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Friday March 1st 2019

51-year-old receptionist resigned after 2 days of work through SMS

Hi Gilbert,

Hope this email finds you well!

I’m just going to dive in. :) Here’s the thing. My mother recently resigned from her job two days ago.

According to her, she’s only been there for 2 days. No one taught her the in’s and out’s of the business so she had to rely on her own. She couldn’t handle it, so she left.

Based on what I know, she did not sign any forms when she accepted the job.

She sent her ‘resignation letter’ via SMS, and never received any reply. She did not go to work the next day.

Her question is this: the company never pay for her two days worth of work. Is this against the rule, or is it perfectly normal? Since, she did resigned in the non-conventional way… should she wait? Perhaps, contact the boss?

She’s basically back to square one. Although, she has an interview next Monday – which is a good sign. Her previous job was at a construction company where she has worked for a year.

She worked as a receptionist/admin clerk for 20+ years. She’s turning 51 soon, so it’s harder to look for jobs now. Kindly advise.

I look forward to hearing your input! Thanks!


Editor’s note: The employer has the right not to pay her as she works less than a month according to MOM website. But most employers will try their best to pay pro-rated according to her monthly agreed salary.

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