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Monday July 22nd 2019

SMRT Malay tech staff spot-checked 6 times within 6 months

Between Jan – July…can’t remember how many times (spot-checked) in 6 months due to morning rushing to work. The latest is early this month at Tanah Merah MRT station but finally they let me off due to reasoning I am on duty and they could see I am on my half uniform with boots…that’s also I need to show them my company pass just to reason with them.

I am on my working hours but definitely it can be quite irritating and ridiculous that even though I explained to them I on my working hour or duty they still insist in (not) letting me go till I need to explain to them that they have to give me an excuse form due to me being late to perform my duty while still on working hours.

Most of the time when this spot check happens and I need to insist till they can’t provide what I want (excuse chit) they just let me off…but sometimes I wonder why they target during morning peak hour – don’t they know that people are rushing to work and they need to train themselves too about people’s appearance and acting suspiciously before they could deal with it.

If not they are wasting my time and the poor people who also get the same treatment like me…this sometimes makes me angry early in the morning and really can get my nerve…they need retraining!


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