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Monday December 2nd 2019

Father chases out of HDB flat by only son in family’s dispute

Good day All,

Please look at the picture and be honest about it.

Would you just walk away?

At that moment one could feel “murder” in one’s hands.

But I walked out quietly and went to HDB at Toa Payoh to request for rental flat and was told not qualified.

The law says my son is qualified to throw me out even though I fork out $350 k + up to date for the flat for my Muslim in laws.

To stay and brainwash my son while I was away working in China and Indonesia for about 5 years plus.

What choice has one got when passed 55 years old and foreign talent coming in by thousands in shipping firms for Technical Superintendent jobs, you grab any job that comes along.

Editor’s note: We also received many other documents related to the unfortunate case.
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