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Tuesday July 16th 2019

Reader from Uruguay requesting for our Ebook

Hello Gilbert,

My name is Adolfo Folle. I a0 from Uruguay, South America. A couple of years ago I became unemployed and started this journey of development.

Its a hard journey but can be very rich for self development and to find a new sense of purpose.

Due to my personal experiences I have addressed this matter always taking care of my SELF from an Holistic point of view (Faith, Meditation, Discipline, Networking, Exercise, etc, etc).

I guess this approach has somehow helped me find work alternatives.

Uruguay is a very small country (only 3 million) where unemployment is raising at a rate of 8% at present. The country is also very dependant of our neighbour economies (Argentina and Brasil) hence a lot of people are finding it hard to find a job.

I’m having the calling to reach out to others and help. Create a support system for others.

Would be great if you could send me your E Book, hence my learning curve to help other is shorter.

Also, if its not too much trouble, would appreciate to have a short 5 min discussion through whatsapp when the time is best for you.

Thanks in advance and congratulations for the great platform you have created.

Kind regards,


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