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Monday August 19th 2019

Online interview on general election with a 53-year-old Malay married female voter

Thanks Aisha for responding to our online questionaire on the forthcoming election can you tell us a little about your general profile eg gender, age, education, job title, salary range, marital status, etc?

Aisha: Female, 53, A Level, Manager, $2k-$3k, Married

Have you voted before and for which party? Why so?

Aisha: Yes, opposition NSP. The PAP has “lost its way” and we need more opposition in Parliament to make sure our voices are heard, and for PAP to be held accountable for the policies and actions.

How do you feel about the current political climate ie are you happy with the government and do you think we should have some changes?

Aisha: We certainly need changes, a lot of changes.

What’s your view of the recent launch of Progress Singapore Party led by Dr Tan Cheng Bock a ex PAP MP?

Aisha: I’m glad that Dr Tan has formed his party. It is a credible party and Dr Tan is an admirable person with a passion to serve his country. He has experience while in PAP and holds the respect of many people. I hope Dr Tan will work with other opposition parties like the SDP and be a unifying factor that eventually leads to the downfall of the PAP.

Do you feel that Singaporeans especially those in the millennial era is politically apathetic? Why or why not?

Aisha: The millenial generation grew up in a easier environment and they cannot see the difficulty their parents and grandparent went through. They also did not see what the old PAP used to be. So yes they are rather apathetic. But on the bright side, these are the people who dare to question, to speak up and to bring about change. Educating them is therefore very important.

What do you feel.the opposition should focus on for the next general election?

Aisha: CPF, housing, immigration policies, overturning or modifying the CECA

What is your ideal opposition Parliamentary composition – 10% 30% or more?

Aisha: At least 40% in order to make a difference

Do you feel that the current government has ran out of ideas especially when it comes to economic progress and that Singaporeans are finding it increasingly difficult to survive? Please elaborate.

Aisha: Yes that is certainly true. Just looking at the 3G and 4G ministers now. They are clueless and not in touch with the ground. They think one is poor because one did not work hard enough, and they do not have answers to the current problems. Singaporeans are getting poorer while they become richer. Just look at the suicide rates among our young people, how more and more Singaporeans are driving for a living, and how many of our old people have to work an menial jobs because our CPF system has failed.

How do you feel that the opposition has fared in Singapore’s politics? What areas do you suggest that they can improve on?

Aisha: We have some good political parties, like the WP, SDP and now PSP. But Singaporeans need to wake up and take charge of their own future. The opposition parties need to walk more among the people to inspire their confidence. And political unity among the parties would be the way.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you gauge your own political involvement?

Aisha: 5

End of interview

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