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Monday August 19th 2019

Eight Tips For Living While Unemployed

This article was first published here on Aug 2009.

Eight Tips for Living While Unemployed

A few days ago, I found myself jobless.

It’s too complicated to explain the whole situation, but suffice to say, it left me feeling anxious and sad. I did what I could to resolve the situation but it was all in vain.

During these  past few days, I took   the following steps  to make me feel better.     I can look back on  my days with satisfaction and I find myself moving forward with hope.

1. Exercise.

I exercise¬† to manage my mood, it calms me and also energizes me at the same time. You don’t have to exercise that rigorously to achieve good positive health effects. For example, jogging 3-5km thrice a week will do you much good.

2. Do something nice for someone else

Try doing something special for someone which not only surprises them but you will feel good too.
For example -  e-mail someone directly  rather than simply forward the message that you find useful for them. Drive your partner to work. No car, no problem, ride and  commute with him/her.

3. Stop thinking back

No matter how bad the situation was, you just have to move forward, not backwards. Even if someone did you wrong, wrote nasty e-mail to you, just let it slide and move on with your life.

4. Connect with someone important to you

Could be a long-lost friend/contact. Who knows, they may just have something in the pipeline for you.

5. Tackle something which you’ve been putting off

Attacking and crossing off items on your to-do list, you may want to clear your room, throw out unnecessary things and realise you have the power to make space. I know cos I just did it!

6. Do something silly, whacky, out-of-character

This is the time to explore and try different things!

7. Be yourself, be true to who you really are

Getting out of the corporate suit and pretentious ways. Now at least you don’t have to ‘carry’ b***s.

8. Go to sleep early

Getting enough sleep is simply underrated. Most of us simply sleep too little, causing us to be short-fused and lose productivity in the process. Sleep your troubles away. Everything looks better in the morning.


Writer was retrenched few days ago from an IT company. This would be  his third time out of work.

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