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Monday March 11th 2019

PMET facing downsizing soon brushing up on interview skills

Thanks Gilbert for your reference to Albert. I feel your organizations selfless effort in reaching out to people is highly respectable and noble.

Facing downsizing is really stressful for me, as I see capable colleagues being retrenched last Friday. I have recover from initial shock and unpreparedness, now I take more responsibility in managing my career and at least I have try to update my resume which is ‘gathering dust’ in one corner.

Rather than feeling depressed, I am now looking at job sites where my skills can be applied, and trying to keep a lookout for career coaching services who can help me plan and develop my transferable skills as well as brush up my verbal skills to tackle the ‘scary’ job interview which I feel I will surely fail. I always shy away from job interviews because I lack verbal skills and has no confidence.

Any advice from you will be much appreciated.


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