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Monday April 15th 2019

Indian national offered job with NCS with salary of $6000 and checking on EP procedures


I have a job offer with XXXXX Consulting Pte. Ltd.. They hired me as a Senior Consultant (I work in the field of Data Analytics with SAS/Big Data) for a project with NCS. It’s a year-long contract with offered salary 6000 SGD.

I am an Electronics and Communication BTech graduate from a recognized Indian university with a work experience of 7 years. Presently I am working with one of the Big 4 organisation in India. My date of joining is 12th December. Also, I have another job offer based in India with date of joining as 13th December.

What are my chances of EP approval? I could have waited but considering I have to take a decision to join one of the firms, I am asking the question to experts here. if my EP pass approval chances before 10th December looks possible, only then will I accept the Singapore offer and ask the employer to file for EP.

No, even I am not desperate for work/money. I do have another job offer and I am currently in a job, so work-wise I ain’t DESPERATE. I am already getting paid handsomely in current job and have a offer with considerable hike, considering I have my home here so expenses would be less, thus I ain’t DESPERATE for money too. People have other reasons too to move out. I never told you what new challenges,role, responsibilities, benefits, opportunity I would be getting if I join the Singapore offer.

I am not sure if I deserve more or less than SGD 6k, but what I know is that I am not desperate for money so the offer seems pretty good to me to cover my expenses and save for later.

Stability – I don’t look forward to. I have worked for 3 organisations till now and have given 3 years each to 2 of them, and was pretty stable (won’t be posting my resume here), yet I looked for further opportunities. If you have good skill set and keep yourself updated with technology, there won’t be a dearth of offers and stability won’t be an issue.

Your comments and thoughts please.



Editor’s note: The above article is retrieved from a comment posted in Singapore Expats forum

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