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Monday April 8th 2019

36-year-old jobless PMET with honours degree seeking coaching assistance

Dear Gilbert,

With a heavy heart, I decided to seek for help from you with regards to seeing a career coach for more advice. I have over 8 years of professional working experience (upper honors in grad degree) in civil service, corporations and private sector. Despite the wealth of experience, my age (36 years old) is working against me. I come to realize that most employers would rather hire young graduates (with 1/2 year of experience) who are faster, better and cheaper. Despite lowering my expected salary and willingness to venture into different industries, there is no sign of hope or silver lining. In this time and age, anyone is expendable.

I have been sending job applications online for a few months now and despite receiving 2 calls from potential employers (within 1 week of applying), they just disappeared after telling me over the phone that I fully met the job requirements and they are seeking for approval from their bosses to schedule an interview. Most of the job applications I have submitted are listed in where every listed job has the potential to receive between 50 to 300 applications (depending on the popularity of the company). With a higher number of applicants, employers now have more bargaining power to demand better qualified candidates with a less desirable compensation payout.

Indeed, I find myself stuck at a crossroad whereby if I declared a lower expected salary, hiring employers will be curious to ask why. On the other hand, if I ask for a higher salary, people will question am I being unrealistic due to the current situation of the hiring market (people searching for jobs either for job switch or to survive are exceeding the available number of jobs). Either way, I am caught in a fix.

Despite meeting with a E2I coach, I don’t find the appointment to be as useful as I initially thought.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Editor’s note: We have assigned the writer a session with our career coach.

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One Response to “36-year-old jobless PMET with honours degree seeking coaching assistance”

  1. Bilbo says:

    2015 I was made redundant. And i did what you had done.

    It is not too late to leave this country for better outcome. You are considered still young at 36. Don’t let it become the next set of numbers before realizing it us too late.

    From my experience, once retrenched, most of us spells “The End”. I gone the similar path before you and no length of jobless is too long in today’s singapore context. The politicians are selling the numbers while civil servants are massaging them.

    The magnitude of the problem is beyond comprehension thus situation will only get worse if you are not proactive in changing your environment which even means going out of SG into an unknown environment.

    I had left and i am happy. Be brave and live beyond SG. It left little hope for us even just a decent dream.

    Bilbo – life is an adventure, the last goodbye

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