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Monday July 1st 2019

Kenko Academy looking for Singaporeans to hire for wellness industry

Hi Mr Goh,

I have come across your website while hoping to find unemployed community in Singapore where I could find staff.

My name is Dickson Ng, Training Manager for Kenko Academy. I am seeking for those who are interested in joining my company.

Kenko Academy is accredited by the SSG and WSQ for training in Spa Services with grant of up to 95%. I would like to tap on your community to see if anyone would be interested to join the wellness industry or to start a spa business to go through our Spa Service training. After training, the wellness arm in my company will recruit those who we think are suitable to work for either part time or full time.

I hope the above benefits your community. Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you.


Dickson Ng

Training Manager

Mobile : (65) 8535 9XXX

Email :

Number of View: 61

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