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Wednesday March 13th 2019

48-year-old IT specialist quit job due to inability to adapt to environment

Hi Gilbert,

It’s really good to see your efforts with , very beneficial for us Singaporeans.

I am writing to you in anticipation of receiving a copy of your E-book for free please.

Allow me to introduce myself briefly…I am one of those many PMETs (an experienced Information Technology Executive),  a Singapore Citizen, aged 48 and single. I currently stay and look after my elderly parents.

I left my current job recently as I was unable to adapt to the work environment despite trying my best in the last six months.

I decided now to take this time to re-think my priorities to work, personal and family aspects. However, I also have a small fear if I am still able to get a career which suits my strengths due to my current age.

Am also keen to consider job opportunities in other sectors as I believe my knowledge and experience are transferable outside the IT field.

Look forward to your reply then.




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