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Monday November 18th 2019

Singaporean Tamil feel alienated by influx of Indians from India

Dear Gilbert,

Thank you for hosting the above event; I got retrenched last year, my position was re-defined and given to foreign talent. After working 32 years in that company in a managerial position, now I am a security guard in a hotel. My last drawn salary was $12k a month. I am earning $1.8k a month. I am very keen to attend and support the above event but I am on duty this weekend!

I just wish to share with you my concern as a Singapore born and bred citizen belongs to the Tamil community. I wish to high light the dilemma of the local Tamil community in Singapore due to the import of non-Tamils (North Indians)! We were like 65% to 70% of the total Indian population in 1990. We are almost reduced to 50% in 2010! What is the impact of this? The Tamils are intimidated by the loud and arrogant North Indians. They refuse to integrate with us. Instead of following the Singapore way of life, they bring in the caste system into our society. Their children generally don’t attend the local schools. The government has allowed several Indian Global schools to operate here. They have their own school curriculum and don’t mix with local kids. These foreign talents don’t speak Tamil and demand the government to introduce Hindi as a second language in schools. They also want more Hindi airtime in our Tamil radio and TV channels. I wonder why our government allows this. Why can’t the government tell them Tamil is one the official languages and they have to accept it! Can the China nationals (new citizens) demand Cantonese or Hokkien programmes on our national radio & tv channels? Why the North Indians are given such privileges?

The new non-Tamil citizens have already taken over our space in Little India, temples and in the community club events. The North Indians population has increased and they are promoting their culture and languages through various Community clubs/centres. Several years ago a non-elected MP has raised the negative impact on importing many non-Tamil Indians to Singapore. He has cautioned the government that it will affect the local Indians way of life and practices. No one took note of his concern then. Many of us have raised our concerns in vain to various authorities!

We are worried about our identity as Singapore Tamils due to the arrival of the Indian nationals, mostly North Indians!

Hope something constructive can come about after your event. All the best my dear brother, God bless!

Thanks & Best Regards,


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