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Monday August 26th 2019

Foreigner getting mutiple job offers whereas Singaporeans remain jobless


I am currently an S-Pass holder. I recently got a new job offer from this new employer. When my new employer applied for my employment pass, the HR was unable to move forward with the application because a current application was being processed. To make the long story short, my current employer renewed for my Pass, without informing me, and my new employer is unable to process my application due to this.

Now my questions:-

1. How long will it take for my current pass to be renewed?;
2. Is there anyway my current employer delay the process of renewal of my pass? Once my pass has been processed by MOM (Ministry of Manpower), is there any additional steps needed to be taken by my current employer or by me for my pass to be completely renewed? (see note below)
3. Once the renewal has been approved by the MOM, can my new employer straight away apply for a new employment pass?

Note: I don’t want to inform my current employer yet that I have already found a new employer. and I cannot ask my current employer to cancel the renewal process, as this will give them an idea that I am actively seeking or have accepted a new job offer for a new employer.

Your help and advise will be greatly appreciated.


Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a post under Singapore Expats forum.

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