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Wednesday September 18th 2019

Struggling Grab driver with 4 children gave away last $2.30 to beggars

I am going through similar situation. I’m with 4 children in school, one ailing 80-year-old mom-in-law, in the midst of a law suit against former employer (government agency), a diabetic with an unruptured brain aneurysm and was recently discharged from CGH for stroke and heart issues.

I was a GRAB driver and because of stroke, I’m now deemed unable to drive commercially for one year…there goes my livelihood.

To be honest I was with only $2.30 and a bottle of distilled water to my name the week before I had stroke and it was the date-line for my court appeal, where I needed $3.6K.

I was already owing 1 week of rental for the Grab car and petrol was nearly empty. It was after Friday prayers at At-Taqwa Mosque when I lost hope, but I saw a woman and a small child asking for donation. I gave away my $2.30 and the bottle of water (Allah, forgive me if this is considered bragging).

An hour later I received a call from a relative who managed to get the funding required for my court appeal…but unfortunately I didn’t make it to appeal on time. But that’s a different story. Three days later I woke up with a stroke….and to me it’s a blessing, for God has His reasons.

All this is a test…God willing it would make you stronger.

Back to the gentleman’s issues.

- Seek help from the medical social welfare at CGH for both your parents and your self

- Ask the medical social welfare officer to refer your case to ComCare

- Approach you Family Service Centre in your estate

- Talk to the Mosques social worker

All these people are able and willing to help. But remember you have to help yourself first in all honesty, before anyone can help you.


Editor’s comment:
This post is retrieved from a comment posted on our FB page. Fadzli has informed us that he has received help from Comcare, CGH and the mosque social aid.

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