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Monday September 16th 2019

45-year-old Singaporean thinking of returning from Melbourne due to boredom

Greetings, Gilbert,

The reason I am writing to you is because I am in a dilemma, I have been in Melbourne for the past 4 years and working in the computer repair line.

I also come to know that you used to be in Oz but you chose to go back.

Life is good but I am encountering boredom here, no friends here.

If you are me, will you think of going back to Singapore?

What are your thoughts on comparison between a welfare country like Australia and Singapore?

I am already 45 and going back to Singapore, there will be less chance for me in the job market. If starting a business, what kind of business is good?

I think Singapore is more advanced and competitive than Melbourne, maybe in this way there will be more opportunities? I am not sure…

Hope that you can share your thoughts…many thanks.




Hi Ben

Thanks for your mail.

I just got back from Sydney and met some Singaporeans who say the same thing as you – boredom. There is apparently little opportunity for socialising and it is proving to be a issue for some people over there as well.

I heard there are many Singaporeans living in Melbourne – is there any way to interact with them or even get a soul mate?

Singapore is getting tough and people struggle alot due to the low salary base here.

Doing business is also competitive as the population size is small.

Do seriously reconsider your decision to return.


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