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Tuesday April 2nd 2019

39-year-old jobless PMET worked in semi conductor industry for 14 years and requesting help

Dear Gilbert,

I am 39 years old now and have been jobless since 23 Dec 2018 (more than 3 months).

I worked in the semiconductor industry for the past 14 years since I graduated in 2004.

I have submitted a lot of job applications and went for a few interviews but yet to receive an offer.

I worked in Singapore from 09/2006 till 02/2018, and went to Taiwan for a 2-year contract based job as a Senior Process Engineer. However, I was forced to break my contract and came back to Singapore last December in order to take care my father who was admitted to hospital one month after I went to Taiwan (he need to do further diagnosis check and go for re-visit appointments with doctor).

I started to look for a new job in Singapore from Jan-2019 till now, submitted a lot of job applications online but to no avail. I attended two career coach sessions (e2i) and managed to get one interview from a job fair but I did not get the job offer.

I got another job interview through the referral from my friend and yet rejected again after the interview.

I came across your website and you are offering a free online version of “How To Survive Unemployment”, I am interested in this and hope you can give some help/suggestions to me during this unemployed period.


Editor’s note: We have offered the writer with a session of free career coaching and offered our online ebook “How to survive unemployment” as well.

Thanks and best regards,

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  1. SG says:

    What is happening?
    Is it because of the social media allow us to see others challenges or is it harder to find job these days?
    Is really scary to see all these, and if the cause is latter, why is all these happening?!

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