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Thursday November 21st 2019

Wife worried for husband who is unemployed for three years after losing job to a foreigner

Hi Gilbert,

I read the Hong Lim Park news and your support site for the unemployed.

My husband has been unemployed for 3 years. He has been retrenched twice in the past.

His job in a government agency has been given to a Indian foreigner who can’t work! We have two young schooling children to take care of and I am looking for a part-time job now. It is indeed very tough without a job living in this super-expensive country. We wrote to the government for help in more than 30 emails, the only response we get so far is go to WSG for Career Future to see the career coaches.

My husband has seen more than 5 senior career coaches yet still no use. They said they do not know what to do as my husband was formally from senior management and they do not have jobs now as these jobs are all taken up by foreigners.

Instead these so-called coaches told my husband to switch line and work in much lower rank jobs like security guard, cook, etc. where foreigners do not want these jobs!!!


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