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Monday March 4th 2019

Singaporean with China wife facing housing issue due to incomplete salary payment

Dear Gilbert,

My name is Koh and its my first time writing to you. I have in my own opinion the biggest trouble blockading my mind right now. My apologies though I would like to keep the mail short, but I feel that it would take the whole story for you to understand what I am going through now.

Forgive the love story part but it was when it first began.

Last year, I started to work in my Ex Poly mate’s branding and marketing firm in the end of August as I was about to get married to a Chinese National woman, Jade whom I feel very strongly till now that she is my soulmate. Prior to working for my friend, Mr A, I was working as an interior design firm which failed badly and ended into bad debts.

Sensing the urgency to provide a shelter for Jade, something which I don’t have, I joined my friend thinking that I need a stable income and CPF input to cater for the loan for HDB resale purchase. And also to get a longer term visit pass for Jade which she was only granted 6 months for the first application.

I progressed slowly but steadily over the months and my highest payslip came to an amount almost hitting $6k in the month of May this year. At that time, Jade and I were also in the progress of searching high and low for our home to be, and we finally landed on a nice deal for a 3-room in Yishun.

All was good but at the salary day of June, my boss and friend told me that he was abit tight in the pocket and could only hand me in cash $2.5k for the month of May. Actual tabulated was in the region of $4.4k after CPF deduction.

I was agreeable as it was the very first time he delayed my salary. But subsequently, till today, my salary hasn’t been cleared to me. What’s worse was that he had actually owed my CPF contribution since the month of April. That was responded to me that he had cleared that over last week but I really do not know how much it may have affected the validity of my Bank Loan for HDB which is completing next week on the 17th.

The salary which he owes me is about $10k to date. (Partial May to the month of August end) And he keeps telling me that he is trying his best. I sincerely am lost as I know that he is a person of pride and I also know that the more I demand for the money, the more he will delay.

If you are wondering why I stayed on despite not being paid on the subsequent month, its because I have committed on a flat, and also any change in job will affect the length of stay that my spouse will get from ICA. I’m really stressful now as I also know that my spouse is having a hard time living with me in a rented room.

I feel like I have both failed as a man and as a husband to my lovely wife.

Hope you understand from my lengthy and random paragraph construction, I really do need advice and help as soon as you can provide me.

Kindly reply here or I can be contacted at my mobile 8355xxxx.

Sincerely yours,

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