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Tuesday July 23rd 2019

Jobless PMET suffering from depression and seeking our help

Dear Gilbert,

Hi, my name is Steven.

I found your website on Reddit when looking for information/support for my depression. I really like what I’ve read and I think the services you can provide is very likely what I need. I will write a little about myself (things I feel are important to note) and hope that someone could help me with my current circumstances.

I was working at a bicycle shop for my last job – I was terminated – and the reason being, the owner of the shop thought I wasn’t a right fit. Just before that, I was a Grab driver; I drove for five weeks under a contract with a rental company and decided to stop because it wasn’t the right job for me. I have had several jobs prior to the two mentioned but none have worked out for me.

I have been jumping from job to job ever since I finished my service in the army. It has been a rather difficult time for me; with my father passing (about 7 years ago when I was still in the army) and a few unresolved childhood traumas that I’m still dealing with. My father’s passing really hit me hard because I was just about to finish my service in the army and then going out into the working world; to not have a tangible male figure guiding me(at least for the first few months of responsible adult life), I feel, have really set me back. And I won’t go into too much details about my childhood (at least in this email), I will just leave it at: my mother was abusive when I was growing up, and is the primary cause for my depression.

When I do go jobless (for long periods of time), I spend a huge portion of that time leaning stuff online (whatever peeks my interest), and I’ve learned quite a bit. One of which is psychology, which I’ve found rather interesting (and also helpful).

There were a couple of reasons why I started looking into psychology – one of which is simply – it was at least interesting enough for me to look into. And second, I knew it would be helpful considering I was dealing with depression. In my search for more information on the topic, I stumbled across Jordan B. Peterson, a professor of psychology and clinical psychologist, on Youtube. One thing in particular that I’ve found helpful from listening to Dr. Peterson is the two temperamental types of people on the Left and the Right of the political spectrum. He talks about people on the Right being more orderly and conscientious and people on the Left who are higher in openness and are more creative(this can obviously be expended further and in greater details but I don’t have the capacity for that.

This information have been extremely useful for me because it really helped me realise who I am fundamentally: someone who is open to new ideas and has the proclivity for creative work. I have somewhat come to the conclusion that for me to truly be – not just financially successful, but also happy and fulfilled with life – is to move to a country that is more concern with liberty and also appreciative of the creative individual. So obviously, to move to a different country I will need the necessary funds to do so but working for money has never been my greatest attribute. I find it to be soul crushing; to do the same thing over and over again multiple times a week is one of the worst things I can see myself doing despite knowing the necessity of it.

I am at the point in my life where I’m just confused. I really have no idea what my path is. I don’t know where to look. I have no connections. I am just wasting my time not accomplishing anything. I know I love motorsports but there really isn’t a path I can take(at least one that I know of.) I know Singapore is very much an industrious city and people here are mostly conservative, so a career in motorsports is basically a pipe dream for anyone who doesn’t have a ton of money; but it is pretty much the only thing I am passionate about.

Any amount of help would be greatly appreciated.


Editor’s note: Will be scheduling an appointment to see the writer and also forwarded him my Ebook How to survive unemployment.

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