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Monday September 23rd 2019

PMET struggling with ten months of unemployment and feeling lost

Hi Gilbert,

I chanced visited your website as I was searching for jobless-related articles. I hope to receive a copy of your free Ebook if possible.

I have been jobless twice, the first one lasted for 16 months and this time round already 10 months and counting (still lost and jobless).

Just to share with you my journey.

After my ORD, due to my passion and interest in IT I landed a job in that sector and work for almost 10 years before I joined another company for another year and a half. I resigned from this job and seek for a career change as I lost interest and feel that this IT job was too routine in nature.

With this bold move, I joined a real estate company as part-time agent and it was a complete failure and left partly due to poor support from the team. After that, I got a job referral from my friend after jobless for 16 months. It was a project engineer position and completely new to me.

I started learning on the job and was enjoying doing it. i love this job very much as the bosses were really nice to me and this job offered flexibility working from home. But somehow good things never last. Due to some reason, this company has closed down after I have worked for about 18 months and this is where I am again (Jobless).

As of now, I feel very lost and don’t know what to do. Sadly speaking, I try to flip the paper trying to look for work but that only lasted for about a month or so and then I gave up doing so. Not that I do not want to try to look out for one but truly I don’t even know what job to look out for.

I somehow lost direction in my life, depressed, stressed and lost all self-confidence. Sometimes I even broke out in cold sweat when someone asks me to do things that I am not familiar with.

I understand that there are lots of people seeking help from you and hope you can give me some advice on how to move on from here.

Best Regards,

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