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Tuesday July 2nd 2019

Jobless local PMET with accounting degree bullied by FTs due to mental condition

Hi Gilbert,

I am currently unemployed due to my mental condition. I was fired by two companies within the first half of this year and it was traumatic to my emotional health.

I was a victim of workplace bully by the “foreign talents” in my previous companies. I was outnumbered by the foreigners and the management didn’t manage to help resolve this issue. This has resulted in further worsening of my mental condition which was just a very mild case previously.

I had managed to recover from my mental condition last year and was leading a fulfilling life after graduating with a degree in accounting and finance.

But due to the workplace bullying, it has resulted in worsening of my mental health as i suffered blows twice this year from loss of employment.

Currently I am jobless and couldn’t find a job despite sending my resumes to many employment agencies and even the government sector.

This has caused traumatic blows to me and I am in emotional distress. I locked myself up at home everyday hoping to get calls for job interviews.

My family is very poor and I couldn’t find a job, I need desperate help.

Feng Ping

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4 Responses to “Jobless local PMET with accounting degree bullied by FTs due to mental condition”

  1. SG says:

    If you are able to work under “pure” job pressure (eg tedious work flow), good character.
    Please contact me via email, the admin here should be able to retreive my email address.
    Alternatively, leave your contact email in the comment, i will contact you via your email.

    I am already in a quick motion of hiring an accountant, so be fast.
    Lastly i am not guaranteeing any job, but a advance standing to get an interview.

    It is a MNC with huge operation in SG. Good luck.

  2. Jie Ming says:


    I am rather surprised to read your letter in regards to mental stress you received from FT. I thought only school students are bullied in these circumstances. As now you are considered as an adult and how could these happened? Unless you appeared as very weak so others bully you. Even if your next job is full of Singaporean, you will still be bullied. People in regards whether foreigners or locals tend to bully the looking weak ones. Before your next employment, maybe you should ponders on your self and make improvements or else these bullies will haunt you again.

  3. Mo says:

    Jie Ming: why do you think workplace bullying is largely a consequence of one appearing weak? There is a lot of research on that – OK, there’s a lot of BS, but also volumes of serious work in the literature. For example, and to look at it from the perspective of the perpetrator, the prominent success of antisocial personalities in many fields of industry and higher education. Pinning it ‘entirely’ on the victim is neither sophisticated nor helpful. I would say it also glorifies a self-empowerment, narcissistic, ‘you are totally responsible’ discourse which is…well…just not objective. And not conducive for someone suffering bullying at work to develop a more adaptive response. I do agree with you that bullying can come from anyone – FT or not.

    Feng Ping: Perhaps you’ve followed up on the connection from SG above. If it means anything, I wish you well.
    I share the pain you are going through. It’s why I’m writing this, here. There is little I can say to make you feel better. You are welcome to request my email, I will listen – on Skype or something, I’m not in SG.

  4. john tan says:

    come on, this site has been around for years and no one has even mention about forming an independent union to fight for the workers’ rights?

    are you all so obedient and submissive that you forgot how to stand for your own rights?

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