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Tuesday September 10th 2019

42-year-old diploma holder loathing job as a real estate agent and seeking direction

Hi Gilbert,

Only get to know your website and reading the hardship of many LTUs (long-termed unemployed) all of which I can relate to – family woes, depression, suicidal thoughts, driving taxi or becoming security guards. Sometimes I refrain from reading too much of the published articles because it becomes almost a reflection of my own life.

I am currently a self-employed real estate agent for the last 1.5 years and I am disliking my work  -  the cherished self-employed mode seems so wrong for me.

I am almost 42 this month and my career path is quite a flop – I went to several WDA career jobfairs but they didn’t help much. In fact,¬† I have even engaged a personal career coach to help me map out my strengths and weaknesses but then, there’s no follow-through on the action part.

I do not experience some of those major lows of retrenchment or job discrimination as mentioned in your website, yet as I reflect back,  I come to terms with the fact  that I could not handle job stress well especially in all of my sales career undertakings since I started work as a sales professional in the property market.

During this period, I am thinking of a mid-career switch into a non-sales career path and I have been thinking, over-thinking, searching and not taking much action.  Recently, this has affected my mood very badly and even spilled into my non-work related family life.

I seem to be searching for some ideal work that I can enjoy and excel in which proves to be elusive – like chasing after a fantasy which will never happen.

I am a diploma graduate and I do not hold technical specialty certificates as I have change industries and as I search for a better job now,¬† most job requirements are making me seem ‘obsolete’ by today’s standard.

Well, I am always open to developing new skill sets with knowledge that will continue to make me employable for the next 10-15 years but I simply do not know what and where to start!

Gilbert, can your career counsellor help me set a new career path so that I don’t feel I am being tossed right and left everyday and the fear of being left behind by all the advances I see in this country and truly I am also overwhelmed by the vast changes taking place around me.

Thanks for taking time to read my unsorted thoughts and email.


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