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Wednesday August 28th 2019

Malay jobless man stressed after having only $60 in pocket

Dear Sir,

I am in dire straits now and genuinely need your help as I’m left with only $60 in my bank but still have 2 elderly parents to feed. We do not even know where our next meal will come from. My parents are unable to work due to health concerns and being lowly educated, it’s difficult for them to land employment at this age.

My medical bills and that of my parents are piling and at risk of being rejected by CGH for further treatment as we cannot afford the costs. I was just discharged last Friday after a heart attack.

I was previously gainfully employed by Certis Cisco in 2017 but was terminated for health conditions.

As you are aware how difficult it is to obtain help from MUIS or Mendaki, I hope you can help my family out while I try to secure a job. I am battling depression on medications as the last 2 years were a very difficult one for me. I contemplated ending my life but there will be no one to look out for my parents, hence I have to be strong.

Hope to hear from you soon as I do not know where else I can turn to. I can be contacted at 8531 XXXX. Thank you.

Amin Nizam,
Blk 114 Pasir Ris St 11

Editor’s note: We have make contact with the writer and will provide interim grocery aid soon follow by a face-to-face meeting later on.

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