, I try to find work, or work. Two rules guide me as a working professional man: good health, and always take the orders of those placed over you. If a superior says ‘Come’, I go to him; and if he says ‘Go’, I go from him.

    • ajie says:

      harlow thr..

      read ur post and wondered kalau u r open to ideas.. u might find an interest in this..

      just 2 qns.. for example, if u were the one who invented computer which is in every home nw, wat will u be??`

      what will u do if u were given that chance now..???

  10. Thanks to u Gilbert, for your amazing care to the unemployed. Those of u who have visited, should inform more friends, employed or unemployed, to visit this wonderful website. More will understand our situation better, & hopefully, those who are in the position to help, can lend a helping hand.

  11. md.sophian says:

    Dear Mr. Gilbert Goh,

    I was fortunate to come across this website of yours; I feel that you deserved a pat on the back for what you have done. It was an eye opener to have read so many wrenching stories in this website, alas someone who has a listening ear.

  12. [...] many as 50,000 Singaporeans are now unemployed. The figure is set to rise to 80,000 or more. via This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← My Old [...]

  13. Kingsley says:

    Hello Gilbert,

    I chanced upon this website when someone posted a link. I must say I’m impressed with what you’re doing. I’ve no doubt I would be among the unemployed if I had not emigrated to the USA some 20 years ago.

    It is utter lunacy that the S’pore government considered it appropriate to let in huge numbers of foreigners in order to have them compete with locals for jobs. The idea is stunningly idiotic. It’s like giving the finger to locals and sadistically watch them suffer. The idiocy can only go so far before something gives. I can’t wait to see heads roll. Hopefully, literally rather than figuratively.

    For those who are still young enough to consider moving to another country, I’d say to them, take the opportunity now. My quality of life (as well as income) is so much better than if I had stayed back in S’pore even though (during the late 80′s) things were relatively rosy then. The situation in S’pore seems to be headed towards more rough times.

  14. heenu says:

    Dear sir

    I have a secretarial diploma and know shorthand and typing. I would like to know if a secretary has over 5 years of experience. what will the salary range be?

  15. Denial Tan says:

    Hi Gilbert,

    Please do not be discourage by some psychopaths’ dirty commends as I follow you website quite closely.

    I must thank you for this website which had given me a better view of the employment market not through the Shit Times where they always distort the true.

    Please keep up.

    • Gilbert Goh says:

      Hi Denial,

      Thank you for your kind support and numerous comments – appreciate it.

      No, I am not affected by negative comments in any way. Thats part of life I guess – you get the good and the bad. You also learn to filter through what’s positiveand what’s not.


  16. Dinesh says:

    Dear Gilbert,

    I chanced upon this site and find your effort most inspiring. Please continue your good work for fellow Singaporeans.


  17. cipram1 says:

    I chance upon your webpages and bookmark it. After reading for a few minutes I deleted the bookmark. Just looking at the tabs “Employers” and “Looking for work” one will see postings of foreigners looking to jobs here. I bet it is a turn-off for your tageted visitors. You should listen to the reader who suggested putting a banner that says its meant for Singaporeans only. There is no excuse for not being able to at least filter postings. It is also ridiculous to still show invalid insults in this page. Maybe it is a good idea to get help with your webpages from the displaced local IT people, we got time!

  18. Andrew Pelt says:

    I am surfing n’pages and found this by mistake lol i am searching for Hmm. Btw i like it. Grats. i am going to spend my time in a info site

  19. Right says:

    who is the person who wrote this article? The use of “dumping ground” pours scorn on the seeming good intent of your blog?

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  21. Lawrence Chua says:

    Hi all,

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  22. Robt Winchel says:

    Check out the website below, it is free and addictive. The information is about using Squidoo to bring in profits.

  23. J.P. says:

    Dear Gilbert,

    Just one a few words of wisdom: To write poorly is easy; to write good isn’t. And you, no doubt, fall into the first category.
    How dare you critiquing a fellow PhD in English whose credential have been given by prestigious teaching institutions? What’s more, how dare you calling an English Professor a bad writer when your website is full of grammatical and punctuation errors?
    You should consider that before calling anyone a bad writer.

  24. Ah Beng says:

    Dear Gilbert Goh,

    First of all I would like to express my gratitude for your effort in trying to change things for the better for us Singaporean. You need to choose a better candidate for your interview as the one you have interviewed for your cause with the title “Employ Singaporeans first” is not suited. If I’m right about this person, her name starts with letter S and she is the employee of the company mentioned in the interview, located at K Tower.

    Do not judge the book by its cover! She is not suited to front this cause because she is full of lies and contradiction. How could she make such claims while she only choose to date white men ONLY! She is so messed up! if she is not happy with her company, she should have told her boss off and quit. if she thinks the boss has prejudiced against her as a Singaporean she should told him what she thought of that. if she really feels for Singaporean then she should stop being Caucasian men’s toy. And I really mean toy!!! Her personal affair is hers but while she wants to chase foreigners out but continue to have flings but white men only it simply contradicts her claims. From what I see is that she does not want foreigners who compete with her for her job and promotion but she wants foreigners who she can have fun with her and who are not competing with her. I’m sure she wants her white men to stay on and earn big bucks and competing for job with her fellow “other” Singaporeans, as long as she doesn’t have to!

    If she is capable enough and thinks that her Caucasian colleague is not as good as her and that she deserves that position more than he does then she should have told her boss. I would! If she is that capable then she should not have any problem finding another job.

    I share the same sentiment with many of you and I do not want to lose out to foreigners especially those are not on par with me. I have to say this (and I’m not proud of it) the majority of Singaporeans are not trying hard enough and simply being cowards and chose to suffer in silence. We also need to do some self-reflection ourselves. I do not want foreigners to take our jobs but we needs some goods ones and those who can fill the jobs that Singaporeans don’t want to do or cannot do. We should fight for a good cause and not fighting for the sake of fighting.

  25. Thank you, I have just been looking for information about this subject for ages and yours is the greatest I’ve discovered so far. But, what concerning the conclusion? Are you certain concerning the source?|What i don’t understood is in truth how you’re now not actually a lot more smartly-appreciated than you might be right now. You’re very intelligent.

  26. norman wee says:

    Stories of unwanted PMETs abound and such stories will be repeated and embellished many more times until the cows come home.

    Being aware that there are other ways out as god will help those who help themselves, I would like to invite all unwanted PMETs to get together to make ourselves relevant and a power to be reckon with.

    Gilbert is involved in counseling. I on my part would like to carry on from his to propose enterprising projects which we all can share and participate.

    We can brainstorm for enterprises which are very low in capital outlays but with immense involvement which we have all the time and effort for.

    I on my part have thought of some of these enterprises and I am sure others can too.

    Do remember…god will only help those who help themselves.

    Meanwhile if you would like a sample of projects I have in mind, please visit:

    Thank you

    Norman Wee

  27. says:

    Re: Singaporeans are the world’s most useless Creatures – worse than poultry/cattle on the way to the slaughter-house which will cry in protest – not like S who will quietly q-up to be slaughtered for their hdb/CPF/etc n vote for

  28. I precisely wished to thank you very much again. I’m not certain the things that I might have implemented in the absence of these tips revealed by you on that theme. Previously it was a real distressing scenario in my position, nevertheless discovering the very specialized manner you treated it forced me to jump with fulfillment. I am happier for the work as well as wish you recognize what a powerful job you happen to be doing training people with the aid of your site. I am certain you have never met all of us.

  29. Michael says:

    Hi Gilbert

    of late, I saw a lot of ads, of Cleaners, waiters, and service crew, blatantly advertised for “foreigners” and specifically states that they will be under “Training Pass” of 6 months.

    is this normal ?



  30. Mike says:

    Better job lobang

    After a few years in the forces, many of us army regulars will start thinking if grass is greener outside, and we need to consider moving to private sector.
    After too long in the army, we do get worried about our skills not relevant outside anymore, and too old hard to find job, but really need a lot of courage to leave familiar place, work and people.

    That’s why I feel inspired by my buddy’s story and want to share.

    Thomas has a Diploma in Mechanics and signed on with RSAF as aircraft technician when he was 20 years old. After 11 years, he wanted to see if can make it in the private sector, but don’t really know how to start. One of our buddies suggested he try out this place called e2i (Employment and Employability Institute), somewhere at Ang Sua (Redhill).

    So he went, and met a career Coach. We give a lot of instructions in the army, but this young lady coach is now giving advice to Thomas. But what to do, no harm listening. The coach advised him to go for a class for Executives.

    I said abit sian right, still must go back to school. I thought find job just need to go employment agencies or look in papers. But he determined to try, and even though no need to pay, have to take 2 days leave.

    But you know what, he said it was very useful. Kept talking about the trainer being very encouraging, the classmates shared their stories and then you will realise you are not so cham actually. So from no idea of the current job market, he learnt about different types of jobs available. And from there you got to pick your target and take your aim. From never go interview before, he learnt how to present himself at interviews, like proper handshakes and show confidence. He learnt how to do small talk in the elevator. After the class, everyone has a CV prepared.
    Also important to have positive attitude. If you send a lot of letters with no replies, then try other ways like asking friends to recommend, find vacancies online, attend job fairs. Can be more flexible to consider working further from home, work during weekends, go for training to learn new skills, don’t be scared to use new technology, maybe go into service line, etc. Finding a job is like finding a girlfriend, if both sides are very fussy, it is difficult to happen.

    After that he threw away the outdated resume from Ah Kuan and wrote a solid one at the class.. This resume helped him to get 2 interviews in 2 weeks, and he found a job in an aviation company within one month.

    Happy for him, so lucky. So there’s hope for new job, man!


  31. Gowree says:

    Is there a support group similar to this in India too ? I am in India and have been unemployed for around 6 months now. I left my previous company, because I was harassed by my manager and I could not report this, as I thought I will not be believed. But now, I am not getting any Job. I have 10 years of experience in Java and J2EE and have been acknowledged as a top performer in all the companies I worked with. I have applied to those companies, and my resume is uploaded in all job portals. But I am not getting any calls. Please help. I am single woman with a need to find a job ASAP for financial and emotional reasons.

  32. Daniel Kam says:

    I like to know how I can help
    My cell 91391952
    But before u call, text me the best time to talk as I am working


  33. vicky says:

    This website is just political arm of NSP. Talk about unemployment, gather those unemployed and those dislike current government.

    All the opposition need to unite and propose a solution of the problem.

  34. Eddie says:

    Bro ….!

    Well done and well organised protest..! The next time i will be there early promised.

  35. Jack says:

    THANK YOU GILBERT !!! Thank you for organising the event in Hong Lim Park. We need more people like you in Singapore if we are to progress as a nation. You should seriously consider making the protest a regular event-maybe every Sunday. Thank you again.
    Loyal Singaporean

  36. Jack says:

    When will the next event be held??? Please let us know in advance. I missed it, damn… I will be there to support you…
    A loyal Singaporean.

  37. Kwan says:

    When will the next event be coming up?

  38. veer says:

    Is there a support group for IT related jobs? I’m 40 yrs old Singaporean (naturalisation), I lost my job 10 months ago.

    I have 12+ yrs experience in IT and expertise in diverse technologies, I’ve been trying for employment for 10 months but there was no response from the companies / job consultants. My daily job is, send resume to job consultants / job board / referrals and eagerly waiting for the response. I got 2 interview calls in last month and I cleared 1st round interview and eagerly waiting for further interview rounds. I cut down my salary almost 50% of my previous pay but no luck.

    I’m in very bad stage now and I need fixed income ASAP. I’m getting about SGD 500 to 1,000 though freelance works on and off and it is not sufficient to maintain family such a long time. I came across this site in yahoo news, hoping to get some help here.

    • Leon says:

      Hi there,

      I really emphatize with you for being able to survive in I.T. for about 12+ years.

      I graduated from Uni in 2004 and has since been in Contract I.T. jobs. Until for the last five years, I moved into the ParaLegal or Legal industry.

      Feel free to call me if you want for a chat.


      HP: 86705758.

  39. yap says:

    veer : please send me a email with your resume… let me see if i can help

  40. Kwan says:

    Please let me know when the next Protest event against the white paper on population thanks!

  41. michael says:

    Dont be conned by PAP statistics. i think the unemployment rate in singapore is probably above 10 percent and not 3-4 percent as claimed by govt. this is bec if you are unemployed in singapore, you dont bother to register with the authorities, bec u get nothing from them if u do so, unlike other countries where those who r unemployed will want to register with their govt bec they can get unemployment benefits. also what abt statistics for those who r under employed, eg people who r doing work which is way beyond their qualifications, bec they cannot find suitable jobs to match their skills. these pmets r now in low paying jobs when they shld b earning more if the job matches their qualifications. how many thousands of singaporeans r in this category? add the 2 up, n u get a dismal picture of the real situation in singapore.

  42. sal says:

    Singapore first policy! It will make sure Sporeans will get jobs faster and good jobs are for citizens. Vote for the party that implement policies that benefits citizens.

  43. Kwan says:

    Is the government going to solve the problem on those who are unemployed?

  44. Geok Choo says:

    In the family and extended family of ONE jobless S’pore citizen (voter), there are definitely a few MORE eligible voters within the family.

    To all jobless S’pore citizens: unite your family & care for them (amid your jobless situation),

    show your family that you have been trying to get jobs but denied of fair employment opportunities in S’pore per unfair labour practice known by govt and yet take no correction measures,

    apologize to your family members that you are unable to provide comfortable life to them because you are jobless and can’t get jobs (although you are stil trying), and

    by next GE, after the whole family suffers and is hungry for years, your whole family (of >2-3 voters) shall VOTE for your own SURVIVAL.

    Can jobless wait for next GE in 2016? No!

    Should we bring forward the GE??????

  45. Robert Ng says:

    To my young children: forgive your daddy in his 40s retrenched & jobless in Singapore despite his experience, graduate degree & skills. This country Singapore has no job for Singapore citizens as companies & employers here discriminate her Singapore citizens in terms of employment. They prefer foreigners who ask lower salaries and White workers…. if you have a chance to grow up, flee this country.

    To my younger siblings & cousins: pls help me out in coming GE, because in a few years’ time, you will be 40s and can end up in similar situation……

    To my parents who voted for this government: pls help me out in coming GE, vote to unseat the one which you had voted to govern Singapore as they have been selling her citizens’ survival and livelihood away. Mum & dad, pls help your chlidren, we (native Singapore citizens) are heading towards gradual and painful death.

  46. David says:

    Let bring forward the GE.

    From an Unemployed Singaporean.

  47. Cool says:

    Dear Robert

    I would like to invite you and your family members to join us at Hong Lim Park on 1st May for the second sequel of the 6.9 million Public Protest. It will be peaceful, vibrant and enjoyable.

  48. Abang Long says:

    Hi Gilbert, I just drop by to express some words. I’ve seen your website and also heard what you have done. What i can say is, you have done a great job!!! Keep it up bro…!!

    I will help to spread your website to as many people as possible… Keep it up bro.. :)

  49. J Y says:

    The main problem is that there are still many jobless people in Singapore whether there is GE or not. Nothing much has changed and the wealth gap has widened with higher inflation. The poor is getting poorer day by day.

    More and more educated people are also jobless nowadays with few or no suitable jobs available. Our skills or potential are not fully utilised and many of us are getting increasing disheartened with the govt.

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