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Thursday April 11th 2019

Singaporean PMET lost job to a professional from India and seeking help

Hi Gilbert,

My name is Leon Ho. I was retrenched last year and have since been looking out for a job.

I was doing some trading before but it was not so consistent.

As usual, the current market is tough, I have an interview tomorrow and hope I can get this job.

I would like to receive your E-book, and would like you to provide some comments or recommendation, if any.

I hope that I have come across this website earlier, and I hope you can have more advertising etc in FB or other sites, so that the jobless PMET will be able to have a good source of site for reference.

BTW, I am from the IT/Telecommunications line, and I was retrenched due to company outsource to India and they need a Indian manager to speak to their counterparts.

Leon Ho

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