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Thursday June 20th 2019

Indian national offered job with NCS with salary of $6000 and checking on EP procedures


I have a job offer with XXXXX Consulting Pte. Ltd.. They hired me as a Senior Consultant (I work in the field of Data Analytics with SAS/Big Data) for a project with NCS. It’s a year-long contract with offered salary 6000 SGD.

I am an Electronics and Communication BTech graduate from a recognized Indian university with a work experience of 7 years. Presently I am working with one of the Big 4 organisation in India. My date of joining is 12th December. Also, I have another job offer based in India with date of joining as 13th December.

What are my chances of EP approval? I could have waited but considering I have to take a decision to join one of the firms, I am asking the question to experts here. if my EP pass approval chances before 10th December looks possible, only then will I accept the Singapore offer and ask the employer to file for EP.

No, even I am not desperate for work/money. I do have another job offer and I am currently in a job, so work-wise I ain’t DESPERATE. I am already getting paid handsomely in current job and have a offer with considerable hike, considering I have my home here so expenses would be less, thus I ain’t DESPERATE for money too. People have other reasons too to move out. I never told you what new challenges,role, responsibilities, benefits, opportunity I would be getting if I join the Singapore offer.

I am not sure if I deserve more or less than SGD 6k, but what I know is that I am not desperate for money so the offer seems pretty good to me to cover my expenses and save for later.

Stability – I don’t look forward to. I have worked for 3 organisations till now and have given 3 years each to 2 of them, and was pretty stable (won’t be posting my resume here), yet I looked for further opportunities. If you have good skill set and keep yourself updated with technology, there won’t be a dearth of offers and stability won’t be an issue.

Your comments and thoughts please.



Editor’s note: The above article is retrieved from a comment posted in Singapore Expats forum

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2 Responses to “Indian national offered job with NCS with salary of $6000 and checking on EP procedures”

  1. e-male says:

    Hi, avi!

    I will cut to the chase and spell it out very loudly and clearly for you, but you will first have to promise you will under no circumstances go jump out of the window of the unit you are renting at the moment. Deal?

    Okay, and if is this: basically the job description you have given us, plus whatever capabilities you seem to is to have (although you and you alone know the truth) through your name-dropping (“NCS”), your position is one that pays a market rate of SGD9,000 per month, give and take a few hundred.

    It would appear highly likely that you have been shortchanged, and not by a little.

    We suggest you go back to the decision-makers in your new destination or the person/superior that hired you to renegotiate a better deal.

    For, if not, by the time you have become entrenched in your job, say, after a couple of months, and you then come to the realization that others doing the job you do are paid double what you are getting, you may feel so miserable you want to either pack up and go back to India or, worse, feel so cheated that you will want to take that leap out of your unit or the building wherever you may find yourself.

    Good luck.

  2. ganeshsk says:


    You have just depressed the locals salary, with you take up offer, Your EP will be approved. The ones getting 9K as mentioned by the previous poster will probably lose his job. You will get stuck at 6K. but that is OK because you get to go back to India , 50 times treated.
    Thus I would doubt you will feel depressed. But don’t count on moving to the 9K bracke. You will get hired because of cost although I don’t doubt your talent.

    Chances are in the most expensive city in the world you will start behaving bit more differently in terms of the money you are spending. Well that is another matter.

    Welcome to Singapore !!!!!

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