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Tuesday September 17th 2019

Jobless PMET with 3 kids struggling with welfare of $100/month for 3 months

Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for the prompt reply. Attached is my resume for your better understanding. Some details about me:-

I’m a Diploma holder in HRD and an ITC (Higher Nitec) in Electrical Engineering.

Spend my early part of my career in plant maintenance but move towards training and development in later stage. Looking for jobs like trainer, training specialist, etc.

I left my last job due to a lack of safety culture and did not regret this decision despite the long unemployment.

Reasons for leaving the other two jobs:-

Company A – Close down Singapore Office as HQ decided to focus on North Asia.

Company B – Took me ten months to secure this job after Company A shut-down. Escape the first lay-off one year into this job.

My supervisor advised me to seek other job as more lay off is expected.

I decided to join my last company (Apexlink) which had been seeking me to join them. By the way, Apexlink is one of my dealers which I brought on board during my Company A stint.

I have two daughters (Sec 4 and 3) and a son (Pri 2) and having waiver for school fee. My wife who was a housewife before is now working as a stall assistant for $900.

I do the housework full-time and take care of my young son. Last year, I applied for financial assistance from ComCare but was rejected.

Seek my MP’s help and they gave me S100 per month for 3 months. After that, I did not go back to them …pissed off with the government.

No hurry to slot in my session. Let your volunteer contact me when they are free.

Have a nice week ahead!


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