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Tuesday November 12th 2019

Indian FT fails to get Employment Pass under employer OCBC


I am a citizen of India and need an EP to work in Singapore.

Infosys made me an offer but could not get an EP. Next Cognizant failed to get an EP.

Now Comtel solution is trying to get an EP. Client is OCBC.

All in, for 3 months OCBC has asked company after company to get me an EP but all have failed.

Something wrong with me or with these companies?

Earlier Midntree got me an EP in 2010.

Is Comtel Solution able to get EP these days?



You have all sorts of problems.

a) You’re not being paid enough. How do I know? If you were being paid more, you’d probably have an EP.

b) You are going to be body-shopped, ie, contracted to a third party by the firm that hires you. Singapore doesn’t like that any more. They want companies to hire permanent staff, preferably Singapore citizens.

c) You are Indian… so many threads will tell you why this is a hindrance these days.

d) Maybe it is you. Is your degree legitimate and easily verified? Is your work experience sufficient for the job? Are you a job hopper? Have you been in Singapore before and left.

I’d get plan B started… I don’t think you’re going to have any more success with Comtel… that’s only my SWAG.

Strong Eagle

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