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Saturday October 19th 2019

Young graduate bullied at workplace and forced to resign after 9 months

Dear Mr Gilbert,

I have been unemployed for 9 months and have been reading your website for encouragement. I’ve finally worked up the courage to email you – I would like to receive a copy of your ebook if possible, and also join a support group. It can be very isolating and depressing.

As a recent graduate, I was bullied at my first job and unexpectedly pressurised/threatened by my very young bosses to resign after nine months. During the trying time, I had reported to HR about my situation. HR appeared sympathetic and apologised, saying their behaviour was unprofessional, but apart from a verbal warning to my bosses, nothing else was done for me.

I have since experienced great difficulties securing a full time job because most companies conduct background checks, and I suspected my ex bosses may have slandered me.

I wish to express my thanks and gratitude to you and your team, for establishing this website for unemployed persons like myself. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind wishes,

Editor’s note: We are reaching out to the writer and hope to support her whenever possible.

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