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Friday December 13th 2019

About Us

Dear Friends,

This site is specially set up in Jan 09 to cater to the emotional needs of the unemployed. It is NOT  an employment agency and we do not offer jobs here. We are also a non profit  society and registered  with the Registrar of Societies (ROS):-

Registrar of Society (ROS) number: T09SS0079H

Transitioning – Unemployment Support Service  (TUSS)

It is hope that the unemployed can find support and solace here while they go about frantically searching for a job.

It is estimated that as many as 80,000 Singaporeans are now unemployed with many of them in the 40s and 50s age group.  Under employment is also rampant as retrenched mid-career PMETs took to driving cabs or become property agents in the fight for survival – ironically in our prosperous high-GDP city state.

A friend, who is an engineer and jobless for six months, told me that he felt very alone and isolated during his period of unemployment. Likewise, been unemployed myself for 20 months before during the Sars period, I shared his sentiments.

The unemployed faced a daily challenge of going for interviews, facing rejection from employers and yet trying his best to continue living his life as normal as he could.

Over the past one year, we try to showcase the positive part of the whole unemployment experience. There will be many articles posted to help the jobless to resolve certain emotional hiccups of being unemployed.

We all  know that finances are also a big part of the jobless problem so we will try to cater a portion of the site’s articles to provide for this need.

We also have an online counselling service specially catered to the needs of the unemployed. The retrenched worker can email us and we will provide you with an online counsellor. If need to, the service can be done via   face to face or phone mode.

We a have regular support group meetings conducted by a counsellor.  The 4-part series recently ended in May 09 and we will come up with another series soon. The unemployed can now come together to support one another in a formal setting. They also can network with one another for opportunities.

We give free talks to the unemployed through sponsored organisations. So far talks have been provided at Care Corner Counselling and Executive Counselling & Training Academy (ECTA).

We are  please to announce that through your support, the site has a daily hit rate of 7,000 now and readership has gone very international. The top five countries are from Singapore, USA, Australia, Malaysia and China.

If you want to watch a television clip on us done by Channel News Asia in March 09, please follow this link –

We also cherished any donations from well wishers to offset the costs of booking rooms for the various activitites that we organised. Please email me at or

Thanks and have a good time surfing the site. Please give us your comments to improve the site if any.

We are here for you. Feel free to share with us your transitioning experience. No man is an island.

Gilbert Goh


Registrar of Society (ROS) number: T09SS0079H

Transitioning – Unemployment Support Service  (TUSS)

Number of View: 122063

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89 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Judy says:

    In addition to jobs that goes to foreigners, latest trend is that, even children home take care of their children too.

    One example is Children’s Aid Society at clementi road.
    They have Thai and Malaysian children but the irony is, they are using our tax payer money to do so.

  2. Winston Cheng says:

    Dear Gilbert,
    What you are doing is truly noble. I salute you!
    When I retired from the Advertising industry, I chose to as I was burned out. I went on to driving a taxi. I did not actively apply for jobs after seeing all the dissappointments my middle-aged friends had gone through. However, whenever I see a position which I feel I can fit very well into, I would try. I had never gotten any replies. Gilbert, I am sure you remember the days when we send in hard-copy job applications, the companies would reply with a letter on their appreciation of your interest in joining their companies. I wonder what has happened to the decorum or the lack of it in companies these days. One case in particular that I have to mention is that of ComfortDelgro, the company I hire my taxi from. I came across a job posting on their website for a `Driver’s Recruitment Officer’. It stipulated that the job requires one to have pleasant dispositions and the capability of interpreting statistics and put together a presentation to the management. I wrote to them indicating my interest and how I am confident of filling the position. I mentioned that in my previous jobs as an Account Director in an international Advertising Agency, I often had to give such presentation to Clients across the region. I added that on top of all that, I am also a Taxi Driver which gives the edge when interviewing people who are keen to join the company as a Cabby. Guess what, no reply at all. And the government is asking people to attend all these re-training. What can all these re-training do when one who is perfectly suited for the job do not even get an interview.
    Gilbert, if you wish to publish my story, I have absolutely no qualms about revealing my identity and that of CofortDelgro. Cheers and God Bless You.

    • Olivia says:

      Winston, I totally understand your sentiment. I faced the same situation in the past. Rejection after rejection and tons and tons of application written but to no avail. You’re also right that many companies do not have the decorum to reply our application letter and this already happened many years back since my time. There is a myth that our govt says we’ve no talent when in actual fact, we know we’re qualified and more than qualified at times to apply for the kind of job we fit-in. We know ourselves best to know if we could perform the role well, hence, we write-in for the job. What re-training is required is all bullshit to the core! I personally attended one and felt like I was in the play school…haha.

  3. Winston Cheng says:

    Gilbert, I wrote my posting without checking my typos and grammar. Please feel free to correct them. Thanks!

  4. Kwan says:

    I hope to see more of this protest next time!

  5. Sarah Ng says:


    I stumbled upon your website months back and found a person’s comment post very interesting. Had been wanting to get a reply from him but now that I am back at your website, I cannot locate his comment.

    I remembered he is a volunteer whom teaches free courses on e-trading to retirees and individuals interested to pick up new skill. I am recently divorced. I do not have a good income and now made worse with a single income as my ex-husband does not give much alimony. I have a 5-year old daughter to care for. I hope you can help give me his contact if possible. I hope to pick up a new lifetime skill like e-trading which I may find useful.

    I hope to have your reply.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,
    Sarah Ng
    Tel: 97635441

  6. Kwan says:

    Next protest is happen during National Day?

  7. Teresa Wong says:

    Dated This: 10/August/2013.

    My full name is Teresa Wong Chui Sheung, former SPR Blue NRIC S2739072B, has the following to declare:

    (1) In the reply from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) dated 05/April/2013, on the advise of DPM Teo Chee Hean, the letter did NOT specifically state that I cannot work in Singapore. That ICA letter also further states that I can apply for a MOM Work Pass with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) if I can secure a job here. I have found several potential employers, but when they applied for a MOM Work Permit for me, MOM repeatedly rejected my MOM Work Permit. The question is that why is the current (Acting) Minister not acting on the instructions of DPM Teo Chee Hean when he is of much lower ranking than DPM Teo Chee Hean himself?

    (2) I was NOT treated of my Colorectal problems as a National University Hospital (NUH) in-patient for about one week, despite informing NUH in advance of my Colorectal problems by way of a Memo from the SGH at point of admission to the NUH Psychiatric Ward in about September 2010. I also presented physical symptoms of severe bloated stomach and watery stools as evidence. Three (03) calendar years have passed already. There was no reply from MOH except from the pre-dated letter in year 2009 from the former Ministry of Health (MOH) QSM Mr John. Now this case has became Defamation since how can the report happen one year before the incident happen?? Numerous opportunities by way of Calls, E-Mails, Faxes, etc to MOH Managers named Ms Mega and Ms Angela for the three-year period have not gotten MOH to amend the date. Even numerous written letters by fax and post to PM Lee and the former Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan are not receiving attention. I have to request for early discharge from NUH Psychiatric Ward that morning and upon that same day, later in the afternoon, I was admitted to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Colorectal Ward and further stayed as an in-patient there for about one week. Therefore, this is a clear-cut of Doctor’s Professional Misconduct and not a Malingering Case. The initial NUH argument was that at that point in time, the attending Lady Senior Consultant Psychiatrist is of the view that I do not need Colorectal attention or treatment. My Legal and my own opinion is that that Lady Senior Consultant Psychiatrist is only trained in one medical specialty and definitely not two medical specialties. In this particular case, legally speaking, she would have ABSOLUTELY NO say anything outside of her medical discipline of Psychiatry.

    I certify ALL of the above-mentioned are correct and accurate to the very best of my knowledge.

    Teresa Wong Chui Sheung.
    Former SPR Blue NRIC S2739072B.
    HP: 86705758 / 90842239 / 96605366 / 90543691 / 82867220.

  8. wei says:

    hi all ,
    i need some advice , i was working for a well know company in singapore for about 2months plus , as i take my job seriously and did not intend to resign in the near future , i took some leaves for my recent marriage and some medical claims and mc as i was unwell.
    But recently i was told by my manager that the management is restructured and thus i was told to either resign or they terminate my employment. i did not breach any of the company’s policy , misconduct or under perform in the company but yet i was told to leave due to the restructure. i was told by HR that my final pay would be deducted due the the leaves , mc and medical claim were not entitled as i was still under probation. as such i would need to pay them back instead of they paying me on my last day of work.
    can someone kindly advise if i can do anytihng about it ?

  9. Sandy says:


    I left a comment on the list of blacklisted companies for a company called Cost Optics. Any reason why the comment has not been posted?

  10. Wu Lidong says:

    为了了解贵国破产、失业方面的知识,我想麻烦您惠寄介绍贵国破产、失业方面的书籍,年报(年鉴)刊物,书籍,资料,专业技术资料,书籍,资料,刊物,书籍指引小册子,纪念特刊等供我参阅,另外再附送一册《新加坡共和国宪法》(活页版)予我珍藏(!谢绝提供网络及贵部门机构网上资料,我不喜欢网上的,也只能当时在网吧里浏览,如同走马观花一般,书籍才是阅读最好载体,假如全世界的互连网都瘫痪了,人们可能只能上图书馆,档案馆,书店去查书本上的资料了“开卷有益,多多益善”总之惠寄越多越好,以饗我对贵破产、失业的了解,以满足我的探知欲! ! !希望阁下能帮忙,本人感激不尽!本人未添置电脑,现利用网吧上了网的电脑给您发的E—MAIL,谢绝提供网络及网上资料。希望您能帮忙,本人感激不尽! !万分感谢您能满足多年的心愿!
    来信请邮寄:中国湖南省岳阳市德胜南路67号宋韶光生肖吉祥物店门面(新东方红小学对面)邮政编码:414000吴立东收。 (这地址是我大嫂工作的店铺,请用邮政挂号方式邮寄(这样就不会遗失或误投! )
    以上之事,有劳您了!拜托! !再次感谢!

  11. candima says:

    Dear Gilbert and all at transitioning,

    I am sorry I missed your gathering at Hong Lim Park about this fare hike. I say gathering because it is peaceful and people come to voice their concerns and offer their solutions. Hopefully those in the seat of authority will address our issues. I would have come, and my husband was so relieved that I didn’t know about it – as he puts it : “then I have to be the driver to fetch you there.” He sighs, because he is a timid man. We all are, timid, but let’s not be timid anymore. We have to be assertive and be heard and be felt. I like to have opposition in the parliament because then it is not a closed door event and they have to explain matters. I hope more people will step up to the plate, if they are capable, to be the voice and face of the future of the real Singaporeans – not the rich and technocrats.

  12. J L Tan says:

    Seems like many of us in the mid 40s to 50s who have the experiences and qualifications are losing the value in the job market among those in the mid 20s and mid 30s.

    What is hospitality and fairness to a newly recruit especially when it is either due for unemployment for more than 6 months or leaving a job for less than 3 months and having to face with all these mid year crisis so constantly for such a long time?

    Not surprisingly, many who are the local and foreign older timers had already received a pension scheme due for retirement entitlement but what about the current generation among its Singaporeans who are slowly getting older?

  13. LoveAussie says:

    Hey, Please share with everyone that Indochine-Group, an F&B group founded by Michael Ma Zheng Wu, a Laotian-born refugee, Australian citizen and Singapore PR has been violating Singapore’s Employement Act, breaching the protocols set by Singapore MOM. They hire many Indian engineers undergraduates to work at their restaurants in clark quay, waterfront and Supertree on training work permits because they have no capita to afford Singaporeans and also they don’t have quoto to hire foreigners! Once these training work permits expire in 3 months, they will change to a new batch of foreigners undergraduates and used them as super cheap labours to work as waiters and dish-washers on training work permits. Indochine has done this for years to escape foreign quotas and hiring singaporeans. Many of these foreign engineers undergraduates said they were cheated by their agency in India who works for Indochine – many were sad they wasted 3 months in Singapore learning nothing about engineering but only dish-washing and table-wiping. Also, Indochine has been ill-treating their chefs by asking them to work like slaves – 7 days every week – 10am – 11pm, squeezing all chefs in a small shophouse at tanjong katong – which Indochine’s Michael Ma bought with a legal tussle in between because his brains – made in Laos, develop in Australia is not capable enough to undnerstand the essence of commercial property laws in Singapore. These chefs, from Thailand are only given SGD $1000 a month for more than 10 years – this also mean Indochine has been cheating MOM, infringing its pass applications but they know if they don’t cheat, they will not succeed. Also Indochine Group have been spreading their quotas to hire foreigners to work at their F&B outlets by creating new companies every month – how cheap and lowly cheap is Indochine and Michael Ma! What an utter disgrace! If Indochine cannot afford Singaporeans and want to rely fully on foreigners – so why are they doing business in Singapore? They keep closing, opening, closing and opening their outlets in Singapore, KL, Jarkarta, India, Thailand, Germany – in the end their self-proclaimed “MNC” 25 outlets only end in up 7 non-profitable but trying-very-hard-not-to-collaspe outlets. Please help those distress workers threaten by Indochine-Group and Michael Ma Zheng Wu!

    • Freeman says:

      I was googling on “Indians undergraduates” and this page came up. Who is Michael Ma? Where is Indochine? Don’t tell me it is the one at Clark Quay, Forbidden City? My friends always go there, their staffs all Indians, not local somemore because I cannot their English. They have one at Holland V also. They also have a restaurant at one of the museum near boat quay which is very expensive. Based on my experience, they do have many India Indians waitresses and waiters.

  14. John Tan says:


    Dr Woffles Wu Tze Liang, finally got his medical suspension from the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) from all forms of medical practice for four (04) calendar months from March 24 to July 23.

    The Singapore Medical Council (SMC) has censured plastic surgeon Dr Woffles Wu for getting his employee to take the rap for his speeding offences in 2005 and 2006.

    SINGAPORE: The Singapore Medical Council (SMC) has censured plastic surgeon Dr Woffles Wu for getting his employee to take the rap for his speeding offences in 2005 and 2006.

    It is suspending Dr Wu from practice for 4 months from March 24 to July 23.

    The 54-year-old plastic surgeon practises at Woffles Wu Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Centre.

    In a statement, the SMC said its Disciplinary Tribunal (DT) held an inquiry on February 21 against Dr Wu.

    On June 12, 2012, Dr Wu had pleaded guilty in the Subordinate Courts to two charges under the Road Traffic Act of abetting an 83-year-old man into giving false information to the Traffic Police Department that he was the car driver behind two speeding offences on September 11, 2005 and November 10, 2006.

    Upon his conviction, Dr Wu was referred to the Singapore Medical Council.

    Before the DT, Dr Wu faced one charge of being convicted of an offence involving dishonesty under the Medical Registration Act.

    He pleaded guilty to the charge before the DT and was accordingly convicted.

    The tribunal highlighted in its Grounds of Decision that it discharged a rather different role from that of a court of law.

    It noted that in arriving at an appropriate sanction, its role was to consider what penalties would be sufficient and of specific deterrence such that no registered medical practitioner would want to take the risk to commit such an offence that would lower the standing of the medical profession.

    The tribunal found that there were several aggravating factors in the case.

    While the speeding offences were clearly only traffic related offences, the tribunal noted that the offence that Dr Wu was convicted for was not merely an offence under the Road Traffic Act.

    The tribunal stressed that it is incorrect to make light of an offence under the Road Traffic Act on the premise that it had no impact on Dr Wu’s medical practice.

    Dr Wu’s wrongful act in allowing another person to take the rap on his behalf is “a transgression involving dishonesty with some degree of premeditation, preparation” and, in its view, was an act calculated to ‘save his own skin’.

    The tribunal felt that Dr Wu was subverting the course of justice through his act of dishonesty and that this was a conduct that the medical profession would not condone.

    It also took pains to emphasise that “every medical practitioner is expected to carry the hallmarks of integrity and honesty whether in his professional or personal capacity”.

    Dr Wu’s seniority and standing in the medical profession was also found to be an aggravating factor, as he had “tarnished the good name of the profession”, “instead of setting a good example for younger practitioners to emulate”.

    The tribunal also felt that Dr Wu was not entirely remorseful as he had admitted (in a personal address to the DT during mitigation) that he had not given a second thought to what he did and that he believed it was a common practice to furnish false information to the Traffic Police for such offences.

    Having considered the nature of the charge, the submissions and relevant precedents cited, and even after taking note of Dr Wu’s cooperation with the authorities and his early plea of guilt, as well as his many contributions to society and the medical profession, the tribunal concluded that a sentence of suspension was warranted in the case, especially since it was an offence involving fraud or dishonesty.

    In its view, an appropriate term of suspension would “deter like-minded medical practitioners from allowing others to take the rap on their behalf whether in the context of the Road Traffic Act or otherwise”.

    The tribunal however did not impose a fine since the suspension was “deemed to already be financially punitive” and that the underlying offence committed was not financially motivated.

    Besides the 4-month suspension, it also ordered Dr Wu to give a written undertaking to the SMC that he would not to engage in any similar conduct in the future, and pay for all costs and expenses incurred for the tribunal.

    The tribunal also ordered that the grounds of decision be published.

    - CNA/nd

  15. Belmont Lay says:


    By Belmont Lay

    A nine-year-old case involving flamboyant plastic surgeon, Dr Woffles Wu, has concluded this week. Like about time.

    Dr Wu was caught speeding, on September 11, 2005 and November 10, 2006, but allowed an 83-year-old man to claim he was driving the car instead on both occasions.

    Two years ago, on June 12, 2012, Dr Wu eventually pleaded guilty in the Subordinate Courts to two charges under the Road Traffic Act of securing a scapegoat abetting another man into giving false information to the Traffic Police Department.

    For lying to the police, he was given a net-worth-denting fine of $1,000 by The Subordinate Courts.

    Disciplinary tribunal issues rebuke

    On Feb. 21, this year, an inquiry was held by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) disciplinary tribunal against Dr Wu, following his conviction.

    On April 7, 2014, the SMC issued a strongly-worded statement written with a lot of angst to rebuke Dr Wu to make him feel very, very bad.

    The SMC’s disciplinary tribunal, in its scathing voice, said: “We find it completely incredible that the respondent committed the offence out of naivete and ignorance of the law”.

    And what Dr Wu did, it inveighed, involved “dishonesty with some degree of premeditation, preparation and calculated to save his own skin. We cannot over-emphasise that every medical practitioner is expected to carry the hallmarks of integrity and honesty, whether in his professional or personal capacity.”

    The tribunal also felt, rather sorely, that Dr Wu was not entirely remorseful. This was because he had admitted in a personal address to them during mitigation that he had not given a second thought to what he did.

    He had also claimed that he believed it was a common practice to furnish false information to the Traffic Police for such offences. Oh, the rich.

    Therefore, Dr Wu’s standing and seniority in the medical profession was an aggravating factor, the tribunal found.

    As punishment, the SMC is suspending Dr Wu from practice for four months from March 24 to July 23 this year and he has said he will not be appealing the decision of the tribunal.

    His clinic will have locums who will attend to his patients when he is gone…

    … on holiday and he will be preparing for the World Masters Squash Championship in Hong Kong in July, he said.

  16. Joseph says:


    You must do something constructive !
    An educational means to help these people here.

    If you need any help or suggestion, you can put up ONE question to me!

    Wish you happy Labor Day

  17. Norman Ng says:

    Dear Gilbert,

    I recently met a friend from HCL, an indian based IT company and he mentioned that they have positions for junior IT Project Managers.

    My friend is a local and he is only looking to hire locals but finds difficulty as the company is an Indian MNC.

    If you have come across any who are in the IT line and is interested to take up a job as a junior PM, please do ask them to call Thomas Tang at HCL.

  18. karen says:


    Your stories at Transitioningorg are very touching. You should think of posting these stories in a facebook page, with frequent updates and new stories.

    It would be easier for you to reach out to a larger audience and help even more distressed citizen professionals who have been retrenched or face other difficulties at work.

    You have a strong niche area, and I think your facebook page for distressed professionals would take off quickly.


  19. Eileen says:

    Hi Gilbert,

    I’d like to suggest expansion of your scope.

    More and more so, I’m witnessing workplace bullying, from aggressive shouting to sabotaging to subtle humiliation. It could be local or foreign “gangs”, but more rampantly the latter.

    Our MOM could offer no protection and we cannot even be certain that they would bother.

    Thank you for your website.

    Change begins with one.

  20. Angie Ng says:

    Dear Gilbert

    Recently, I watch on internet the meaningful events you have organised at Hong Lim Park.

    I would like to be part of your volunteer team.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  21. tt says:

    Jobless needs financial help be it as little as 50 dollars month to cope with the transport fees needed for job interviews will be helpful. Why not set up a fund for jobless to tap into?

  22. Ganchi Mujibbhai Alimahmad says:

    I am from india. I want to know about work permit in Singapore. Is it possible to get employment coming by tourist visa thank u

  23. Apple Jia says:

    Hi Gilbert

    I am a born bred Singaporean. I am pretty well educated armed with a MBA from a top 5 business school.

    I have been unsuccessfully looking for a job for three years. I was able to attend numerous interviews because of my academic qualifications and 15 years of work experience. But was just unable to secure a decent offer. I have offers but for roles that require only 1-3 years experience and pays $3k per month. I know I have been discriminated against because of my nationality. Most are subtle but some are more obvious. I am extremely embarrassed that despite my qualifications and experience, I need to approach the MOM and WDA for assistance. But it had been six months and they had been unable to help.

    I am looking for jobs overseas, mostly in developed countries like UK, US and Australia. But it had been tough because of work permit issues. Employers also question my commitment to stay long term in the overseas country.

    What are possible next steps I can take now?

    Thank you

  24. Hello,

    I’m contacting you regarding a World Vision link you’ve included on your website
    Thank you for including us on your website! Unfortunately, this link no longer exists in the World Vision domain and anyone who clicks on this link receives a 404 error. However, we’ve provided a new link you can use that has the exact or similar content below. Can you please update your existing World Vision link with the new one?

    Existing link:
    New link:
    Thank you so much!

    Sarah Nizolek
    World Vision Marketing Department

  25. says:

    Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and
    sources back to your site? My blog site is in the very same area of interest as yours and my users would truly
    benefit from some of the information you provide here. Please let
    me know if this ok with you. Many thanks!

  26. HH says:

    Dear Gilbert,

    I would like to say Thank you and everyone on this site who has contributed a comment.

    It feels good that someone is listening and there is a tunnel to funnel our thoughts.

    I have been umemployed for over a year now, disappointed with Singapore had sure good vibes of Singapore, but now, it has change my thoughts altogether.
    I am leaving to work overseas, not coming back anytime soon, Have not found a job yet, hoping soon. Just hope.

    Thank you Gilbert and all, may all be blessed with good luck and your wishes be fulfill.

    Oh yes! lots of happiness too.


  27. TE says:

    Highly dubious “advice” provided by a “counselor”, seems to be a front organization for pro-government agencies to ensnare disgruntled citizens. Don’t waste your effort and money, there’s no help to be found here.

    Went for a so-called career session using the details provided, but instead had to sit through an hour of political indoctrination by a HK-born counselor naturalized to be Singaporean. Without even inquiring into my situation or background, he went on and on about how Singapore had an excellent and “transparent” system, unlike in Malaysia and HK today where everything depended on connections. Also talked about how the lack of “system” in countries had led to chaos through the English, French and Russian Revolutions, and how fortunate we are but don’t appreciate the peace and crime-free country we live in. The clean environment, air and water as well, and on how nothing comes free.

    He also implied that my jobless state was because of how “some people…just don’t work hard enough” and that working at McDonald’s would also be a job. Also went on how the government works so hard for us, but people always want to blame others (even though I said nothing about politics, in fact I didn’t get to say anything except for giving verbal affirmations).

    He later inquired about how I had come across this website (no I’m not a dissident or opposition), and looked visibly uncomfortable when I questioned him if he was Singaporean (he was) as he claimed to be from HK when we met. Oh, he also kept advocating for the services of the government agency e2i and even referred to it as “we” a number of times (a possible slip-up?).

    Disclaimer: had no idea about the political affiliations of the site beforehand, but just saw it as a job-help platform. So depressing, just wanted help for a job but wasted my time and transport fare for some half-baked diatribe. The people involved should be ashamed of themselves for using others’ suffering to push for their own ideological agendas.

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