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Tuesday November 12th 2019

Singaporean Tamil concerned about CECA and heavy influx of Indians from India

Dear brother Gilbert,

1. The recent viral incident involving the security guard with a new citizen resident had inadvertently stirred emotion and agitation to a new level. With all this euphoria, we must be very careful not to lead this to racial profiling and hatred toward a particular ethnic group. If that happened, then we will lose focus and end up stirring enmity and alienation among the different ethnic residents in Singapore.

2. Now, Gilbert, this incident had revealed a much undiscussed and ignored plight of local Indians, particular, the Tamils. They are suffering a double blow. First, losing employment opportunities due to the uneven playing field and discrimination. Second, the CECA arrangement brings in almost 95 per cent person of Non-Tamil speaking Indians. This had shifted the balance of the local Indian and created a huge disparity both economically and socially. This foreign residents had rekindled caste aspirations, started having their own schools with India’s curriculum, have their own weekly paper called ‘Tabla’ under cover of Tamil Murasu, started temple and religious activities align toward their own ethnic identity, started to question the government on the relevance of the Tamil language and created a huge rift as a result.

3. I appeal to you to bring up all these negative and damaging consequences to the local Tamil community when you talk about the CECA effect. Share this concern with all your speakers and ask them to relate this unseen misery that the local Tamil community is facing. Tell them the proportion of Tamils is somewhere around 55% of the total Indian population. The Tamil used to be 75% three decades ago. Now local Tamils had lost their bargaining power with the dwindling population and are facing severe obstructions in every aspect of their life by these non-Tamil speaking Indians

4. I am proud and comforted that there are true blue Singaporeans like you who are brave and sincere in addressing the plight of fellow Singaporean. I will communicate further with you in the near future and I will come and talk to you on Sunday, most probably.

5. Thank you, brother, and continue your noble deeds. Have a pleasant day. Cheers.

Warm regards


Editor’s note: This email was received a day before the event on 3rd Nov 2019.

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