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Wednesday July 31st 2019

Scholar from Malaysia enquiring on PR scheme involving NS liability

Hi everyone,

I understand that Foreign Students are now able to apply for a Singapore PR under the new Foreign Student scheme:

My only concern is whether I would be liable and also be called up for National Service.

Some background information:

Age: 23 years old

Educational background: Completed my O and A Levels in SG and currently in my 3rd year of my degree at NUS

Parents background: Both are Malaysian citizens, living in Malaysia and non-PRs

I have been in Singapore for the past 9 years and am considering applying for a PR now.

I understand that the ICA website states that:

“Main applicants who are granted PR status as a Foreign Student or under their parents’ sponsorship are required to register for NS upon reaching 16 1⁄2 years old and will be scheduled for enlistment at the earliest opportunity upon reaching 18 years old.”

However, as I am already past the age of 18 years old and about to start work next year, it does not make much sense for me to give up 2 years of working for NS.

Furthermore, I am also under the MOE tuition grant and am liable to work in SG for 3 years after graduation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

Posted by callmediego » Thu, 07 Feb 2019 3:14 pm

Editor’s note: The above article is retrieved from a post under Singapore Expat forum.

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