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Saturday March 23rd 2019

IT engineer complained about lack of support from team leader and feeling stressed

Hi Gilbert,

I’m June and a professional IT engineer.

I have joined this company in September 2018 and was confirmed in December 2018.

I was station in client’s place for a project. My so-called team lead was inexperienced in IT and in the lead role.

I was new on the job and when customers complained and made things difficult for me, he did not came out to help me or find out what was happening even if he is in the office. But it was my seniors and mentors who came to help me out.

He is not qualified to be a team lead but we can’t question the company decision to promote him.

Then I kept getting complaints from customers never for once he came forward and spoke for me. Neither did he sit down with me and find out how am I doing or how to improve.

Recently things got worse. I received a verbal warning from my manager for:

1. When customer need to upgrade RAM I joking said to customer: I have just painted my nails for CNY can’t do surgery but end up I also did the job. My manager said customer complaint to account side. And asking to remove me from this project.
2. Toner? My manager didn’t said much.
3. Lack technical skills? Can’t totally blame me.
- My manager was the one who interview and offer me this job.
- my so call team lead didn’t do a proper job to guide me.

I’m only 5 months in this job.

My manager said he give me till March 2019. If he don’t see any improvements it will be a written warning and will be reflected in my report.

I do not think it is fair. And since November last year my mum has been sick she went through bypass operation in December 2018 and in 7th Feb another operation. More or less this affected me.

Now I am the only bread winner.

For us if we need to leave we need to give two months’ notice.

Are you able to help me or give me some advice.

Thank you.


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One Response to “IT engineer complained about lack of support from team leader and feeling stressed”

  1. this2shallpass says:

    June, it sounds like you are put into an on-site technical support/helpdesk role. Such a role requires both technical and interpersonal skills. Assuming that you want to keep this job, I would suggest that you first do a critical self-assessment to make sure that you have the necessary skill sets.

    After you have decided that you have the skill sets to continue on the job, schedule a formal meeting with your manager. At the meeting, ask him exactly what he perceives your problems to be and what areas he thinks you need improvement. Go into details. What exactly are the customer’s complaints? What did he mean by “Toner”? You can then make an informed decision on whether you will be able to meet his expectation.

    A few things to bear in mind about the meeting.

    1. DO NOT complain too much about the team leader. There is a misconception among many technical people that a team leader should have a higher technical ability. This is not always the case. Good technical people do not necessarily make good leaders and good leaders need skills other than technical ones. Have you talked to the leader and asked for his help? Perhaps he was assuming that as a professional you should be able to handle the problems yourself and know when to ask for his help.

    2. Just because the manager interviewed you and offered you the job, he is not responsible for you not being able to perform to his satisfaction. There is only so much that can be gleaned from a job interview. Perhaps he made a mistake in hiring you, but that is between him and his superior and not a reason for you to keep your job.

    3. In a technical support role, the customer is king. What you called a joke does not seem funny to me. The customer who requested you to upgrade the RAM might have had a deadline to meet, and he would not find your “joke” funny. Imagine if you go to a restaurant for lunch and the waitress tells you that you will have to wait 30 minutes because the cook has to eat his lunch first. Would you find it funny? From what you said this was not the only complaint. So there must have been other occasions where the customer found you unsatisfactory.

    At the end of the day you are the only person who can decide whether this job is right for you. Good luck.

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