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Monday October 14th 2019

Sandwiched-generation Singaporean driving Grab and struggled with high healthcare cost

Hi Gilbert

I am your typical sandwiched generation staying in a 4-room HDB flat with elder parents and  my wife is pregnant with our third child.

I gave up my full-time job about two years ago so that I have more time for my elderly parents and two kids. I made that decision because friends told me I could make about the same income of $3,500 by driving grab and I will have more cash as no need to pay CPF. Now I realised it is not so easy. I barely bring back $3k a month after car rental and petrol.

The haze was so bad last week, both my parents and the two girls fall sick one after another. To save money, I brought them to the polyclinic, each time I go there, the waiting time was almost 3 hours. This eats into my driving time. So I lost income and have to spend on medication. I don’t dare to bring them to a private clinic as each visit can cost $60 to $80.

Medical cost is so high now. I am really worried about the medical fee. I don’t have much left in my Medisave. I will have problems if my parents fall sick and need to be hospitalised.

Why is healthcare cost in Singapore so high? I have a friend in Taiwan. He only needs to pay about $10 each time he sees the doctor. Why cant our government make healthcare cost cheaper for low-income people like us?


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