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Tuesday October 8th 2019

Singaporean unhappy with eventual replacement by a Indian national at sub-con company

Hi Gilbert

This morning I received a official copy of warning letter and my company has requested that I sign. Due to incorrect facts stated on the warning letter, I refused to sign. The operations manager called me saying if I do not sign, he will send an email to sub-con office and tomorrow I can jolly well be off packing.

I explain to him the facts inside the warning letter is incorrect and request correction to be made. He rejected and I request to seek MOM advisory first, he was angered and says I left him with no choice.

The truth is company has standby one Indian foreign supervisor to replace me to run the operations. He will be holding the same title but running the operations. Because my boss, couple of months ago, has asked me to hand over the operation to him and stand back to see how it goes.

I need some legal advice and was hoping to talk to a lawyer on my legal options. Can you refer one to me?

I am not sure if I can last till end of the day but as a 3rd-generation Singaporean, I will not back down and forced to sign a untrue warning letter.

I had no one to talk to but I remembered about your MAY day protest and now I understand truly your point. We are just like frogs in a cauldron slowly heat up. By the time we realized, we are cooked frogs.


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