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Saturday June 22nd 2019

Singaporean PMET lost job to a professional from India and seeking help

Hi Gilbert,

My name is Leon Ho. I was retrenched last year and have since been looking out for a job.

I was doing some trading before but it was not so consistent.

As usual, the current market is tough, I have an interview tomorrow and hope I can get this job.

I would like to receive your E-book, and would like you to provide some comments or recommendation, if any.

I hope that I have come across this website earlier, and I hope you can have more advertising etc in FB or other sites, so that the jobless PMET will be able to have a good source of site for reference.

BTW, I am from the IT/Telecommunications line, and I was retrenched due to company outsource to India and they need a Indian manager to speak to their counterparts.

Leon Ho

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One Response to “Singaporean PMET lost job to a professional from India and seeking help”

  1. xyz says:

    Can’t they use english to communicate?!?

    Even programming languages use english words in their syntax.

    And I bet most of the telco & IT hardware are non-indian in origin and all come with english instructions?!?

    The company should have offered you an alternative position e.g. don’t they need technical sales or after sales support to talk to english-speaking clients?!?

    If hindi or some foreign language is so important to operate at the backend operational level, then ACRA/MTI should just cancel their company registration & business licence, and tell them to go setup in india.

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