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Wednesday November 13th 2019

Unemployed Singaporean PMET ranting off and attending our anti-CECA event on Sunday

Hi all

Just wanted to share my own personal sentiments and experiences on the issue. I used to think I was the anomaly until I talked to more people and we all had the same issues!

1. Since Dec 2018 – May 2019, I was unemployed and actively looking for positions. Among others, I did cold emails, LinkedIn, job sites, utilised the jobs bank and towards the later part of the unemployment period also went for the career counselling at Woodlands. All in all, I scored about 20-30 interviews. But here’s the thing: 60-70% of the hiring and/or HR personnel are foreigners. And with all of them, it feels as like I’m pleading with a foreigner in my own turf, my own country. How is this right? And don’t get me started on the jobs bank. Plenty of the jobs there are vague description, with wide salary ranges, and seem more like placeholders than anything. I only got 1 reply from a recruiter who posted there.

2. Around my neighbourhood – I’m seeing so many Singaporeans delivering McDonalds and GrabFood, a phenomenon seem only recently in the past few years. And on the rare occasion I take a taxi , it’s almost always some local who has no choice but to do so, as he’s facing reemployment difficulties. How do I know? Well, almost always me and the taxi driver will be discussing the current PAP doggies!

3. Two occasions in a social setting – both foreigners made remarks that openly looked down on Singaporeans. One of them remarked to me, he will ‘never hire Singaporeans if he could cos they’re lazy and unintelligent’. Another openly declared that he was making a lot of money , ‘more than Locals , more than me’. And as I have a wider social network, I see and talk to a lot of these young expats, in plump positions for MNC, but with such bad character and arrogance and I wonder, how did they get into these positions that are not worthy of my peers and I? By their own merit? Are we not hardworking, intelligent enough? And I realised soon, it was the environment; Singapore is the only country I believe where the locals are made to compete for jobs with foreigners with no protection for us whatsoever, be it minimum wage, unemployment welfare, and to top it off, we’re being discriminated against in our homeland?! The fuck?!

Let’s face it, it’s painfully obvious the FCF and jobs banks and skillsfuture are all implemented in HINDSIGHT and there’s so many anecdotal evidence of how so many MNCs are circumventing FCF and jobs bank. And to top this off, Ministers like Jo Teo are just paying lip service to us after reports come out EVERY QUARTER, year after year, of unemployment rising ! And our dear PM is busy taking selfies

See you guys on Sunday!

Christopher Ong

Editor’s note: This note is taken off a comment left on our event page.

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