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Monday August 19th 2019

Cleaner PMET with advanced cancer lost her US$9,000/month overseas contract but found peace

Hi Gilbert

Sometimes life just can’t get any better from having a pink of health. I have diploma but look what am I doing now?

However, being a cleaner after all is a decent earning. What to do,  my health is more important compare to what my qualification says. I just tell myself to be positive each day.

Sleepy, tired and feeling unwell but I still need to work because I have responsibilities. My qualification doesn’t pay my bills. being healthy does. Let’s also hope the advanced cancer won’t spread to my liver.

I am more tired and weak from moaning when i lost my mom recently than having this cancer.

This is nothing. I just hope one fine day all of us who are unhealthy will be blessed each day. Come to realise there are others who are less fortunate than I am.

I worked with an uncle age 73, limping. But he doesn’t fail to put on a smile on his face. That shows how grateful he is with his life.

I earned $50 a day and the employer provides us with bread and soya bean.

I work four days a week from 12 midnight to 10am the next day but I am happy.

But sad to say my application to MSF is still without any news yet. Life goes on…


Editor’s note: If you want to donate to Huda, please let us know.All funds will be donated directly to her account. The lady PMET lost a lucrative $9000/month overseas contract due to her cancer. She did not start with the company at all.

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2 Responses to “Cleaner PMET with advanced cancer lost her US$9,000/month overseas contract but found peace”

  1. Super duper hard says:

    Even our national hero who won gold in Olympics Swimming in 100m butterfly also find it ” super dooper” hard to train, live and perform well here in S’pore not to mention the plights of these PMETs, cleaners & other locals working staffs here. If u r a super talent migrate overseas when u can else juz go along with the’s very harsh an environment here .

  2. Hello says:

    Cleaner earning US$9,000 per month overseas sounds like a bullshit story …

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