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Tuesday February 26th 2019

Good Samaritan appealing for assistance for needy neighbour in hospital

Hi Gilbert

Could you do me a favor please?

It’s my neighbor…her name is xxx.

She is a dialysis patient,  has 2 children – one is in primary school and another one is in childcare/school.

Her husband is a sole breadwinner in a low-paying job. As you know dialysis cost can be very costly even after subsidy – they are struggling really.

She was in coma for quite some time before and always in/out of the hospital. She was operated for a few times and one of them was to remove her toes.

Just recently, she was hospitalised for nearly a month and is still warded at Khoo Teck Puat hospital. They have tried to save her left leg but they have no choice but to amputate it few days ago.

With her condition now, could you possibly help her with some basic groceries so they have food on the table for the children? A bit of funding if possible as it’s a trying time for them.

And if you know any organisation who could send meals to her when she is discharged?

This is from her watsup:-

ktph Tower B
Ward 106
Bed xx

Ita terima apa saja bantuan abg kak..
Ita redha ujian ita..
Allah saja yg balas jasa baik kakak dan abg

Her tel no is: 8778xxxx


Editor’s note: We will be paying Ita a visit sometime next week at the hospital and will give them some money to tide over.

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